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Yeah, it seems that being even one pixel off can break the entire universe.  If you want to be sure, draw a 50% transparent block the same size and position as your collision shape so you can visualize how it overlaps with your sprite. 

After spending more time understanding\debugging collisions than I've spent on any previous entire game, I still haven't figured out how to get consistent collisions.  Randomly, it seems, a collision between 2 actors with 0 bounciness will come to a speed of ~9.5e-16 either immediately before or after (during?) a collision.  And also not detect the collision that slowed the actor to zero. 
The bug will disappear and let me think I solved it and rear its ugly head days later.  I've overdrawn the brain bank trying to pin it down, and work around it.  Currently having luck using a block to round speeds between -.1 and .1 to 0.  But I have no faith it's gone and am still suffering from numerous other created collision shape problems.

I was also having problems with overlapping and even just adjacent collision shapes affecting each other even though they're all sensors.  So try leaving a pixel between your collision shapes if you're getting weird results.

For those of you still looking for an answer to this problem, try removing the collision shapes for the actors involved and adding them again, with a pixel or two of difference. It worked for me.

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