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For me it always happens when i make a new stencyl game, and forget to change the bundle id to something new.

so i figured that on my device there is already a build where i used:  com.yourname.gamename
Might even be a stencyl 2 build with that bundle id. Maybe it wouldnt know how to overwrite a stencyl 2 build?

I found out this happens when the bundle identifier is the same as in any app that is already on the device. -> change bundle identifier -> clean project -> build again. -> works.

Abandoned Bugs / AMDeviceInstallApplication failed: -402653114 [NME bug]
« on: October 25, 2012, 12:05:23 pm »
Testgame with Xcode 4.5 runs fine on device.
But upon setting up a new Game I get "Build succeeded", and then:
[LOG] [ 85%] PostflightingApplication
[LOG] [ 90%] SandboxingApplication
[LOG] AMDeviceInstallApplication failed: -402653114

Testgame is the only game i can run on the device, simulator also fails...

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