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I made a little game in last 2 days
Ninja Block - Casual 2D Minigame about A block who wants to become a Ninja

I am thinking of creating a collection of mini-games like this.
It's still a work in progress. I am going to add heath pickup, energy bar and energy pickups soon.
I am also going to make "dash attack" or something like that which will help our little ninja to destroy all the shurikens in its surrounding lanes (heights).
Anyways, the game is playable now, and I wanted it to share it with you all guys.
I would really appreciate feedback.
Thanks in advance.

Hello all,
I am currently making a 2-D platformer ninja game. I want to have ninja headband like thingy behind my actor that can rotate freely and sticks to actor's head. I tried stick joints, but they join my actor's(ninja and headband) centres. I want my headband's top left corner and ninja's top center to be joined.
Any ideas that you think might work?

Ask a Question / The Laser Problem
« on: April 17, 2018, 03:11:04 am »
Hi there,
I want to create a laser beam. The laser beam will start from a laser creator and remain until a tile comes in its path.
Because of performance issues, I can't use small actors making up path of laser beam.
I also can't use only on one actor for laser path as distances for different cases will be different.
I can't use Image API too. Because code will become much complex and I am not much familiar with Image API. Although I have seen Abigayl's tutorial.

Any ideas?
What should I do?
Thanks for your help in advance.

Chit-Chat / Is Flash's popularity decreasing?
« on: March 05, 2018, 06:11:44 am »
Hi everyone, :)

I read an article today saying that Flash is not much popular now (as it used to be).Getting sponsers for flash games is very difficult nowadays.
I think, a large proportion of stencylers too is making iOS and Android games.
So,I wanted to know that is it true that Flash Games' popularity is going down?
I am making Flash Games(but not for profit purposes) but is someone here who is making flash games(or html5 games) aiming to earn money.

Hi everyone :)

I am currently making a 2-d shooter game and I need some help.
Okay, so there are many enemy soldiers roaming in the scene.
I want a way by which if an enemy comes in a region of 300 pixels(I have created a region named "Region around actor" which follows my player) around my player,
it continuously checks if there is any tile between the his center and my player's center.
If there isn't, then add it to a list named "active enemies"

Any ideas?
It'll be really helpful

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