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iPhone / iPad / Android / Double Your Money! (iOS) - FREE
« on: June 07, 2014, 09:48:24 am »
Super difficult and quite addictive arcade game. If you like Dextris and such,  you're in for a treat.
Simply tap on coins to double your money, miss once and it's game over!

Let's see how far can you get!
Free on iOS:
If you like it, leave a review on appstore.
Cheers, have fun!

Ask a Question / What's Max Value of Number atribute?
« on: May 11, 2014, 05:54:26 pm »
I'm doing a game in which I need to use really large numbers such as 2^64.
Problem is, pretty soon stencyl starts to change my number from normal format to a thing such as 8.796093022e+10

Question: what's the max number?
How can I move around that? (if possible)
That number will be the highscore, itunes accepts 2^64 as max value. I would like to get there with a normal number if possible.

Flash version of my new mini-game Stop the Rain! is here:
Vote if you like it. I'll put it on stencyl page later too.
There are over 20 achievements and multiple leaderboards to compete in, tell me what's your top score!

PS: I have a mobile version that's available on iOS but not updated with newest art, try it if you want!

Action sheet allows you to easily share news on iOS across many channels. It's an essential tool to increase app virality.

This topic has explained how one can display an Action sheet in iOS6:

Can anyone translate this into haxe? It seems relatively easy process (to my untrained eye). Can it be translated into an extension easily?

iPhone / iPad / Android / Space Laser (iOS & Android) - Launched (BETA)
« on: October 16, 2013, 11:35:33 am »
Hey Everyone!
After a year of on & off part-time work, Space Laser is finally getting a BETA launch, give it a try!


It's FREE, and is a quite challenging puzzle game.
Any feedback is most appreciated.

As for the state, the game is still what I'd consider BETA (art for characters & ships is not finished, but I had to release it like that as the artist is temporarily unavailable and I wanted to gauge reaction to gameplay mechanics).

Some Screens:

EDIT: Now available in all territories.

Old Questions (from 1.x/2.x) / Implementing Flurry Analitics
« on: March 06, 2013, 11:24:07 am »
Has anyone tried implementing Flurry APIs into a stencyl 3.0 game?
Is it a matter of 'copy paste'ing' their API code and then using some code blocks to call events or is that a bit more complicated?

Any and all answers are very appreciated!

When using Full Screen scale mode, the 'screen width & heights' supplied by Stencyl are incorect (in a 2x app, things were using double the value I believe).

Attached are example screenshots, one with 'perfect fit' another with 'full screen'. From iPhone 4s (960x640, 2x).

You can see the resulting problem, because I'm using screen's width & height to position my GUI, it gets positioned far beyond it's destination.

I hope it's a simple case of not adapting a correct screen scale to the calculations (like with labels before).

Here's also a part of the log:
Code: [Select]
[LOG] [iOS] Universal.hx:88: Stage Width: -1
[LOG] [iOS] Universal.hx:89: Stage Height: -1
[LOG] [iOS] Universal.hx:90: Screen Width: 960
[LOG] [iOS] Universal.hx:91: Screen Height: 640
[LOG] [iOS] Universal.hx:92: Screen DPI: 326
[LOG] [iOS] Universal.hx:182: Engine Scale: 2x
[LOG] [iOS] Universal.hx:270: Scale X: 1
[LOG] [iOS] Universal.hx:271: Scale Y: 1

Obviously I wanted Full Screen to work properly so I can test iPad builds to their best posibility.

Old Questions (from 1.x/2.x) / Label Not Displayed Correctly Flash->iOS
« on: August 28, 2012, 02:08:03 pm »
I have an issue with Label behavior.
Apparently, no matter what I do in terms of aligning and label height, I get different results on iOS and in Flash. Everything (text wise) is displayed higher in iOS than in Flash, it's roughtly the height of the text.
Is there any way to fix it other than do 'do only in flash' blocks to fix positioning manually?
Best Regards, 47

Ask a Question / Using x2 size (retina) assets in flash builds
« on: July 31, 2012, 02:16:51 pm »
Hey Everyone!
I'm extremely sorry if this was asked before (search does not produce good results).

Question is:
- Can we somehow 'hack in' or 'turn on' x2 scale assets (retina) for flash builds? This way we can judge how the game will look on retina, while playing in flash.
- If it's impossible (which is my guess), is it planned for Stencyl 3.0? (along with support of x4 assets for ipad3)

I have a fresh install of the 13.04 nightly build (but issue persists for a while, on all beta & nightly versions of 2.0 I've installed since 2 months or so).

I do not see touch input blocks on the block editor. Below a screenshot (taken from example game, which is converted to mobile).
If I copy/paste blocks from other behavior, I think I can use them, but still, no way to access them normally...

I've been trying to solve it myself, reinstall stencyl, try different projects... nothing helps, I give up :)

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