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I was working with stencyl and got error message telling me to share log file here in forum so here it is attached now.

Ask a Question / Tell me more about Stencyl memory usage?
« on: March 19, 2015, 04:44:33 am »
Hi everyone, just got this message saying that Stencyl reached 90% of memory usage.

How exactly does Stencyl use memory? Where can I see how much of my 16GB is allocated for Stencyl?

Hi everyone, basic Q's getting my feet wet:

- If stencyl runs locally why does it ask for login/registration to fun FREE version?
- When start creating your game you start by choosing screen size.  Can you "convert" (or re-do) for mobile a game that was originally created on desktop size? or is this something that has to be decide before starting?

Ask a Question / Newbie: is Stencyl good for card games?
« on: March 04, 2015, 05:58:24 pm »
Hello Everyone, I'm an old guy (middle age actually) and totally newbie not only to Stencyl but to overall gaming (I think I once had an ATARI back in the 80's but that's about it) and I'm so excited about getting start with Stencyl but I wonder if this would be a good framework to deliver a card games?

I'm thinking something like memory games? Those matching cards with certain images?

I also wonder if the actual image for each card should be build or maybe there's some sort of set of assets that already exist (I would thought that 'cards' are very common games) that can be reuse for not starting from scratch?


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