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Hi all,

I have this library api that I want to import and I can get the library in many different formats [If someone thinks I should do this differently than how I do it below] for air2, as2, as3, java (source and .jar), etc.. Currently I have it working in flash where I made an extension, got the library in .swc form, and enabled the extension and wrote a behavior that used classes (via import com....ClassA; [and the behavior uses ClassA]) and it compiles and works perfectly.

Then I wanted to try it on Android (FYI Android was working beforehand, before the new behavior), just tried to Test without a native extension and got:

Code: [Select]
SceneServerConnect (60) -  Class not found
So I made a copy of the test-native folder to make a new native extension, edited the "include.nmnl" like so:

Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<classpath name="" />
<ndll name="nativetest" if="ios"/>
<java path="project/android" />
<template path="template/android/libs/Blah-5-Java-Client.jar" rename="template/android/libs/Blah-5-Java-Client.jar" if="android"/>
And also put the Blah-5-Java-Client.jar there.. I saw in the native extension tutorial how to access specific functions, but I have many different Classes and functions being executed so I'd like the whole .jar available.

Hoping that'd just work for importing all classes in that .jar, disabled the extension, restarted game, enabled, restarted game, and tried again and get the same error. Any Suggestions please??

Ask a Question / HELPP - Random Spawning
« on: December 07, 2012, 08:46:16 pm »
(My game is an overhead view game where a scene is an entire map and the camera follows the player around) I made a player controlled actor, and some enemies that freely walk around the map, when an enemy kills the player, he is randomly spawned somewhere on the map. Usually works great until he spawns inside of a line of tiles or square of tiles and looks like he can move but as soon as I try to move, the .swf is frozen and must close. Any random tips or solutions would be greatly appreciated ::) ???

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