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Abandoned Bugs / Labels position change (not the same for all platform)
« on: January 25, 2013, 09:45:23 am »
Since the following change, my label positions aren't the same in Flash and iPad (with 384x512 scene x4 graphics, 32x32 tiles).  I have made buttons with tiles and I place my text using a labels (in the middle) => ipad text isn't in the button but at the top (and if I change, in Flash it appears under it).

January 19, 2013
- [Fix] Labels don't top-align on C++ targets.

Stencyl extension providing AStar algorithm (extension and basic sample). Each tile(ID) is associated with a character ("." allowed / "X" not allowed). The path can include diagonals (or not). The map representation can be built one time and be used many time. Tile can have a cost of use. Actors may use different map representation,...

@Jon> Is there a way to add documentation in the extension ? Is there a repository for 3 stuffs somewhere ?

Update: attached working extension folder and sample game

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