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Chit-Chat / TheIndieStation (previously known as SDieters)
« on: March 03, 2015, 02:03:06 pm »
**UPDATED: 03-12-2015**
Open for requested tutorials and assets/kits

Hey all!
Welcome to my new profile and main page here on the Stencyl Forum.
All my new tutorials, assets that I made for the Stencyl Forge, and perhaps even a bit more can be found here on this very page. For now I can only tell you guys why I have been so quite lately, and to keep that short, I have big plans for TheIndieStation =)

For now I can only say that I am working on getting a HUGE amount of assets ready for the Stencyl Forge, which will all be free to use, even commercially. We can all thank this to Kenney Vleugels, who some of you might or might not know as the guy behind the graphics for Innes's Stencyl course on Udemy, or perhaps you already have been on Kenney's website http://KenneyLand.

I have had a couple of chats with Kenney and decided to create allot of pre-made assets using his graphics and my own behaviors. These assets will all be completely free and can be found on the Stencyl Forge when done (at the moment I only added one asset that will be used for my next video!).

Other then that, I will continue to create high quality, beginner friendly YouTube video's for those who eagerly want to learn to code by themselves in Stencyl. You can find all my video's and more info about TheIndieStation by pressing the big blue button below!

My old tutorials can still be found here:

Anyway, enough of this rambling =p

-Stencyl video's- (only the new ones!)
Stencyl QuickGuide
MisBEEhave series

-Stencyl Forge Assets-(Just look for them by name!)
Actor - Green Alien
Actor - JumpOn Button
Actor - Checkpoint Flag

Tileset - Grass

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