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Hi there!

So I am new to Stencyl and I am creating a crossword puzzle game. The objective is for the player to fill out the words in the crossword puzzle from the given letters. The letters are letter tiles which the player would, ideally, click and drag, and then snap into the appropriate place on the crossword puzzle. If the player set the letter on the correct tile in the crossword, the letter would "snap" into place. However, if their guess was incorrect, the letter would go drop back to its original spot at the bottom of the screen.

For example, if the words the player was supposed to find are, "Tie," "Kite," "Tank," "Tea," and "Ink," the given letters would be two A's, two E's, two I's, two K's, two N's and three T's. I would need to go about how to get, say, any of the three T's to "snap" to a spot where a T could go.

With some research into this already, my understanding is that I would code this by checking whether the x-center and y-center of the letter puzzle piece is close to the x-center and y-center of the intended area (region?). My letter tiles are 40x40px - please let me know if 32x32px is a better size to work with.

Thanks in advance!

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