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In my program, I create the following logic:
Step1: click on item A to recycle itself and create item B on somewhere else
Step2: click on item B to recycle itself and create item C at the same coordinate
Step3: click on item C to recycle itself and re-create item B at the same coordinate

When I test my program, it passes the building process. But, when I play it, the game freezes after I click on item C.

Does anyone have any ideas?

P.S. I put iOS as the prefix since I'm using 'touch' as the user input although I'm currently testing it in flash.

Ask a Question / How to make a puzzle game?
« on: January 30, 2012, 07:07:40 am »
Hi guys,

I'm pretty new to StencylWorks. It comes to my attention that all samples are for action games. Anyone has any ideas of creating a typical puzzle game using StencylWorks? I mean just like Drawn The Painted Tower, or any other room escape games. The player doesn't need to control any avatar. All s/he needs to do are just to 1) click on the screen to collect objects and 2) drag and drog to put the objects somewhere in the scene. Finally, the way out will be shown if the player get all objects placed correctly.

Does StencylWorks works for such a game?

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