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Chit-Chat / Stencyl Jam #16 - Unofficial Discussion
« on: August 31, 2016, 10:42:30 am »
Hello Stencylers, here is some information about what is going on with the jam. Stencyl will create a official topic soon.

Sponsor & Hosting Information :
Jam Hosted by Gamejolt
Jam Sponsored by Colburt and Folmer

Date : 7-16th of October

Prizes :

1st  $300 plus Studio License
2nd $150 plus Studio License
3rd $50 plus Studio License

Judges :




Ask a Question / Anchoring actor 1 to actor 2 [Solved]
« on: August 28, 2016, 05:25:00 pm »

How would I anchor actor 1 to actor 2 ( without using the joint extension) ?

Note to Forum monitors :This topic was created in the Ask a Question section, and not in the issue tracker because the intention of the topic is to discuss and share ideas for the future of Stencyl scene designers rather then sharing a idea and asking for a status.

Hello Everyone,

I created this topic so we could discuss and suggest ideas for the Remake of Stencyl Scene designer. As commented in the issue tracker by one of Stencyl's Developers ( I have find the post to show you the source but for now you just have to believe me or wait for Justin to confirm this in this topic ), that Stencyl does indeed plan to enhance their scene designer with more features that should make it easier and faster to create clean-cut scenes. Based on issues from the issue tracker,  post from in the Stencyl community,  and emails from Stencyl LLC, Stencyl will not be working on the Scene designer this year. But rather working on the core of the engine by upgrading to Openfl 4, Haxe 3.3, and dropping Haxe Legacy so they could concentrate on a small codebase. This goal is estimated to be completed by the end of this year. Once this is done, they can concentrate more of their focus into fixing bugs, stabilizing the app, and adding requested features which are necessary for the application needs. So for now we have to wait till next year for feature requests, but now is a great time to get started brainstorming ideas. I've posted a few ideas of my own below. Which two of them are confirmed by Stencyl that it is already in Stencyl's plans. Feel free to post your idea below as well. I'll add them to the Communities Ideas post below. So here we go :

                                                                                          My Suggestions and Ideas:

Suggestion #1: Type text directly from the Scene Designer - Confirmed by Stencyl LLC  (In a email discussion I had with them)

Description : A feature which would allow users to choose fonts and type text directly from the scene like site editors. Please view this animated video below to have a better understanding of the features. Be sure to watch the whole video :

Suggestion #2: "Snap Lines" to help Align actors and tiles

Description : Like in site editors there are orange and purple lines that display across the scene when the snap tool is enabled. This helps align objects. In the Stencyl Scene designer we have a snap tool but we don't have snap lines when dragging tiles or actors. When I want to align actor and tile now I have to press a physical ruler against my monitor screen, get the coordinates, divide to make them proportional , and redo that step with other actors. It would be awesome to have " snap lines " because it would be a much more convenient way to align actors and tiles. Please view animated the video to have a better understanding of the feature request.

Suggestion #3:  Create Box Tool

Description: Using the Box Tool icon on the Scene designer sidebar, users can quickly create box shapes for their game by simply choosing a color ( Solid or Vertical Granite , selected color or RGB ) , a style ( pop out , pressed , or simply normal state) , and border ( style : thick , thin , shadow , or no border , Color of border : selected color or RGB , size of border ( with coordinates ). Then they drag out their box for the size they want it to be and the select it and move it around. Similar to the Terrain tool just with more options and customization.

Suggestion #4:  Don't allow mismatched scenes and tilesets to be used together. - Confirmed by Stencyl LLC  (In issue suggestion in the issue tracker )

Description: If a tileset size is 32x32, and a scene tileset size is 20x20, then don't allow that tileset and scene to be used together.

Well these are my suggestion, feel free to post your suggestions down below :) .

Ask a Question / [ Solved] Quick Question : [Reserved ] ?
« on: August 21, 2016, 03:20:45 pm »

Quick Question here: I noticed that sometimes after extensions or certain game posts the Author who wrote the post will post right after and type [Reserved ]. What does that mean ? Does it mean that the content is All rights reserved ?

Ask a Question / [ Solved ] Assign certain physics to certain groups
« on: August 10, 2016, 10:17:21 am »

So is it possible to add a bunch of actors to a group and Assign certain physics rules to that group. If its not possible with Stencyl block ( I'm hoping it is) is there any way to do it with Haxe code using this block ?


Ask a Question / Adding Text to a scene- Talking Point and Question
« on: August 04, 2016, 11:09:32 am »

So as of now there are 2 way to add text to a scene  create a actor and the animation is text, or from events or behaviors write text using a font. There first way causes problems because you can't modify existing text you just have to create a new animation. The second way is also annoying. For example lets say I have to put a lot of words in my scene. So I go to the scene editor and use my mouse to find the coordinates and type them in to the text block. I test my game, 5 minutes later the game shows and the text appears a little to much to the right so I repeat the process and 5 minutes later I look and see its to down, 5 minutes later to much to the left. It takes so long to get straight after a ton of time wasted of testing.  The I have to add anther 20 text, its going to take so much time.

Other game engines allow you to directly place text in and drag it around like a site editor ( what I suggested for Stencyl here). I'm  annoyed Stencyl doesn't have such a simple feature which all game engines should have. As the definition of a game engine is 
to abstract the details of doing common game-related tasks, like rendering, physics, and input, so that developers (artists, designers, scripters and, yes, even other programmers) can focus on the details that make their games unique.
How can we focus on making our game unique if it takes over 10 minutes to add 1 simple text to our game.  Adding text is a basic function, it should be supported in the game engine in a easy way.

How do you  it ?

Ask a Question / Image API [ Solved ]
« on: July 31, 2016, 04:42:38 pm »

So I'm trying to display images in my game using the Image API. However I'm really confused about the Stencylpedia article. My question is how do you start? By creating a image then attaching a instance ? And how ?

Ask a Question / Github Update Request
« on: July 28, 2016, 09:57:51 am »
Hello Stencyl team,

Can I request some Github updates/ push ins on Stencyl :

A push in of 3 pull request on github , Stencyl / stencylpedia :

1. a pull request updating the changelog.
2. 2 new extensions added to the extensions chart
3. Step 7 of Crash Course 2 remake

A  push in of  3 Pull request for Stencyl/ Engine :

1,  A fix that stop tiles animating when game is paused
2. A fix of Fix simple physics for HTML5
3.Update Universal.hx Fix scale -

Ask a Question / Attaching a Product key to software [ Desktop ]
« on: July 25, 2016, 10:29:15 am »
Hello ,

So in big business applications such a Microsoft Office they have something called product keys. Where once you purchases and download it comes with a ingrained key that allows the download file to only be able to be run on your computer. How would we attach a key like that to our games created with Stencyl ?

Ask a Question / Is Stencyl PR active ?
« on: July 22, 2016, 11:26:08 am »

It seems to be Stencyl PR isn't active as it used to be.  For example user suggestions. There are some suggestions which are being requested over and over again and Stencyl isn't integrating them . Devs just respond somebody needs to take time to implement it ( but no one does ). Also there have been suggestions by users to suggesting way to help the PR , and these suggestion weren't even responded by Stencyl.

Now  lets talk about the software concern.  Stencyl has left the changelog on GitHub just hanging with out 2 months of documented updates. The software is just distributed with a brief summary.  Also the Stencyl engine on GitHub has three very important fixes which Stencyl didn't even touch.  And speak about software distribution the roadmap is just useless.
- We'll continue our focus on fixing bugs and stabilizing the app. 
well obviously, all software companies have the focus on fixing bugs and stabilizing the app. This doesn't tell users what features Stencyl will be focusing on or which problems are priority.This doesn't tell users Stencyl's plans for future of dropping Openfl legacy.  This is just stating a  obvious responsibly which all software companies have to fulfill. Its not a roadmap.

Stencyl : Please fixes these problems to rebuild Stencyl's PR.

Hello Everyone ,

So there is a framework for Haxe called HaxeUI. It gives users the ablity  to create applications with CSS code and components. It has a lot of great features for creating GUI's, UI, Buttons. Calendars ,Checkboxes ,Images ,Menus etc. The full list is at the bottom of the post. There are some really unique demos for this application. Here is one of them:
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Anyway, its built with haxe and Openfl and looks pretty easy  to work with Stencyl. We should really work on a Stencyl Extension with HaxeUI. There are some many possibilities in what we can create in game with this.  I know gurigraphics tried something like this
but this framework makes it so easy. There is even a webviews for Windows using this framework.

Download :
Github :
Demos :

Full List :

Text Fields
Text Inputs
Calendar Views
Continuous Boxes
List Views
Menu Bars
Panel Lists
Rich Text Views
Scroll Views
Table Views
Tab Views


There was a way to split the screen in the Stencyl app to view 2 tabs at once. I don't remember how to do though. Anyone know how?

Edit: Figured it out, right click a tab.

Hello everyone,

Right now there are two ways of suggesting features to Stencyl. One of them is by creating a topic in the Suggestion forum and another is the issue trackers. Oh there is also mini suggestion if you have a quick mini suggestion. However in all of these ways, the suggestion is written down, talked about, but  usually not implemented in Stencyl. Why? Because implementing a new feature takes time and work. I totally respect that. However I've seen certain suggestion that are great ideas and could make Stencyl a better software. But they are never implemented , not ignored,  just not added to Stencyl.

I understand Stencyl is very busy fixing bugs and it is a part time company ( I think ) but some great suggestions are just floating there. They are never implemented.  There needs to be a balance.  A part where suggestion are taken into hand but Stencyl is not being piled with request.

Solution :

A voting system on the forum ( for suggestions . Maybe something like uservoice. Where a user suggests a new feature and other users can vote if its a suggestion Stencyl should try implementing. And if that suggestion gets a certain amount of votes ( 50 or something ? ) , Stencyl will take off some time to add that feature to the Stencyl application. This way Stencyl isn't being piled with request but user can still have their ideas implemented into Stencyl.

App for this ?

Update: I think PHPBack would be perfect for this : , its embedable with Stencyl site ( PHP which SMF is running with ) and it includes some great features, like especially the voting systems. I think it would work nicely with SMF.

But anyway I think this a great idea to have implemented suggestion and Stencyl could still have their own time.

Looks like it :
Officially canceled.  Community might hold something, or not since the site is really messed up.

Not canceled
. Being run by community without ratings.

Update 2

Not canceled
. Being run by community without ratings.

See :

   We’re looking for more feedback on the Unity 5.4 beta, and, as a little incentive and token of our appreciation, we’re giving away one hundred $100 Asset Store vouchers. If you submit (or have already submitted) a valid Unity 5.4 beta bug report with a solid description and an attached project, you'll automatically be entered in the sweepstake.   

They seem really confident that there software is very stable if there giving out $100 value for a bug.

  Term and Conditions 

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