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Ask a Question / Character won't slow down/pull?
« on: July 25, 2012, 07:06:11 pm »
My character is supposed to slow down and pull the block when you stand against it and you hold back and the action button. I had it working a few months ago, but then I stopped working on this. I just came back to it, and now it's not working. I can't remember if I broke it before I quit, or if I just messed something up. I've got poo brain, so any help is appreciated.

Also, excuse the mess, I'm not very talented with this program, so I don't know how to optimize this. XD

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: Fatty Genius(on FGL)
« on: July 12, 2012, 09:14:30 pm »
Nice! The game looks and plays great! I found a bug that absolutely crashed the game/flash.

If you sit on the button, and then place the ball below the block that gets lifted up, and then you get back off of the button, it will make the game crash. The block colliding with the ball causes the crash.

Ask a Question / Re: Jittery Games [Please Help!]
« on: April 19, 2012, 04:10:12 pm »
Works nice for me. :)

Sure enough! It was in Actor > Position. That did the trick! Thanks!

Like when my cannons fire they make a sound, and when the fireball collides with something it makes a sound. I have them set to always simulate so they're constantly firing. Is it possible to make it so that you can only hear it fire or explode if that part itself is on screen? What I mean is if you can't see the cannon, but only where the fireball is colliding with something, that you won't hear the cannon fire and only the fireball colliding?

Oh, it'll work the way you've got it, but changing an animation every frame when it isn't necessary is wasteful. A simple "if" check takes basically no time at all, whereas the mchanics of switching the animation probably has a more significant overhead. I'm not sure how Stencyl/Flixel handles that under the hood, but it's certain to be more costly than an "if" statement.

Okay then, I'll do that! I didn't know it was wasteful or anything. :)

Yes, that's correct.  The Actor in the "Self" box is the Actor that block is talking to. If you leave it on Self, it is talking to the Actor the behavior is attached to. If you drag a reference to another Actor into there, the block will talk to that Actor, instead of to Self.

Awesome. Thanks a lot!

If you're only going to have two options - Yes and No - you don't need the list at all, you just check "if Unique ID == Yes." The point of the Cannon List is to let each pressure plate control an arbitrary number of Down Cannons.

Pretend you have four Down Cannons and two pressure plates. The Down Cannons have these Unique IDs:
Down Cannon 1 = 0
Down Cannon 2 = 1
Down Cannon 3 = 2
Down Cannon 4 = 3

Pressure Plate 1 has a Cannon list of:

Pressure Plate 2 has a Cannon List of:

Now, each Pressure Plate does this:

For each Down Cannon in the scene {
  For each item in Cannon List {
    If (Unique ID of Down Cannon == item from Cannon List) {
      Turn off current Down Cannon;

So, each Pressure Plate goes through each Down Cannon in the Scene, checking to see if that Down Cannon's Unique ID is in its Cannon List. If it is, it turns off that Down Cannon. To make this comparison, you check the Down Cannon's Unique ID against each item in the Cannon List.

If (Unique ID == current item from Cannon List) { }

Oh okay, I think I understand now!

Well, it's now working exactly how I need it to, and there's no way to properly thank you for all of the help. But thank you very much. You're an incredible person. :)

Alright, I'm not sure why you're using two timers in your first behavior. The way you have it, you're waiting for every Shoot seconds, then waiting again for Delay? seconds. If that's on purpose, fine, but it looks weird.

Oh, I have it set like that so I can control each cannon in the scene editor differently. So one cannons shoots every 2 seconds, and the next cannon shoots every 2 second but only after 1 second. So they shoot back and forth.

In your "always" loop, you should only change the animation if it's necessary, so

if (Fired? == True and Animation For Self != Fired) {
  Switch animation to Fired for self;

if (Fired? = False and Animation For Self != Idle) {
  Switch animation to Idle for self;

It's actually working how I have it now. The cannon is in idle, and when it fires it switches to it's fired animation, and then after 1 second (I changed it to 0.25), it switches back to idle.

In the pressure plate behavior, you are using "self" in the "get" blocks. So, you are getting _UniqueID and _IsActive from the Actor the behavior is attached to, which I assume is a pressure plate. You need to use "Actor of Type" where you have Self. That way, as you cycle through all the Actors of type "Down Cannon," you are checking the current Down Cannon for the values.

Sorry, I don't fully understand. I didn't realize I could drag the "Actor of Type" thingy down and into the "get" blocks. Is that what I'm supposed to do? XD

You never use the Cannon List, instead you are checking "_UniqueID" against the value "Yes." Let me explain Cannon List.

Cannon list should be a list, with values like this:

Then, you check each Down Cannon's _UniqueID against each item in Cannon List. That way, one pressure plate can control multiple Down Cannons. So, your loop should look like this:

For each Actor of Type Down Cannon {
  For each item in Cannon List {
    If (for [actor of type], get [_UniqueID] from behavior [Cannon Fire] == item from Cannon List) {
      Do stuff;

Again, sorry. This is the first time I've ever used a list so I don't fully understand. For "item from Cannon List", do I just type in the number or text in the list that I'm looking for, or is there a block I need to pull out? In the list I added values "Yes" and "No" and then in the Unique ID's for the cannons I wanted the plate to control I put in Yes, and for the ones I don't want it to control I put in No.

Finally, you never set IsActive? back to true, so once the pressure plate is stepped on, the Down Cannon will always be off. At the end of the "always" loop in your Cannon Fire behavior, set "IsActive?" back to True. That way, the Cannon starts each frame with IsActive? being True, and it only gets turned off if the player is still on the pressure plate.

I did that because I didn't want the cannons to come back on.

Thanks again, you're awesome!

Now none of my cannons are firing and stepping on the plate does nothing. I've obviously done something wrong but I don't know what. XD

Thanks for all of the info though, I'm very thankful for it.

I appreciate the help, but I'm still new and learning so I don't fully understand what you mean by these:

Add a boolean variable such as "Is Active?" to your cannon.

Do you mean a blue attribute, or the purple one, a game attribute?

When the pressure plate is stepped on, set Is Active? to False. When the plate is clear, set Is Active? to True if you want the cannon to stat firing, again.

If I use a blue attribute in the cannon behavior, how do I control when the pressure plate has been stepped on from a different behavior?

To shut off certain cannons, add a text or number field like "Unique ID" to your Cannon behavior. In the scene designer, assign a name or number to each cannon.

What do you mean by a "Unique ID"?

An Actor variable named "Controlled Cannon" which you set in the scene designer to point at the appropriate instance of My Cannon.

Can you explain this a little bit more, too? Again, sorry, still new and learning. And I really appreciate the help. :)

Okay so I've got a cannon that shoots fireballs and all kinds of stuff that works properly, however I want to create a sensor (like a pressure plate) that when stepped on turns off only certain cannons from firing, possibly settable from the scene editor?

Here's my cannon and fireball behaviors if that'll help. Thanks!

Crap, sorry. Yeah, I meant scene bounds.

But thank you, that did the trick! :D

Is there a way to accomplish this without having to set the X and Y for every scene?

Ask a Question / Re: Android
« on: April 12, 2012, 05:48:00 pm »
I can't wait for the Android support. <3

I don't know how to recycle an actor when they're out of screen bounds. Like, not when they're off camera, but only when they go past the actual edge of the map. I need them to fully function on the entire map even when I'm not close to them, and only recycle themselves once they leave the maps bounds.


Yup, that fixed it! Thank you very much. <3

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