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Extensions / Poki SDK
« on: November 04, 2019, 12:02:49 pm »
This is an extension for the SDK for HTML5 games that can be used by any developers approved by Poki.  If not already involved with Poki, you can check this page for more information:

If using Stencyl version b11186 or later, the extension is now hosted on Github:

The extension has 5 blocks, and the initialization happens automatically due to the template files that are replaced by the extension (thanks to Justin for helping with that).

Use this block to tell Poki when gameplay has started and stopped.

Show a standard ad and then the blocks inside the wrapper will be triggered when the ad either finishes or fails to show.  Ad rate throttling is done automatically on Poki's end.

Show a rewarded ad and then the blocks inside the wrapper will be triggered when the ad either finishes or fails to show.  If the embedded reward boolean is true inside the wrapper, then the ad was shown correctly and the player should be rewarded.

This block no longer functions (always returns false) due to privacy changes on Poki.

Send an error message that can be viewed on the Poki developer site.

For more info, refer to the Poki Developer Guide here:

While not a part of this extension, Poki games need to be scalable on their site.  To enable automatic scaling, go to Settings > Advanced > OpenFL Settings and paste <window resizable="true" /> into that box.  Your game resolution will also need to be in the 16:9 aspect ratio.

If using Stencyl version b10568 or if encountering a console error about APP_FILE_SIZE, open up include.xml inside of the extension folder and uncomment the line that says <set name="b10568" />

If there are issues with the extension let me know either on here, the Stencyl Discord, or the Stencyl channel in the Poki Discord.

Download Extension
(must be signed in to the forums to download)

Update 3:
Added a new block for custom error reporting.
Removed some things deprecated by Poki (happy time, loading start/progress, sitelock).

Update 2:
Replaced the outdated public build template with one that works with the current public build  (b10568) and fixes the APP_FILE_SIZE error.
Fixed wrapper blocks so they still work in cases where the Poki extension code is disabled.

Update 1:
Restricted the sitelock code to non-debug mode since it caused a crash when testing locally.
Added a boolean block to check if an ad blocker was detected by Poki on startup.

Extensions / Newgrounds IO (medals only)
« on: October 26, 2019, 10:09:56 am »
With the declining use of Flash, Newgrounds has created a multiplatform API for their site called  This is mostly relevant for HTML5 games.  This extension is based on the Haxe library of Newgrounds IO found here:

Download Extension
(must be signed in to the forums to download)

Init with App ID: _____ Encryption Key: _____  [Debug/Release]
Use this block at the start of your game to start the API.  For the encryption settings on the Newgrounds site, choose RC4 and Base64.  Then enter the matching key in this block along with your app ID.  Use the "Debug" dropdown option when testing and the "Release" dropdown option when publishing.

Log in to Newgrounds
This block is not needed for games published on Newgrounds, but if you want to test locally you need to use this block to connect to Newgrounds.  Allow the popup if it is blocked by the browser.

Set Unlock Callback  [Medal]
This optional block is used to respond to a medal unlock.  The medal info can be used to create a popup since by default nothing is displayed when a medal is unlocked.  You can use the embedded "Medal" block with the next block to get any of the medal properties.

_____ of Medal _____
This block can be used with the previous one to get one of the medal properties.  In my testing, the point value always showed 0 and the image URL wasn't usable due to a CORS violation (blocked by Newgrounds), but I left those properties in there anyway.

Unlock Medal with ID _____
This unlocks a medal using the ID assigned to the medal by Newgrounds (not the name).  If the medal is unlocked, the medal callback will be triggered if there is one.  If "Debug" was selected when starting the API, the medal will be locked so that it can be unlocked again.

Side note: Newgrounds changes the name of the file with each upload, which causes HTML5 saves to be lost.  To fix that, refer to this topic:,59317.0.html

Shared Resources / Extra Save Blocks (HTML5 Save Fix)
« on: October 26, 2019, 07:57:20 am »
The default save and load blocks work fine almost all the time, but there is a problem for HTML5 games for websites that don't keep the same file name for uploaded builds (like Newgrounds).  To work around this problem I created the attached scene behavior with two global custom blocks.  They work like the normal save/load blocks except they have an extra path parameter.  This allows the default path (the file name) to be replaced by something more consistent.

If you want to use these blocks for already published games, make sure you use the normal loading block as a backup if there is no saved data for the new path (which there won't be at first).

Note: you must be logged in to see attachments.

Alternative solution for subscribers using b10430 or higher
Refer to this topic:,59276.0.html

Update 1: Fixed compilation error for public build b10300.
Update 2: Fixed another public build compilation error.  Non-HTML5 platforms will now use the default save/load blocks.

Extensions / Kongregate API (Scores for HTML5)
« on: October 26, 2019, 07:45:03 am »
This extension supports submitting scores to Kongregate for HTML5 games.  There are only two blocks and work just like the core Kongregate blocks if you've used those before.  Start the API once at the start of your game and submit a score whenever you need to.  Of course you'll need to set up a statistic on Kongregate's site first.

This extension is a modified version of

Download Extension
(must be signed in to the forums to download)

Update 1: Changed some code to fix compilation issue in the public Stencyl build.

Shared Resources / Automatic Gamepad Mappings for Desktop
« on: October 12, 2019, 01:16:17 pm »
Gamepad support has been in Stencyl for a long time, but one important feature missing that almost all modern games use is automatic gamepad detection.  At first I looked into OpenFL's gamepad API, but it was lacking in device support.  Then I found this preset list that could be used to apply gamepad mappings to a lot of different gamepads.  Check out the attached sample game to see how it works and check if your own gamepads are automatically detected.  Matching is done based on the gamepad ID first, then the gamepad name, then a partial name (such as "PS4").  If a match is found then pressing the gamepad buttons should trigger the expected results on the screen.

To use this in your own game, export the Gamepad Mappings behavior and import it into your project.  You'll also need to copy the contents of the extras folder which is part of the game's folder inside of your workspace.

Update 1: Updated mappings and removed an outdated section of the sample game.
Update 2: Updated mappings again.

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Escape Zolstar
« on: October 09, 2019, 06:12:52 am »

Escape Zolstar is a metroidvania where you explore, collect powerups, fight enemies, and defeat bosses. You can play with either a keyboard or a controller and can also change controller mappings. The game is broken up into many smaller connected rooms, and progress can be seen on the map. There are multiple powerups to collect, such as water shot, double jump, and extra health. There are six bosses to fight and a variety of other enemies and obstacles. There are also three different sections with their own appearance, music, enemies, and bosses. Do you have what it takes to escape Zolstar?

Journals / MOVED: Isotiles 2
« on: July 12, 2019, 11:13:48 am »

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Isotiles 2
« on: May 22, 2019, 08:34:29 am »
Isotiles 2 is an isometric puzzle game and the sequel to Isotiles. Like the first game, the main goal of each level is to remove all the blue tiles and then get to the exit tile. The game features all new levels and some new tile types as well for more interesting puzzles. In addition, there is an explorable level map where you enter each level from, and there will also be locks that open up when a certain number of levels are completed. Like the first game, you won't have to complete every level to get to the later ones.

I've been thinking for a while about making a sequel to one of my Steam games, and with Isotiles being the highest rated and the best selling of my games in recent months, it seemed like a good choice.  The previous game Isotiles has made $3,789 in sales since its release, but with all the changes Valve has made since then to their store and algorithms, I have no idea what to expect.  The store page will be up for a bit over 7 weeks which gives it more time to gather wishlists which from what I've read are very important for the launch of games on Steam.  My previous game sold poorly (only $461 to date) and I'm hoping this won't be a repeat of that.

Chit-Chat / MOVED: Pencyl wont open
« on: March 28, 2019, 09:52:19 am »

Chit-Chat / MOVED: Logs
« on: October 20, 2018, 09:07:57 am »

iPhone / iPad / Android / MOVED: iPhone App URL Schemes
« on: September 19, 2018, 05:02:16 am »

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