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iPhone / iPad / Android / WizirdSmash - Dodge Boxes- Earn Points!
« on: April 20, 2014, 05:25:52 pm »

Press the Arrows on the screen to move your character. Every time your Wizird gets hit or “smashed” by a box, he losses one heart. All Wizirds have 3 hearts. Sometimes different boxes may fall aswell, these boxes include the Care Box and the Coin Box.

Get the Game

- Website
- Google Play
- Twitter


Screenshots below are from version 1.3.


In V1.3...
• Care Box – When your Wizird is hit by this box, all your hearts will be restored.

• Coin Box – When smashed, this box drops 1 coin. The Wizird must run and pick it up, otherwise it will not be collected.

• Coins – When collected, coins can be used to buy things from the shop, such as the White Wizird.

• The Wizird Shop – A place where you can buy different characters and items! As of Version 1.3 the WhiteWizird is the only item in the shop.

• The White Wizird – A new character in the Wizird Shop! Play as either the GrayWizird (the Default Character) or the WhiteWizird. The WhiteWizird costs 25 coins.


Every graphic (beside the default box, the Twitter Logo & the fonts) is unique to the game.  The default box is in the public domain and the music is created by LuckyLittleRaven
This game took roughly 2 months (give a take a few days!) to complete.
An iOS version will be released soon. When is soon? Not sure.

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