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Completed / set haxeflag [ADDED]
« on: February 26, 2014, 01:32:48 pm »
Does anybody knows, where I have to add this, to force the compiler to use the JSON Haxe implementation instead of  the native API?
<haxeflag name="-D haxeJSON" />

Extensions / Send PNG to Server [Extension]
« on: February 20, 2014, 12:08:30 pm »
I want to share this little (openFL) extension with you.
With this extension  you can send an actor (the bitmapdata of an actor) as a png file to the server.
With the screenshot extension you can save the screenshot of a game on the server and send the link to facebook withe the facebook extention.
The block:
send PNG from [actor] to Url [] with filename [myscreenshot.png]

You will need a serverside script (see example in readme.txt)

Tested on android, ios, flash (don't forget the crossdomain.xml).

Have fun :)

Extension Ideas / changing path to haxe
« on: December 19, 2013, 12:02:09 pm »
I've installed haxe 2.10 and after I've made some changes in an extension I try to compile the ios stuff by clicking on 'build' in the project folder I got errors.

How can I change the path from


to haxe 2.10 in


haxelib path hxcpp
-D hxcpp

Haxe Compiler 2.10 - (c)2005-2012 Motion-Twin
 Usage : haxe -main <class> [-swf|-js|-neko|-php|-cpp|-cs|-java|-as3] <output> [options]
 Options :
  -cp <path> : add a directory to find source files
  -js <file> : compile code to JavaScript file
  -swf <file> : compile code to Flash SWF file
  -as3 <directory> : generate AS3 code into target directory
  -neko <file> : compile code to Neko Binary
  -php <directory> : generate PHP code into target directory
  -cpp <directory> : generate C++ code into target directory
  -cs <directory> : generate C# code into target directory
  -java <directory> : generate Java code into target directory
  -xml <file> : generate XML types description
  -main <class> : select startup class
  -lib <library[:version]> : use a haxelib library
  -D <var> : define a conditional compilation flag
  -v : turn on verbose mode
  -debug : add debug informations to the compiled code
  -help  Display this list of options
  --help  Display this list of options

Ask a Question / get width or scale.x of scaled actor
« on: June 18, 2013, 01:29:48 pm »
I've added an actor in the sceen and scaled it (editor). Now I need the width or scale factor during runtime. The problem is, I get the width of the original actor (100%). I've tried this:


width is the width of the original actor, not the scaled


scale is 1


[LOG] Msg =  com.stencyl.models.Actor has no field currSprite

Do anybody know how to get the current width or scale?

Thanks a lot.

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