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Game Ideas / Re: Identifying Good Game Design
« on: June 07, 2011, 02:14:38 am »
(SPOILER ahead)

ICO. That game really shocked me when I played it. It glued me to the screen, let my heart ache as I walked through the gigantic chambers of the Queen's castle. I felt so small and so important at the same time for that sparkling little white angel, Yorda. Yorda who speaks a totally unknown language to you; that learns to trust you as you fight for her freedom just because you feel the need to do it; that runs shyly with you hand in hand (a 'tech' that has been later used by Molyneux in Fable III); that calls you by 'ICO!' when tries to let you be aware of something or simply remembers you to not forget her (how could you, by the way?); that survives to her previously written destiny of being an empty shell for the Queen's twisted soul only because of the bond grown between her and ICO. Because that's what the Queen didn't manage: such bond. Yorda kept in her cage was nothing but an empty shell, pure as light and shining for what she never felt through all her life. So much philosophy in a 3 characters' theatrical play. And I cried, at the very end. I cried joyful tears and that wonderful beach is a place that I'll keep forever in my finest dreams.

I replayed the game only to discover Yorda's full translation and I got a smack in the heart when her last two words were not translated. Whatever those word really means, I'm sure that are something superior to me.

Chit-Chat / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: June 05, 2011, 06:24:08 pm »
Hi there Stencylworkers :)

Name's Christopher and I'm an Italian 22yrs old guy, in love with videogames and few other things.
When I was 2, I was able to beat the very first levels of R-Type on my brother's Amiga600. I can say that I'm on the right way to be a lifelong gamer :P

I'm trying to engage a career in Game Industry as a Designer/Writer (an Emotioneer, maybe). I'm not completely new in the game development (but I moved only my very first steps) since I've released a little, crappy, emotion-driven adventure game based on the question "What inspires a child when he draws a doodle?".

'Nuff said. I'm new to Stencyl but I'm looking straightfordwardly to achieve some results with it and with this constantly growing community of supporters!

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