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I'm importing a 1080x1920 (that is 1080 width by 1920 height) image into Stencyl, and no matter what import size I select whether I choose 1x 1.5x 2x or 4x the image magically shrinks down to 270x480(Which is NOT 1/4th of 1080x1920). This is leaving the right half of the screen uncovered by the image.

The game is for mobile, and I can't test it in IOS sim until I purchase the license and everything from apple and I'm not ready yet. Any idea if it is only behaving this way in flash? Or am I importing it wrong? It has the same sizing problem in the editor too however.

Ignore the crudeness of the alpha graphics. If it was fitted correctly the screen would be perfectly sectioned off into 4 squares  by the black lines.

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