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Game Art / [FREE GRAPHICS] Simple shmup ships set
« on: October 06, 2014, 09:46:39 pm »
Hello everyone, as i have some "leftovers" im not gonna use in my project i decided to make them aviable for free. Credit/mention or even clickable link to my dev.log at apprecitiated.

All sprites are in this *.zip file:

Ask a Question / List comparing question!
« on: July 30, 2014, 12:14:58 am »
Hello guys! Im doing something wrong and cant figure out what is it as its first time im working with the lists.
First, i ll try to explain what am i trying to achieve. I want a game to collect score value 10 times per second and save these values in to the list to be used later to show player if hes doing better or worse than during his best run in real time.

Now i ll explain how i tought i ll achive this(see picture in attachment):
1)here in level scene, im adding every 0.1 second score value to the list and incrementing time value to help me identify index nuber of stored value elsewhere.

2)Here(on post level scene) if current score is better than high score. Hi score is beign replaced and level Best List is beign replaced by list from that run as well.

3)On this line(back in level scene) im trying to draw difference between current run list and Best List to let player know if hes doing better or worse than in the run where he setted highest score, using time variable to get index numbers of values  i want to compare.

All right, if you worked with the lists before, then you maybee know allready what i missunerstood and what i am doing wrong but let me explain how all of this behaves.
During first run(no hi score set yet)everything seems working as there are no values in "prvniBL" best list to be decremented from actual values and game displays just current score as difference of current score and 0 ll be current score. However on the second run, when "prvniBL" best list allready have some values game is drawing value 0 all the time and i dont know whats wrong.

Its the first time im working with list, so im pretty sure i missunderstood somethink, but im stuck on this problem for couple of hours allready and thats why im asking for help me identify the problem.

Thanks a lot!

Hello everyone!

After couple long months i finaly finished demo of my first serious atempt at making a game in stencyl and i need your help. As i play tested the game hundered of times its hard for me to recognize good and bad sides of the game and thats why players feedback is worth gold for me right now.

Game contains just part of first mission(about five minutes of gameplay)right now. Player cant upgrade his ship as dock of Leviathan mothership where player can purchase new pieces equipment and fit them to the ship ll be added in following weeks along with four more "storyline" missions.

Storyline ll serve as kind of "gear up" part of the game as after the story is finished player will unlock challenge missions and few endgame missions where players can compete for highest score and unlock unique pieces of ship equipment.

If you are interested in trying out the demo its aviable on kongregate and newgrounds(too big for stencyl arcade) and can be accesed by clicking one of the links below. Dont forget to rate the game and let me know what you like and dont like about the game. Thanks for your interest!;-)



Hello everyone,

Im working on vertical shooter game and recently i run in to the issue with parallax scroling and autoscrolling. Everythink works just fine, i set parallax factors and backgrounds behave as intended when moving the player actor around the scene(camera is centered on actor) however when i set background to autoscroll it seems like stencyl is ignoring paralax and backgrounds are just autoscrolling as setted.

Anyone else had this issue and knows how to make this work?


Journals / Awaken - finaly finished! Ver. 1.0 aviable
« on: March 11, 2014, 10:07:20 am »

IndieDB profile:


Awaken: Underwater Odyssey is vertical scrolling shoot em up game. Game takes place in far future on planet Neptune. You are member of Kraken squad whitch is stationed inside Leviathan class carrier craft owned by RPE corporation whitch oversees gas extracting operations on neptune.

Game is about anihilating thousands of squid like aliens while you pilot Orca MK II submarine whitch is highly customizable to fit pilots style.

Latest trailer aviable on youtube:


You can get the game by visiting its itch page or you can dowload free demo from indieDB here:

Right now you can download demo containing first two missions for free and if you ll enjoy it you can support this project by purchasing the game BETA whitch contains everything except onslaught mode. Link for full version ll be sent to you when the game goes gold.

Things that ll be implemented befe the game goes full:

- Onslaught mode
- Rework options and preferences
- Possibility to control hangar menu with x360controller and keyboard as well.(Righ now you have to use mouse)
- full screen filters as an unlockable rewards(sephia, bloom, black and white etc.)
- difficulty balancing

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