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Ask a Question / Can't publish to Windows on 3.3?
« on: March 31, 2015, 10:57:27 am »
So I recently switched over to 3.3 and I came up with this error when trying to publish as Windows standalone.

[openfl.bat] Error: Could not guess MINGW_ROOT (tried [c:/MinGW]) - please set explicitly

Does anybody know what that is? Log is attached

Ask a Question / Need New Laptop to Run Stencyl
« on: March 18, 2015, 07:53:57 am »
Hi guys,

I'm in the market for a new laptop to exclusively run Stencyl and some other game building software. My budget is $800 or under. What is the best laptop that I can get?

Edit: Not looking for a Mac right now, but may be later.

Also, on the topic, what specs should I be looking at for optimum use?

Chit-Chat / Marketing for a small dev studio?
« on: March 09, 2015, 08:02:19 am »
So you're making a game. You have a crew gathered and a plan. You've done some of the hard work already and are ready to let the world know.

How exactly? What are some options for a small dev studio with a limited budget (read: none) to market their game? Personal social networks, I've found, only go so far. Especially if you're pretty introverted to begin with....

Journals / I need help marketing
« on: March 08, 2015, 09:53:07 am »
Hey guys,

So me and the rest of my team recently started our Kickstarter campaign for You Are God to On Person

and we realized somewhat disastrously that without a serious following and/or marketing campaign, we can only do so much to get our project seen. We have gone the traditional route through press and we hit up our own social networks, but all of it only amounts to a small plop in the ocean. Stencylers who have successfully marketed your games, what were your methods?


Journals / YAGTOP has launched!
« on: February 24, 2015, 07:13:24 am »
Hello friends and fellow gamemakers!

Some of you may know me, I've been lurking around the forums for quite some time and I've always been talking of that grand ambitious project I'm working on. Well, it's finally here! Me and the rest of the Manly Mouse Studios team are pleased to announce that the Kickstarter for our game, You Are God to One Person (YAGTOP), has officially launched. You can visit our Kickstarter page here:

And our website here:

To those who have helped us along our way, we owe our gratitude and innumerable thanks. The community here at Stencyl has always been one of the best, and that is why we have chosen it as the platform to move forward with our game. Please, lend us your further support, and if you’re are interested in what we have to offer, please help fund us. We appreciate it!

Also, despite how busy we're going to be during the campaign, I'll also be here to answer any questions or take suggestions from my fellow Stencylers. Thank you!


Paid Work / Has anybody using Stencyl got hired with success?
« on: January 09, 2015, 01:33:05 pm »
Per the title, has anybody here gotten hired (not rev share) for a project as a freelancer with success? Share your stories! Thank you!

Ask a Question / Help, my games are merging together!
« on: November 24, 2014, 09:09:34 pm »
I've recently started using the excellent Dialog Extension, but every game I make with it seems to be connected. The only way I can describe it is as if the saves are "bleeding" into one another. I will occasionally find behaviors, scenes, even actors from different games merging into one another, and I don't know what's causing it. I do suspect it has something to do with the dialog extension though. Trust me, its not just me being careless. Has anyone else experienced this? I can provide logs if necessary.

Ask a Question / Can't Open Game
« on: November 16, 2014, 02:53:01 pm »
I can't open one of my games due to the 90 percent memory error. I've already tried to fix it by including a batch script that increases my memory, but I can't seem to increase it beyond 1200 mb. I've put too much work into this to start over, so is there a workaround to opening my game?

Here is the error code:

Unexpected problem on thread AWT-EventQueue-0: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
   at javax.swing.SwingWorker$ Source)
   at javax.swing.SwingWorker$ Source)
   at Source)
   at javax.swing.SwingWorker$DoSubmitAccumulativeRunnable.actionPerformed(Unknown Source)
   at javax.swing.Timer.fireActionPerformed(Unknown Source)
   at javax.swing.Timer$ Source)
   at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(Unknown Source)
   at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source)
   at java.awt.EventQueue.access$000(Unknown Source)
   at java.awt.EventQueue$ Source)
   at java.awt.EventQueue$ Source)
   at Method)
   at$1.doIntersectionPrivilege(Unknown Source)
   at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
   at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters(Unknown Source)
   at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter(Unknown Source)
   at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(Unknown Source)
   at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source)
   at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source)
   at Source)
Caused by: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
   at java.util.Arrays.copyOf(Unknown Source)
   at java.lang.AbstractStringBuilder.expandCapacity(Unknown Source)
   at java.lang.AbstractStringBuilder.append(Unknown Source)
   at java.lang.StringBuilder.append(Unknown Source)
   at stencyl.core.lib.ResourceList.init(
   at stencyl.core.lib.ResourceList.<init>(
   at stencyl.core.lib.ResourceList.createList(
   at stencyl.core.lib.Game.load(
   at javax.swing.SwingWorker$ Source)
   at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask$Sync.innerRun(Unknown Source)
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask(Unknown Source)
   at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Source)
   at Source)

Dialog Extension / [SOLVED] Scene Switching from Dialog
« on: November 07, 2014, 08:40:15 pm »
Dumb question, but how do you change things like game attributes and scene switches within dialogue? I'm trying to add a scene switch at the end of my dialogue like so:

Here is some sample dialogue <but><scene switch??>

Ask a Question / Setting mouse click as control
« on: November 05, 2014, 07:57:30 pm »
Hi, this is a stupid question. How do I set a mouse click as a control or simulate it? It has to be registered as a "control" in the settings tab and not as an universal input in a scene.


iPhone / iPad / Android / Ebola! The Android App
« on: October 27, 2014, 10:23:27 am »
So I made this awhile ago as a kind of public service announcement for the current Ebola Outbreak. While it is far from comprehensive, it satisfied my goal as an informative, yet light-hearted app concerning Ebola. I wish I structured the language more for children---as well as making text bigger---but ah well.

It's not getting a whole lot of downloads, so I'd appreciate it if you guys could give it a look and tell me what you think.

Ask a Question / How to do score ratings?
« on: October 24, 2014, 01:59:50 pm »
Hey guys,

I want to give final scores in my game a rating from F to A. Say you have 40 points by the end of a round, and that would be considered an F while 50 points would be considered a D and so on. Any thoughts?

Journals / "Firefly" Envisioned as a Space RPG
« on: October 17, 2014, 11:41:30 am »
Hi guys,

So I've been working with Stencyl since the start of this year and I finally feel comfortable enough with its mechanics to tackle something much larger. I have a few finished games and one published app, but what I really want to make is a game.  Not a mobile game or a flash game, but something that you wouldn't mind plopping down $20 for. Right now I just have the slightest spark of an idea, and that is to make a spaceship-based RPG with a story not unlike Firefly. Basically, it would amount to you, the captain, taking on missions to keep your ship fueled, your crew fed, and perhaps even something left over for upgrades and such.

The missions will take place in both space and on land, and what I want is eventually a setup that will allow you to take on smuggling contracts, bank robberies, participate in space battles and shoot-outs.

But that's not the meat of the game. The focus is on characters, their stories, and their motivations. There will be a lot of dialogue in this game, a la Mass Effect. In between missions or during traveling, you stay on the ship and interact with your crew, which is about 3-7 npcs. Characters can die permanently, and some can never be replaced.  I'm still in the very, very early stages of this game, but I think I might eventually take it to Kickstarter or Steam.


Edit: I do have a small team working with me, but we're mostly writers. If this project eventually goes forward, we'll need to recruit programmers, artists, and marketing peeps as well. Heck, we might even quit our day jobs.

AdMob / Admob extension question (Solved)
« on: October 16, 2014, 06:24:39 am »
Hi guys, a relatively stupid question about the admob extension, but I decided to ask it here instead of that thread. When I use full screen interstitial ads, do I place the load ad block directly beneath the initialize full screen ad block like so?

[When created]
[Initialize admob fullscreen ad ID etc]
[Load admob fullscreen ad]

Ask a Question / Paid Marketing Services
« on: October 15, 2014, 03:48:18 pm »
To published Stencylers,

Which of the paid marketing services out there for mobile apps are actually legit/useful? By these I mean services that claim to market, promote, and advertise your app. This could include things like fiverr gigs, individual "marketing gurus" and online services like apprebates.

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