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Ask a Question / Another game won't compile into flash [Solved]
« on: January 05, 2019, 06:29:24 am »
So, I am working on porting my first game into another engine because of the memory issues caused by the size of the game, and so I went to working on my side project in the meantime to keep having something to deliver new content on. And suddenly that game, which is considerably smaller, also now will not work.

The error I am getting seems to be different, and in fact, I can't seem to figure out what the error even is. I was working on moving some code out of events and into behaviors,  and now it has an error whenever compiling into flash; but not when compiling into exe.

I am attaching the error log to this post. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: After doing more testing, it seems that the backup of my game which was functional before also will not compile into flash, nor will ANY game.

Ask a Question / Cannot grow buffer error; can't compile game
« on: December 12, 2018, 05:11:46 am »
So, I have a feeling this is related to the max string size problem I had several months back, which I overcame by compressing the size of all the images in the game. I am, once again, unable to compile. The error is a bit different this time, it says "cannot grow buffer" but the effect is basically the same. After adding more images to the game, it is no longer able to finish compiling.

I am very concerned that I won't be able to finish this game due to this issue. I have a lot of artwork left to include. Is there any way to overcome this issue? Currently, I have about 1200 resources, ranging from tiny UI elements of less than 20kb, to full screen images up to around 300kb in size. The total size of the game is 91mb when compiled.

Any help would be appreciated. Today is the last day of development for the month on this game, and I need to get it compiled for the monthly release.

Here is the error description from my log:

2018-12-12 06:52:04,035 INFO  [Thread-13] stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler: [haxelib.exe] Error: Buffer.add: cannot grow buffer
2018-12-12 06:52:04,243 DEBUG [pool-1-thread-2] stencyl.sw.util.Util: Process 'haxelib.exe' exited with code: 1
2018-12-12 06:52:04,243 ERROR [pool-1-thread-2] Failed: Building for Flash. (Return code: 1)
2018-12-12 06:52:04,246 ERROR [pool-1-thread-2] stencyl.sw.util.dg.MessageDialog: Encountered errors while building your game.: Check your logs and post them to the forums.  - Please describe what you have been doing. Be as specific as possible.

Ask a Question / Having one actor create a bound instance of another actor?
« on: November 17, 2018, 11:43:52 pm »
Hello, I am trying to work on implementing some UI elements, such as buttons and progress meters which would be effectively identical for several actors who would use them. I would prefer not to make dozens of duplicates of each of these UI features, however, I can not seem to come up with a way to reliably get the actor doing the spawning to be linked with the actor being spawned.

For example: I have a progress bar for each of several characters, which would slowly fill over time. My current attempt is to have the actor for the character set a global variable to their name, then for the created actor to upon being created make a local variable matching the global variable, then use the [game attribute with the name [name variable] & [rest of the attribute's name] ] block to get the proper values.

Instead, all instances of the progress meter are created last, and take on the attributes of the *last* actor which would have spawned it.

Is there any way to get this to work, or is creating duplicate actors the only feasible solution?

Ask a Question / Integers overflowing in the low billions?
« on: October 29, 2018, 10:20:37 am »
Hello, I am working on an incremental game at the moment, and am hitting a problem with large integers; I had asked about them before and was told that the point at which integers should overflow is about 10^308; but instead I am getting a result that integers are consistently overflowing into negative values at about 2.2-2.3 billion.

This seems like a remarkably low number to overflow on, especially for an incremental game. Is there anything I can do to overcome this issue; or is this limit pretty much hard coded into the system?

Edit: Something else I do notice is that it only seems to do this when math is involved with the number; if I set a number directly to 2.3 billion and ask the game to display it, it works. When one of my formulas creates a number at that value, it overflows. I've attached the math formula which is causing the issue.

Ask a Question / Easiest way of making entire game smaller?
« on: September 13, 2018, 12:55:32 am »
So, a game I am working on fits on my screen, but I learned after finishing the first version that it is too tall for most screens. So, I need to make it smaller. Problem is, everything in the game is designed to work at a specific size. So, I will probably need to reduce all the font sizes, resize all the UI assets, all the actors, the game window, coordinates being used, and so many other factors that it would likely take as long to rescale everything as making the entire first version took to build in the first place.

I am wondering though, is there anything I could do that might make this process easier?

Ask a Question / Passage of time doesn't always work?
« on: September 02, 2018, 05:37:15 pm »
Hey, I'm not sure if I'm using the code wrong, or if there is a problem with Flash or certain browsers. I am working on a game which progress should be happening even while the game is off. So, I have it programmed to check the date when saving, and to compare the date when loading.

This works for me, but I have had several people report that it does not work for them. I've attached the code to this post. Is there anything that looks wrong with it, or is there anything I can do to make it more reliable?

Ask a Question / Is there a maximum value for Variables?
« on: July 22, 2018, 03:58:26 pm »
Some coding systems have overflow limits, while others do not, or do not reach them under normal circumstances. I am working on a side project that is an incremental game. These kinds of games can end up with variable values that are ridiculously large; so much so that abbreviation for numbers become meaningless after the trillions and start to use A, B, C, D and so on as abbreviation for values above that.

Before I get too far along in programming the game, I figure that it might be a good idea to ask and find out if there is a specific point where Stencyl's variables begin to overflow, so that I can work on a way to work around that, or if it will be able to store any number no matter how large?

I have been working on an RPG, and have been adding random scenes which can occur with party members while exploring the dungeon in the game. Since these scenes are triggered based on time, rather than exactly what floor of the dungeon you are on, I need to be able to send the player back to the floor they were on.

Right now, I am using a string of if statements which check the floor variable and sends you to the appropriate floor. This, however, is a very messy way of doing it, as every time I add a new floor to the dungeon, I need to go back and manually add it to every scene which takes place in the dungeon.

I've tried using "select attribute" instead, but it requires a scene attribute to work, which can only be local. Do any of you know a way to simplify the code so that it remains functional as new floors are added on it's own? I've attached an example of the code I am using now to help clarify what I am trying to do.

Ask a Question / number pad doesn't work in .exe export
« on: March 15, 2018, 12:41:21 pm »
Not sure if this is something that I can fix or if it's an engine issue, but I exported my game to .exe, and found that the number pad aliases for my controls don't work. Currently, I have it set up so that Num-0 works in place of the spacebar, Num1-3 work the same as normal 1-3, and Num-Enter works the same as normal enter. This works fine in flash, but when exporting to .exe, the numbers on the number pad don't work, though the number pad's Enter key does work.

Is there any way to fix this problem?

Ask a Question / Max string size reached, Will this kill my project?
« on: February 01, 2018, 06:09:20 pm »
I just added a new image to my game, and although it is not larger than any of the other images in the game I just got an error claiming one of the images in the game is too large. When I remove the image, it compiles fine. When I add a new image that already works, it stops again. Is there a limit to how many images total, or how much filesize total images can comprise? And if so, is there any way around this? My game is far from finished and involves a lot of large images as it is a visual novel style game.

I've attached my log to this post.

Ask a Question / Simulate button works only every other scene
« on: January 05, 2018, 04:39:03 am »
So, this problem has been continuing to haunt me. I currently have functional code for making my game simulate a keyboard press when clicking on actors. This code is in a scene behavior that every scene in the game happens to have.

However, I am having an issue that the button simulation only works exactly half the time. In scene 1 it would work, then scene 2 it would stop working, then in scene three it would be working again, and so on.

I've done debugging through dialogue tests, and pressing the buttons does work, it does set the flagging variable to the correct value, and the if statements that lead to the simulation triggering in the  behavior activate properly. But the simulation does not work. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue at this point? I've attached the behavior that handles the simulation to this post.

Ask a Question / Any way to make a game at 1280x720? (solved)
« on: December 23, 2017, 04:07:56 pm »
On one of my side projects I've been getting requests to make 1280x720 so it can be played full screen on average monitors. I just redid all the art assets to fit the new resolution, however, I am finding that in spite of making scenes at 1280x720; it automatically changes the resolution to 1280x704 in order to fit the default 32x32 pixel tiles.

Is there any way to make the game stop doing this? The size of tiles are not important to the game since I'm not using tiles for anything, but I can't change the tile size of existing scenes; so I can't just change the tile size so it fits the new resolution.

I've seen a few threads asking about this, but I keep finding dead ends. I'm working on a short little mini project for a jam, and since I don't have time to get art assets I figured I'd make a text adventure. What I need to be able to do, however, is allow the user to type in text, then when the user presses enter, save that text as a text variable and check it against possible things that can be done.

The closest I've been able to find so far for entering text is the textfield3_3(upgrade) behavior from the forge, which does work for getting text to appear on screen; but it has a couple problems. Firstly, I cannot seem to get it to be in focus when the game starts. I have successfully edited the behavior so it stays in focus permanently after it's been clicked on once, but for some reason it won't start off in-focus.

The second issue, is that I can not seem to figure out what variable is being used to store the text so that I can copy it over to another variable to be cross referenced, then make that variable go back to being blank so that the next command can be input without having the user have to backspace every time.

Is anyone here familiar with this behavior enough to help, or is there another method that would work for the purpose I am trying to achieve?

Ask a Question / Simulate button stops and starts working randomly
« on: November 06, 2017, 10:22:45 pm »
So, a few months ago I made a thread trying to figure out how to make simulated buttons so my visual novel can have dialogue advanced with the mouse, and got it working after a while, finding that for some reason the block does not work when placed directly on the actor and needed to be in a scene behavior. It worked for a while, but last update although I changed nothing suddenly the buttons only work in some scenes and not others with no apparent rhyme or reason to it.

What I am doing right now is that I put an "always" condition into a behavior that is already attached to every scene in the game (and I did double check to make sure it is present in the scenes it does not work during), and put code to handle the simulate when a button is pressed. Which is the first attached set of blocks, and the second set of blocks is an example of how the code is written for the buttons.

Is there anything I am doing wrong that would cause this random problem? Or is it a bug with stencyl it's self?

Ask a Question / Can't get "Simulate key press" to work. -Solved
« on: August 23, 2017, 08:10:53 pm »
So, I have been working on a visual novel style of game for a while, and I used keyboard commands for dialogue options. I want to add the ability to make these choices with the mouse, but I do not want to search through every single scene in the game and rewrite the code to include mouse presses on buttons.

So, What I came up with as a solution was to have the dialogue window spawn the buttons, and then put in "when updating" a [when clicked on block] and put inside that the [simulate key press with ___ ] block, with the correct button. Through testing, the actor does respond properly to being hovered over, and it does respond to being clicked on, but it will not simulate the key press and cause the code in the scenes to play out.

Is there something I am doing wrong, or is there something wrong with this block?

I've attached a screenshot of the blocks, This screenshot shows only the press block, but I have tried it with the press block alone, and with both the press and release blocks.

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