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Ask a Question / Re: (SOLVED) Timer resetting problem
« on: March 17, 2014, 10:41:53 am »
Hi, thanks for the quick replies,  it's solved now.  I was using a game attribute instead of a local attribute, (the blue one worked!) thanks for your help.

Ask a Question / Timer resetting problem
« on: March 17, 2014, 08:26:09 am »
Hi all, If anyone can help with this problem it'd be be greatly appreciated.  Basically I have a Timer on fired missiles (starts at zero and counts up as the missile travels away), dependant on when the missile strikes is the score you get from the timer.  Only thing is, when I fire a second missile the timer on the first missile resets back to zero whilst it is still travelling, any ideas of how to make sure timers are individual to each missile fired?  many thanks!

I think it's solved, I put the command in an 'Actor Created' event.  'When enemies are Killed, decrement enemies alive by 1.  If Enemies Alive= 0, set score to Score + TimeLeft. 

Hi, thanks for the quick reply!    It is a killing game, In an Always block I've put 'If Enemies = 0 , disable behaviour TimeLeft for this scene(this stops the timer), set score to Score (time from previous level) + Timeleft (on current level), it does this calculation but I don't know a way of stopping it from repeatedly doing it.   I'm new to stencyl but I know the solution must be simple, just can't see it!

Hi there, first post!  I'd like to add the score from the first level onto the score for the second level.   The score is the time remaining from each level, so if there is 20 seconds left when completing level 1, I'd like to add that score to however many seconds are remaining when level 2 is completed.  I've created a 'score' and 'TimeLeft' attribute but when set the score to 'score + timeleft' it appears to continually do it over and over, i think this is because it's in an 'always' block, any ideas of how to get it to do the calculation just once?  many thanks for any help.

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