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Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: Factor Duel - good game for math class
« on: September 25, 2012, 02:56:01 am »
I don't remember exactly how many days I worked on it, but it was over a period of about four weeks. 

It was the fourth game I finished and it was the exact opposite of the others.  Usually the graphics were quite simple and the programming had some big hurdles.  For this one the logic was very easy.  The graphics took a very long time.  They probably don't look like it because I could have done a ton more.  Just making all the buttons took quite awhile.

I wanted the animations to add to the fun and excitement, so I concentrated on that and sound.  I gained an appreciation for all that goes into those elements in a great game.

I also ran into a delay dealing with the speed of the game.  I wanted it to go to 100, but it was too sluggish on my computer.  I trimmed down some elements and balanced it the best I could with 80 numbers.

Thanks for sharing the game!  I hope some students enjoy it.

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Factor Duel - good game for math class
« on: September 24, 2012, 03:05:09 pm »
This is a head to head math game I created based on the paper and pencil game Juniper Green.  I added a time element to make it more exciting.

It is created to be played on interactive whiteboards in the classroom.  Pass it along to your math teacher or your kid brother's math teacher.  It could be a good way to get educators to notice Stencyl and the potential for game programming in school.

Here's another of my pass & play social games.  This is based on a party game created by my friend Kory Heath.  Here's the Stencyl game:

Here's Kory's page about these party games:

And here's the page on my blog that features how this and similar games can be used in the classroom:

I work as an instructional tech coordinator in a K - 12 district and I'm always looking for ways to incorporate more game based learning into classes.  I have really been loving Stencyl this summer as I learned to make a couple simple games.

I made two social/party games over the past month.  They are "pass 'n play", so small groups can play them but they have to be able to share the computer easily. 

One is based on a published party game that I created (also called Oh, Really!).  The other is just a fun game I've been playing with family and friends the past few months. 

I made a very flexible lesson plan for both of these too, so please point out the games or my blog to teachers who might be willing to use them.  I would be thrilled to know they provided some fun learning experiences.

What's It To Ya? - A lively game about values and opinions.

Pegged - A game about trying to match you and your friends to different descriptions.

And here are the links to the lessons:

Thanks in advance for checking these out or sharing the links.  I will be glad to hear any feedback.

Ask a Question / setting the random number seed
« on: July 15, 2012, 11:21:29 am »
I searched the forum for this and didn't get much.  Is it correct that there's no way to set the seed for random numbers?  I was hoping to have the program give the exact same list of random numbers for two users running the program if they entered the same number for the seed. 

I see some references to it, but cant find a block for it.


Ask a Question / actor appearance - can this even be done?
« on: August 15, 2011, 06:22:52 am »
This seems pretty basic, but in my searches I didn't find anything addressing it yet.

I'm new to Stencyl, but I have programming experience.  I wanted to make a simple puzzle game where the player moves a rectangular prism around a maze.  The prism has a square base and is twice as tall as it is wide.
I made the frames for each animation as it would tip, stand or roll, but when it is drawn, it seems to squash or stretch every image into a square box.  For example, if the prism is standing up it should be a square, then if I move up it should tip and lie down on its side being a 1x2 rectangle.  The actual frame looks like a rectangle, but when drawn, it just squashes it into a square again.

Is it possible to have an actor essentially change shape like this?

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