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Hi there, I'm a teacher at Calgary Arts Academy and I teach video game design. One of my students just encountered an odd error in a game he's been working on for a few weeks. This error pops up when he attempts to run the game or a scene (see subject header). I also took a screenshot so you can view it there.

It's really strange to appear so suddenly, especially considering he hasn't attempted to add any sort of dialog into the game. Please, if you have any suggestions or can help, please let me know! I'd hate to have my student start over...

I've tried to attach the game but the file is too large.

Thanks so much,


Justin, you're amazing :)

Thank you!

Hi Justin, thanks for the quick reply. Sorry I wasn't more specific, but you are correct. I basically created a blank white scene with no actor types - just added an event for the scene that when it is created, to display the dialog "Start" - the one that comes default with the extension. When I test the game, it's just the white background, no dialog. I've triple-checked that the extension is active.

When I attempt everything exactly the same, but I start the new game from scratch (rather than using the JumpAndRun Kit), it works fine. I've attached the game to this thread.  By the way - I deleted all behaviours and such that came with the kit from the game in an attempt to see if that would solve the problem, but it didn't.

Thanks in advance for checking it out. I'd hate to have to tell my students that they have to restart their games from scratch since the extension doesn't work with games that started out with this kit.

Hi there,

Huge fan of the dialog extension, I've been enjoying playing around with it and plan to teach it to my students (I teach mathematics and a video game design class). I'm making a "how-to" guide for the kids to get started with the extension, and I noticed that if I try to use the extension in a game that uses the "JumpAndRunKit" (from the Stencyl website), nothing works!

I've got a pretty good understanding of the extension and already played around with it lots on my laptop on a game that I started as a "blank game". You can see a screenshot in the attachment.

Has anyone else noticed this or know what I can do to fix the problem?


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