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Hey, folks!  :)
I just upgraded to Stencyl 3 and now the "Sensor or Solid" behaviour doesn't work anymore :(
The error message, when I try running it, says
"Sensor Or Solid (52) -  Unexpected =
  Sensor Or Solid (52) -  Unexpected ="

This is the original code for the "MakeSensor" block:
for(var fixture:b2Fixture = __target.body.GetFixtureList(); (fixture != null); fixture = fixture.GetNext())

I hope somebody has an idea what needs to be changed in Stencyl 3 for this to work as I really, really need this funtion. Thank you very much in advance!

Ask a Question / Platform Riding - Unwanted vertical trembling/shaking
« on: January 09, 2014, 06:25:09 pm »
Hey, Guys!
I'm implementing a Platform Riding behaviour, right now, and I have the problem that the Player always seems to jitter/shake by 1 Pixel when he's standing on the platform that's moving upwards (especially when it moves downwards). I noticed it in other Stencyl games, too, like this one (
Is this a known bug with the physics engine, maybe? Is the collision detection "too slow"?
I'd really love to know. Thanks in advance! :-)

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