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So I was using one background for a game then decided to add another one, replaced the old one with the new but stencyl keeps loading the old backgroud even though I completly deleted the old one from the game.

Here are my log files.

Ask a Question / MMO game?
« on: March 03, 2013, 01:48:12 am »
I am making a game about stick figures and in the game I want to make a PVP arena and a grand exchange.I will upload my game on Newgrounds..What i am asking is can i somehow make a behaviour or something that can send game atributes to another computer???

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / My first game :)
« on: September 29, 2012, 01:14:09 pm »
hy guys  this is my first game that i made with stencyl.....hope you like it
(you play by clicking left/right arrow and jump on space bar)

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