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Chit-Chat / Facebooks promo page..?
« on: March 02, 2014, 04:41:58 pm »
Curious has anyone tried to do the Facebook promo option if you have created a Facebook page for your game?

They give you various rates, I'm testing it for 3 days.  $10 a day with estimated 10-40 likes a day.

After just two hours, got 8 likes and says page been viewed 4,000 times.

Be interesting to see how this will affect my downloads for my Free game for iOS.

Has anyone else tried?

iPhone / iPad / Android / Grumpy Birdy ( free universal iOS app )
« on: February 27, 2014, 04:51:30 pm »
Well I'll just copy and paste stores description, yes everything is simple including graphics, but it's fun IMO and free!  It will only improve, please rate and help a fellow stencyler!

Easy One Touch Controls!

Your objective is simple.. 

Tap to Crap on passing vehicles below.  Get points for hitting vehicles and extra for hitting the windshield, or maybe give the passing bird a splat!  Vehicles speed up over time.

But don't get too sloppy, if a vehicle in top lane goes by without hitting = 1 miss.  If you crap on the road = 1 miss.  3 misses = gameover. Hit vehicles multiple times!

* Pinpoint bird-crapping physics!
* Endless style gameplay if you're good enough!
* Compete for top scores
* Share your High Score on Facebook with touch of a button, Game Center Leaderboards
* Pause , turn off, and on will remember your progress
* Compete for Total Score or Most Vehicles Passed!

- Soon after release, two way traffic will be patched in -

Follow on Twitter:

Twitter intergation planned for High Scores, a long with many more features / vehicles / improvements / etc. - please rate for future content!

Flap Tap and Crap!


 I have updated the game but will be another week and a half before it gets through Apples review process.

I've added two way traffic, better randomization of vehicles, another vehicle, misc minor fixes- a rate and help button.

I've made TWO modes now- the one in there now where you tap to crap, AND another where you tap to fly - So it'll be two simple addicting games in one =}. I'm testing now and it works quite well.

Along with visual tutorials as if the one touch controls weren't easy enough  ;)

Keep tapping crapping and flapping!

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Flap Tap and Crap - a flappy birds parody!
« on: February 16, 2014, 04:16:13 pm »
I have a 'demo' Flash version up of a Flappy Birds parody I made.  Coming to iOS very soon (free).

It's called Flap Tap And Crap.  The bird automatically flies, up and down, you Tap to poop on vehicles below.  Points for each hit you make on vehicles, bonus for windshield hits.. or hit other birds.  Vehicles get quicker over time.

You get three misses - there's brief instructions when you load up the game.  Poop lands on road it's a miss, or if a vehicle passes without being hit = miss.

It's really optimized for iOS (Universal for iPad or iPhone, with retina optimizations) and I'm submitting it to Apple tomorrow (probably a week- to two before it comes out on ios).. Meanwhile, here's the Flash link -- it runs smooth on iphone 4s+ / ipod / ipad... seems a little choppy on Flash.

iOS version will be free, has leaderboards, and a facebook share button that will post high score to facebook.  Among a few other things that this flash version does not.  iOS saves high scores locally, and you can even pause then turn off phone and come back to it later and will remember where you left off!

My personal best on web version is 269, try and beat it!

Due to recent Apple and Google regulations, the name is now Grumpy Birdy for ios, follow on twitter:




iPhone / iPad / Android / HackiStar *out now iOS* with Leaderboards!
« on: October 31, 2013, 09:59:48 am »
Hey all-

This has now been released on iPhone/iPod/iPad-optimized for iphone4s/5/5s.

Updates will be posted on:

Thanks all, it's $0.99 and will be continually supported for free , no iAPs.  Support your local Independent Stencyler  :)

**********Big Update just released Jan 22 , free promo codes to go with new update , below*************



Currently the Actors Window within stencyl arranges Actors by date created.  Possible to rearrange the actors in window by name?

Old Questions (from 1.x/2.x) / Stop MUSIC
« on: July 26, 2013, 08:44:22 pm »

I thought this would be easy.  And I has it working on Flash, but for iOS I can't stop Music.

Basically --> Scene starts and has music play on channel 10.  Works fine both in flash and iOS.  I have a button that says when touched - stop music on channel 10.  Simple enough.

Well it does stop in Flash but I try in iOS it won't stop.  I've tried alot more complicated ways but only seems to work in Flash but no stop in iOS... help

<edit - I have used pause, resume, stop, and all combinations in between.. always works in flash but no go on iOS>

<SOLVED> I figured just to use volume % set to 0 to 'turn off' though I'm not sure if it completely in terms of memory usage but just volume  ... Any how a workaround

Old Questions (from 1.x/2.x) / touch two actors at same time?
« on: July 08, 2013, 07:58:10 pm »
I'm not too sure if this is the same as Multi-touch.  I tried that but it would grab both objects/actors with one touch.

This is what I want to do but can't figure it out:

I have two actors that can be touched.  I hold iOS iPhone landscape and use both thumbs to touch two different actors.  I have 'multitouch' in the options turned on btw.  I'm not using any special events for the actors other then when actor is touched - drag and drop.  I can do one actor at a time, but can't do more then that.  Is there a way without them warping to one spot (staying in their respective thumb touches).

Old Questions (from 1.x/2.x) / How to Scroll Screen View via Swipe?
« on: July 01, 2013, 09:53:15 am »
Greetings all,

I have scenes that are beyond the screen size.  Right now - I have left and right arrows - that when pressed, increase variable x by 4 or so.. then , I have the screen view command follow based on that x variable.  So when you are pressing the button - it's scrolling the screne to the right by 4 pixels or whatever I input for variable x to increment.

Pretty easy .. but for the life of me, can't figure out how to scroll the screen if I swipe anywhere on scene.  I know there is those commands for 'if swipe right/left/up/down/' etc. but not quite sure how to make the screen scroll to the right when your finger swipes right... I tried basically doing same thing with the button scroll by declaring variable x and incrementing by 4 when swiped to right, but it doesn't work.

Any help or input appreciated..

Old Questions (from 1.x/2.x) / Reset function
« on: June 28, 2013, 09:02:41 am »

I'm wondering if it's possible to reset the game when the user hits the 'reset' button thingy on iOS devices.. I'm not sure what it's called, but on iphones it's that middle bottom indented button - generally used to back out to main screen on iOS.

When I hit it now, it will go back to iOS screen, then if I re-enter the game - it resumes where I left off.  This is typically a good thing - but I'm developing a 'timed challenge' so it could be used to almost cheat , you could be playing the timed challenge, hit the button to back out - think about how to solve puzzle/challenge...resume and solve it in matter of seconds cause you canceled out temporary to thinking about how to solve.

I'd like it so when I hit button, it will back to main screen, but if I try to resume-- it kicks me back to main menu or something like that... I'm not sure if this is possible... any input appreciated!

Ask a Question / Anyway to show 'invisible' actors in scene window?
« on: June 24, 2013, 04:49:24 pm »
I'm using invisible actors in some scenes.. but it's hard for layout reasons because I can't see them in the scene window unless I click on them, in which case, the highlight actor is activated.

Is there a way to keep them highlighted or show something that is there?  Basically I'm using blank images that has text over them - and it's tough to line up the text because it's not being shown in scene window - only when I preview the scene in browser or wherever.

Is there an option I'm missing or ? ::)

Is there a method to lock an actor in place by making his physics immovable.

I know the basics, but was thinking of a button that user presses that causes the given actor immovable properties (not affected by gravity/physics/etc.)...


Ask a Question / Regarding Memory Sizes for output
« on: June 12, 2013, 05:43:15 pm »

I been developing my App, and all my assets (maybe 25 images thus far) are maybe a combined total of 100-400kbs max - avg. size is about 2 kbs because they are small .png files.

I only have a couple scenes - with physics - and when I publish file to Flash it's around 7 megabytes.  To iOS it turns into a whopper 14megs.  I don't have music, and only have one sound effect that is a simple beep around 6kbs. 

I only have around 3 scenes now but plan to have a ton more.  A lot.

Why is the size of output file so big in comparison to the Assets?  Does actual code use that much space?  If I add like 500 more scenes, is it safe to assume it won't increase size too much if I'm reusing the same assets (25 images each around 2-4 kbs)..  ??? 

Is there a 'purge' action I should use in Stencyl that frees up memory usage or something?

I know it's not a lot of memory but just worried about adding a lot more scenes and if it's normal to have only around 400kbs in assets then output to a 7 meg flash file or 14mb ios app.

Thanks :-\


I'm using the 'follow drag and drop' behavior for an app/game on ios. 

Basically - when the user touches the object - their finger is in the way.

To remedy the situation, I want the object to move up y amount of pixels when touched.  I've tried doing this multiple ways but can't figure it out because if it moves up beyond the touch - then it gets dropped. 

So I tried editing the behavior by setting 'y to (y of self - 10) for self' ... this sort of works because it does move the actor up beyond my finger and stays there.  But the collision detection is still at original area.

Is there another method to do this?  Any help greatly appreciated.

So I have gone through the Stencyl steps to getting your app to run on iOS device.

I'm not blaming stencyl, I know it's Apples very annoying developer process.

I keep getting this error:

"No unexpired provisioning profiles found that contain any of the keychain's signing certificates"

I am pretty meticulous, have done the steps at least 6-8 times now - each time, deleting everything and re-doing it all.  Everything lines up - certificates, App Id, etc.

I'm running out of ideas / steam.  This is such a headache compared to working with stencyl.  The actual developer process has taken me far more time in figuring out.  I have done EVERYTHING I can think of - going through the steps over and over, taking my time making sure it's right.  Checked the settings in Stencyl for App ID and everything is correct - even caps and all. 

Pretty fed up, not with Stencyl, but Apple's crazy annoying process.  Anyone give any insight?  Someone else on here had same issue awhile ago but eventually said he solved without giving any insight to how..

Like I said - I tried deleting all the created things in KeyAccess and on my Developer Profile, and going back through the steps in detail and still same error. 


Sorry if this been asked before.. I couldn't find an answer.

I want to design an App/game that is compatible for most iOS devices.

What resolution should I design the scenes at / BG image.

I have seen this as reference to screen resolutions for various iOS devices:

Does this mean - for each device, I have to create each asset or is there a set resolution I should work with?

For instance, I started off designing my BG image for my scenes at 960x640 (1x) but now I realize when I test the iOS simulator, it's only showing the very top left corner (probably 1/4 of it) even in Retina display mode.

I'm using Illustrator/Photoshop for my Scene Assets / BG image editor - what should I start off with for BG image size??  Then from there - I can scale my actors/assets/etc so it will scale accordingly.   

I want to basically have the App. compatible on iphone4 on up, and on any/most ipads.  Lets start with iphone - Should I start off with Illustrator/Photoshop BG image at 480x320 (landscape)??? Then when I go into stencyl settings, set it at 480x320 with 2x scale.  As for iPad, what should I start with BG image?  As now, I have 960x640 scale 1x and try to do the iOS simulator for iPad and it only shows top left corner - same when I tried to do iphone simulator..

Thanks for any help.

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