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Chit-Chat / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: January 23, 2015, 03:42:41 pm »
Yo, I'm superBlast and I have absolutely too much time on my hands (Nobody wants to hire me for a job and already completed highschool. A NEET for the anime inclined lol) that I decided to try my hand at making games... again... tried before with RPGmaker years ago until I got bored... and no longer felt like finishing my first game even if I tell myself that I'll do it someday lol.

Now found out about stencyl after having a game I wanna make thought up. Though I figure my game would far to much for someone just learning so I plan to make a bunch of random, simpler, yet complete games until I feel ready for it lol. (And I'm not touching trying to make a match 3 game for a long time... everything I do goes horribly wrong lol... except the title screen...)

My only worthwhile skill is making forum siggy pictures from photoshop by editing already existing pictures and I'm not particularly skilled at it either lol. So.... really not much to work with there :P

Currently all I know about Stencyl is what one would get from going through Abigayl's tutorials on the Stencyl TV section.

And.... guess that's about it? Not really expecting much from my game making endeavor but who knows maybe this'll be something I won't get bored with doing for once lol.

Yeah something like that... though never played it either lol. But pretty sure same concept lol.

So.... I decided to try making a match three game for my own idea for a first game attempt and... well not as simple as I expected >.> Worst thing I'm not even on what I thought would be the hard part lol.

What I need help on is I'm trying to fill up the screen when the game starts with blocks and I decided to use regions because not using actors as spawners will help reduce the awful lag I have (the 10x10 playing field doesn't help matters lol).

Problem I ran into is regions seems to only work with either a specific actor and not just anything... preferably a whole group. And then I also need to tell the scene to stop spawning blocks since the regions are all at the top of the columns. Anybody out there who can help?

Oh yay, That worked! Thanks for the help. Now back to learning how this program works~

So... I'm trying to follow part 6 of "Abigayl's Interactive Tutorials" and ran into a problem.

I'm at the part where I need to return to the start of a loop after manually checking if this actor these events are in touched the player... or atleast I think that's what's going on?

Anyways when I go to try and attach the "Return to the start of loop" thing where the picture in the turturial says to put it... it not attaching. Figured it was a bug at first but after seeing if anything else would attach they would.... just not "Return to start of loop".

So I'm thinking I'm doing something wrong but I have no idea at this point because... I'm sure I'm trying to attach it to a loop... heck I even got the same event attached it an earlier part!

The red line in the screenshot is pointing to where I'm trying to attach the event at.

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