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I am not sure how to pose this question correctly - so I'll explain in brief.

Making a game that has a random event happen during scenes (A scene behaviour I attach to all scenes) This random event is a sequence of code that has a few "if then" & "do after X sec" & "play sound" blocks in it - so the whole code sequence takes about 2 to 3 seconds to execute completely. 

It is basically a computer voice that is telling you what has happened based upon a sequence of random attributes being changed. For example: "Core Power Failure Detected" - "Core now operating at" - "XX%" (Each "" is a different audio file that plays in a sequence based upon the random event)

However - if the player switches away from the scene to another one before this code is fully executed - it obviously stops and the audio doesn't play through completely, and a few variables fail to get set properly.

So is there a way to allow code in one scene to finish executing, even if the scene has changed? The flow of the game won't be the same if this isn't possible.

Thanks in advance!

Ask a Question / Max String Sized Reached - HELP!
« on: August 04, 2021, 06:41:52 pm »
So I have had this issue pop up before but have been able to fix it. This time I noticing an issue I can't get past.

I have an actor that has a total of 26 animations to it. Each animation is actually just a small single frame png file (less then 300x150 in size).

The game can compile just fine up to 20 animations for the actor. However, when I add any more it, even if it is just one more, I get the "cannot compile, yada yada, max string size reached" issue.

I know the png pixel size is small, as I have double checked each png used in the actor in photoshop. Each one is exactly the same dimension. I am not scaling, each one is 1x.

I don't understand - is there another reason I would be getting this issue? Once I get the issue, even if I remove the actor I was modifying, I still get the issue - as if the actor is still being calculated into the compile. I use the clean up project and unused files and I still get the issue.

Anyone have any why this happens only when I increase the actors animation count to over 20?

So this has eluded me for awhile now - and I feel it is simple - and I’m making it too difficult.

I have an actor button that when pressed increments an attribute value by 1. However I would like it to have another function - if the button is held down it will begin to increment the value by 5 or 10 every half second until the button is released.

So a click increments 1, a long press increments 5 or 10 every .5 seconds until released.

How can this be easily coded?

Thanks in advance, everyone!

Hello everyone.

I'm semi new to stencyl - but have started to get a pretty decent grasp of the drag and drop coding. I have an issue that for the life of me I CANNOT figure out. I'm having an actor animation issue. Bear with me here.

Here is the jist of it:

I have a scene with a coin actor on it with it's own scene layer. When you click on the actor, lets call it "pickedupcoin", it reveals a previously hidden scene layer with a different actor of a larger coin (to make it look like you picked it up), and hides the other layer with the original coin actor, let's call this one "inactivecoin", that you clicked on.

When you click on this new coin [pickedupcoin] it does an animation of flipping, plays a little sound, then stops on a random animation to display heads, 1, or tails, 0. Everything up to this point works perfectly as it should. Here is where the issue starts.

The code after this, as I have tried to write a dozen different ways trying to figure this out, essentially has an if statement after the final random animation is chosen. What is contained within this if statement is supposed to determine which animation the coin is at 0 or 1 and then set a global attribute to 1 or 0. The point of this is so that the original coin {inactivecoin],  should update it self itself to a 1 or 0 animation so it shows the proper side, heads or tail, when the layer is revealed again. However, it never updates itself.

Once the animation has played, the attribute never gets updated. I have its output being displayed as text for the purposes of debugging this issue, and the readout never changes, so the coin doesn't ever update its animation.

I can't figure out if this is using the wrong code pieces, if it is a drawing issue, update issue.. what. I think I am making it way harder than it should be. I have also included some screenshots of all the relevant code.

The first image (shorter code) is what is supposed to determine the animation to show the inactive coin at, heads or tails. This code is contained on the main play scene

The second image (longer code) is on the active flippable coin actor that tells it how to animate, and then (supposed to) how to set the attribute which will determine the animation to use. This code is contained on the picked up coin actor, only visible when the layer is revealed.

The only code on the inactive coin actor is just a mouse press that hides or undhides the other layer, nothing more. No animation related coding.

Sorry that was so long, but I'm sure I'm making it way harder than it should be and this may be a face palm moment for me. Because I ahve been working on this for 3 days now! And I can't see it.

Ask a Question / Wandering NPCS and tile collisions
« on: February 05, 2016, 02:07:23 pm »
So I'm entirely new to Stencyl, only been using it for about two weeks and I've come to an issue I cant seem to figure out.

I'm using the included wandering behavior with stencyl to let my zombie characters roam around the screen however they wander right through tiles  instead of colliding with them. I've double checked collision groups and all other collisions in the game are happening as they should, such as when zombies collide with the player, bullets hit zombies, etc -- but they keep wandering right through the tiles.

Anyone have any ideas? If I need to post additional information I will, I'm still new so not sure what all you need to know.
I've included a link to an example of the game in progress and you can observe for yourself what the zombies are doing.

Ask a Question / Need help with baddie deaths!
« on: February 05, 2016, 01:15:55 pm »
I'm fairly new to Stencyl, only been using it for about two weeks and I'm at roadblock.
I'm working on a top down zombie game and I have it set that upon collision with a zombie
the zombie begins to deal damage to the player.

My issue is that once the zombie has been killed I have it set to change the tint of the zombie, fade it out over 3 seconds and then kill the zombie... However because of collisions even while the zombie is going through his dying fade away the player can still take damage if they get near the zombie.

I know that the main issue is that I have the kill zombie at the very end of the 'if statement' and thus collisions continue until it's executed. Anyone have any ideas on how to cancel collisions for an individual actor once a condition has been met?

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