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Hey, Pinball Clash got a Crazygames release today:
It'll be exclusive for 2 months, after which I'm planning to release on Gamedistribution and VK.
Please let me know here if you encounter any issues or have suggestions for the game.
Thanks folks!

Hi folks, I'm finishing Pinball Clash, a fast-paced two-player pinball game:
It's a little game planned for release on a few HTML5 game distribution portals in May / June.
Would be cool if you could give it a go and let me know your thoughts!
Suggestions and criticism are highly welcome :)
I'm also collecting anonymised analytics on game difficulty (using the Google Spreadsheets extension).

Hi all,
I'm looking for an experienced Haxe & JS programmer to walk me through integrating the SDK into my Stencyl HTML5 game. You can find the SDK info here:
As for the format - ideally a voice chat with a screen share. I have no idea how much time this is going to take, probably a couple of hours. I have a few years' visual programming experience in Stencyl but I'm not a professional programmer. Paid by your hourly fee.
Please send me an email on or DM in Skype (dtishin) if you're interested.
Thanks very much!

Shared Resources / Re: Luyren's Miscellaneous Behaviors
« on: October 02, 2020, 04:13:35 pm »
Hi Luyren, I'm refactoring and redesigning my game (, with the save system as a major task.
I'm currently building it myself with the standard blocks, but I just bought your Miscellaneous resource pack and it seems very interesting for my runtime-created actors.

1. Can "Save Actors" behaviour be used for storing the actor info between game launches, together with the "normal" game attributes for which saving has been set to "enabled" (predefined by user)?

2. If so, how exactly do I trigger the "save" events in my actors? Or everything is saved automatically every cycle, as long as the Scene Save boolean is set to true?

3. Are relative attributes also saved correctly? E. g. I have a global hashmap salvable attribute called "selected hero map" that basically points to another hashmap attached to a hero avatar actor. Will loading all the respective actors using your behaviour, and loading the saved "selected hero map" attribute using the "load saved game" block keep that link between these maps?


Great news, looking forward to the release!

This is extremely valuable information. Thanks for your whole thread!

You're welcome! What kind of devlogs would you like me to post more?

Cave background for the combat mode in Fireside Hero.

Grass / forest background for the combat mode. No lava this time! ;)

Do you like this lava more Luyren?

It seems to somewhat improve performance but I'm not 100% sure.
I'm not a programmer, so I imagine operations like "send actor to layer with name" involve extra memory for rendering if you do them "always" but I may be totally wrong. I'm sure Justin can clarify this... 

- Chatted with Justin; it seems that most functions such as switch animation, send actor to layer etc, have a built-in check to avoid unnecessary memory load. So most likely it was a miss on my part...

- Still, even if not for performance reasons, handler events improve code structure, because you have all object changes of a certain type in one place. E.g. my sound handler always remembers the previous music track when the music is switched; this way when I close the main menu the game plays "the previous" track (whatever that may be). Implementing this without the handler event would be messy.

- Also Justin mentioned something I did notice in Fireside Hero: Moving a lot of actors forward / back a layer may slow down performance, since in this case the engine cycles through all the scene layers to find which one is the target. 

They look good. My only issue is with the lava one. If you google lava, you'll see a bunch of images. Lava is more of an orangy-red with a lot of yellow in the center (more like fire-color), so I think you could try something more akin to that, instead of the pink-ish red you got. I'm also not a fan of the blur effect you added to what I think are pools of lava.

Thanks Luyren. The reason for the pinkish colour was, I wanted the hue of the background to roughly match the hue of lava terrain on my adventure map, so I coloured the mountains accordingly then proceeded to experiment with the ground. And then found that the orange / yellowish doesn't go well with with the mountains, so I harmonised it all to roughly one hue (red) :)

But you absolutely have a fair point there, I'll tinker with colours and see what works better!

I find this interesting! Is this improving the performance? wow. Only if in always?

It seems to somewhat improve performance but I'm not 100% sure.
I'm not a programmer, so I imagine operations like "send actor to layer with name" involve extra memory for rendering if you do them "always" but I may be totally wrong. I'm sure Justin can clarify this... 

Adding backgrounds for the combat mode in Fireside Hero.
What do you think?

Quote from: Bombini
All debugging should be disabled yes. What would you like to send?

Since killing the app on ESC is not a bug, nothing at the moment!

Hi again, I get a runtime crash when I Start a game -> Exit to menu > Select New Game -> See warning about existing game -> Press Escape.

By the way, is Visual Studio / hxcpp debugging disabled for your public builds, or it only works on the developer's machine? I wanted to send more info but it doesn't allow to Break the execution.

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