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 Hello, I've made a cursor twice using different tuts. It semi works.

Thanks Jeffrey Driver, I could have spent ages trying to debug that only to find that working in windowed mode disguises the problem - not ideal. Did you come across a work around out of interest?



"You put the "hide mouse" in an when created event and the set y and x in an update event?." Hello I believe so. I've also downloaded a more advanced custom mouse cursor behaviour from the Forge and it still comes back with the same results.

 I have happened upon a something interesting - it only shows both default OSX cursor and custom cursor when displaying in full screen mode.    the bug vanishes when you test the game in windowed it works as should. I've been doing a bit of research and I think it could be a problem with the Flashplayer on my OSX - not Stencyl, whats more annoying is the I've updated flash and it didn't resolve it. To reinforce this horror, I found this.

I'm not sure if there will be work around but this could be bit of sticking point for me. I've attached a little img of the cursor working when its windowed... sigh....


Hello, no joy with the when Created event. The actor stopped following the mouse... I tried custom block as well and the Drawing block - drawing black worked. Any more thoughts?

Cheers ,

Thanks Tigerteeth, I have got as far as making the cursor semi work although I cannot get it to hide the default OSX cursor? baffled.
Any thoughts on this? Also I noticed that the Cursor was a bit laggy, is there a method for making this smoother?

I will come to stage 2 after I have amended the cursor hide issue...


Hello, I was wandering if anyone could give me any pointers on how to make a custom cursor that swaps out when it hovers on a certain region? so in detail :

1) I would like this to apply to all scenes with this one behaviour
2) When the custom cursor hovers on a certain region it swaps to (state 2) until it is clicked (its a standard white pointer until it hovers over a mysterious object - click and text will display what the object is instead)
3) The current Cursor actor has 2 states - image off and on.

apologies if this a novice question - I would be more familiar with typing this in AS3

Thank you for your help,  :)

Hello that's what I'm trying to do. So in order to make this level save would it need to put into array/List?  As it stands I have followed the general tutorial and it doesn't give too much detail. Would it need to be something like Scene1 = 1 Scene2 = 2 Scene3 = 3. When I initially set up the game att. When save in Scene 2, write to game att(var) = Scene 2... how would I go about that?


Hello and thanks for you help. I'm bumbling my way through the more complicated stuff of trying to make my game save and load a level from a menu screen. I have found the tutorial to be a bit vague as it tells 'what' the save block does is but not on how and when to use it. I've also got a book that lacks the more information on appliaction... sigh so I have come here for additional help.

The menu screen . player clicks either load or save region. 2) the game att (this game att was made through the game settings) saves or loads the currents scene the player is located in their journey, I'm trying to keep it simple for now. Could anyone give me any pointers please on how to make this work? I have attached some of my existing blocks - tricky. Anyone who helps me gets the official legend status.

Regards J

Ask a Question / Re: Draw Text When Region is Clicked
« on: November 29, 2015, 06:34:00 am »
Ok looks like we have something going on! In a good way, thank for your help!

Ask a Question / Re: Draw Text When Region is Clicked
« on: November 18, 2015, 02:15:12 pm »
Hello thanks for you help, I'm quite new to the world of Stencyl and i'm not sure on how to go about implementing your code... (is this possible using the blocks?) Anyway, what I did... before all the springs fired out! 

1) Went to the "Events" tab under current scene.
2) Clicked "+ Add Event" / Advanced / Custom Code > and pasted your script

Code: [Select]
on drawing
   if "gorian" is true
      set opacity to "label opacity" %
      set current font to general
      draw text 'A small statue' at 310 600
      if "label opacity" < 100
         increment "label opacity" by [1,2, whatever]
      end if
   end if

I am a novice but do you need to declare somewhere what the "gorian" (region on scene) is. Would you need to set up a Var? for it?

Thanks for your help :)

Ask a Question / Draw Text When Region is Clicked
« on: November 17, 2015, 02:40:37 pm »
Hello there, just wandering is someone could help. I'm trying to get a small line of text to display (draw) when an area of a static background is clicked (region).  Any pointers would be appreciated.

Image attached - I can't get the blocks to merge!

For plus points is it simple to get it to fade?



Thanks, where would I begin with the game  attribute in lay terms?  What would I stick it to? In Stencyl essence what would the inventory be? Thanks,

Hello, i'm new to Stencyl, I like what I'm seeing so far!  :)

I looking at making a small first person point and click game and was wandering what would be the best solution for making an inventory that remembers. Do you customize a scene to save etc? It will need to be a global object of some kind I will assume that is stored in SharedObject

Thanks for your help

Ask a Question / Re: Region Door Switch - OnMouseClick
« on: May 10, 2015, 02:43:01 pm »
Thanks for the help!

Ask a Question / Region Door Switch - OnMouseClick
« on: May 10, 2015, 03:16:43 am »
Finding the behaviour panel a bit of a challenge.  I'm familiar AS3. I have a door on my BG and when the cursor clicks on it (the region) it swaps to another scene? Is it possible to achieve this?

Hello Indie Station, thanks! I may have cracked it. I saved the file as 300 DPI and avoided 'save for web' from PS. I

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