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Chit-Chat / Re: Copyright Discussion
« on: March 25, 2015, 12:07:11 pm »
Look this got pretty heated quickly. The reason I jumped to my own defence is because it felt like I was just outright being accused of doing something which is deliberatly misleading, dishonest and wrong. I took this very seriously - because as you say other people, and people I may want to work with are going to read these posts and not get a very pretty picture.

I have a friend who is an IP Lawyer and I just spoke to him about all this and I said it felt like a little bit of a knee jerk reaction and a bit over the top. Although I didn't explain about the mask, I forgot, although to me that is probably the biggest issue - although we did talk about using images of people in the public domain - he thinks there isn't a big problem here. Same goes for the photo's in the background - although and it has to be said - he hasn't seen the images or the originals.

The game is still in its early, early stages and probably won't ever get released - after this debacle I'm thinking about shelving the whole thing. I was genuinely stressed, not at the idea of being sued (although I don't want to be sued for anything), but it puts a big shadow over my ethical outlook . As I said before I generally have a jokey, not to serious attitude, it might rub people up the wrong way, but I am not a stupid person. I wouldn't look at someones game and nick anything. I said I nick, cheat and borrow but mainly I was talking about the behaviours codes which are all there for anyone - and which I was going to put a rather nice credits section in my game - saying this wouldn't have been possible without. Point being if I released this game it would all have been above board, I post a few photos of a work in progress made up with some material that I admit isn't mine and... How many of you now are testing code or level design with' borrowed bits'?

The main lesson I take on board is keep your head down, don't joke about anything in case it gets misconstrued and keep a lawyer mate nearby. I'm sorry this kicked up such a beep storm - I appreciate advice and help - I really do. I'm going to leave it at that - I've got stuff to do.

Chit-Chat / Re: Copyright Discussion
« on: March 25, 2015, 08:30:56 am »
Fair enough. 

I just want to know one thing how come I get in the neck when there are so many Mario, Sonic, Link, Metroid clones?

I mean copying a game format is pretty much unavoidable, but there are games and resources on Stencyl that directly copy platforms, sounds and graphics from other games. These are assets which have no originality and copy extremely well known trademarks in multi-million pound franchises. Nobody thinks twice about testing their game using these assets? I use two whole photographs and portions of a photograph which could have been taken by anyone including me and get jumped on, when I am using them for exactly the same reason. I'm not saying two wrongs make a right but can't you see a massive inbalance between reactions?

I guess what I'm saying is I misunderstood the law on this, I thought that some common sense must come into play. And as I've said before in the art world this isn't something new and with digital technology is going to be increasingly hard to protect copyright anyway whether we like it or not. I didn't intend to cause harm, or upset anyone, I certainly wouldn't have set out to rip someone off.  I just wanted to experiment and create something new and different - guess I should have just used a Mario clone and a few Mario platforms and everything would have been ok?

Chit-Chat / Re: Copyright Discussion
« on: March 24, 2015, 07:45:41 pm »

Chit-Chat / Re: Copyright Discussion
« on: March 24, 2015, 07:09:09 pm »
I wrote a response - several and deleted them. I got CC and fair use a bit confused. I think this article highlights my dilemma:

Now, as far as I am concerned what that means to me is if I use a picture of Miami or London that I did not take in the final version - I can use something that is  permission sought and credited - which everyone knows. Once the final piece was completed (and I felt worth release) I was going to reference, credit and gain permission of anyone that it was required and remove stuff I couldn't do that with. I say I nicked, cheated and borrowed all the time and there is some truth in it, but not to the extent that I want other people to see their own work and therefore see it as a copy, or, in any way more than deciding I wanted to make a game about robots after watching Terminator. I want to be proud of my work even if the majority of people think its awful.

I joke and come across as flippant, I don't know the law inside out, but I do know stuff like this has been done before, perhaps not in computer games - but - its a new dawn. And actually as a creative person I know all too well what it means to want to protect your rights to work. I also understand that work builds on existing material and is fluid and open to experimentation and so that shouldn't be stifled outright. Do you see where I am coming from? So hell yeah, when more than one man and his dog gets to see this, if ever, it's going to be rock solid on the copyright front.  For the sake of visually showing the technique and testing it in a game, surely any sane person can understand the difference? I guess I am trying to say I am not a thief or unoriginal, but I need to be allowed to play and experiment and if the law doesn't defend that at some point - then it pretty much sums up what is wrong with big industry and law generally! As for the 'independents' who produce photos, games, scripts the law should protect them even more - and I wouldn't want to screw over a fellow in the same boat as me. So I guess - trust that I have some integrity and honesty.  I still haven't explained that correctly, but it will have to do because I can't leave the comments as just: "Don't steal alright?" - because this is the only time I have tried to do what I am doing with images, is not representative of my work or working practices or morals. It's just a thing I was trying and I wanted to communicate it with people who might be up for an original project.

By the sounds of the problem you just need to create  a new animation frame / box in Stencyl. Under your current anims on Stencyl is an add and remove button - add another pane and load the sprite sheet in again. Is that what you meant?

LOL - well let's see how it turns out! ;)

OK lol- will do! ;)

I've already given myself a big plate of stuff to be getting on with tomorrow, but I'll try and crack on with it in the next few days.

I'll do an example of what we can get, then once we've agreed it would be good to have a nice clean, good copy of your logo. For the time being I've just screensaved a copy and put in paint, but once we find a method that works - we'll make it as nice as possible - or give it a good shot. It's not something I've tried yet, but was something I was planning on giving a go for other things - so be a good task for me!

I could mock up a wmv  format quite easily I think on my vid editor. You could then if needed extract the individual images from the film once the rendering has done it's work. I was thinking about doing this on a few of my games. I guess you could do it in code, but because I am more about visuals than numbers it would be my prefered way of doing it. I also like doing things via the shortest path whenever possible, which is why coding is so hard for me. ;)

Chit-Chat / Re: Copyright Discussion
« on: March 24, 2015, 02:35:28 pm »
I'm not a legal minded person. As best as CC worked under my understanding is that all material is free to use as long as it is for educational or non-profit purposes something in the public domain or used in a non-conflicting, non-competative way, but like I say I take the point on. Most of anything that might suffer from copyright is instantly replaceable or going to be transformed to such an extent that it will be original anyway, but thank you for the heads up, something to consider!

Chit-Chat / Re: Copyright Discussion
« on: March 24, 2015, 12:04:07 pm »
Yes, you're right in terms of using other peoples images. I was hoping it wasn't obvious. The background photographs in the one game are taken from a  google search. They are the only images used unaltered. For that one game that I think you are talking about the style was supposed to take real images and blend it in with hand drawn to create a specific look.  As I wasn't intending to sell that game I was hoping it would come under Creative Commons and there is nothing there I couldn't go out and photograph myself (or recruit people in far away places like Miami or Newyork where some of the level are to be set) and in some cases might get better images for the purpose, All the cartoony stuff is mine (and anything with the cat is all hand drawn). Main character is not supposed to be wearing the V for Vendetta mask, but until I have got permission off the person it's supposed to be - it was an appropriate substitute and can be swapped replaced in a short space of time. I never got Jeb Bush's permission to use his face either, or a whole host/ cast of other real people. I drew the body and animation though - and am seriously considering drawing cartoonised versions of the head, although the idea grew from using real images.

So yeah although people weren't supposed to be able to tell the individual components that make up the whole, I take on board it might upset some people. This wasn't supposed to be a cheat on the art, as such, but a style I actually wanted to try and for that initial test there's about a billion images online without even putting my shoes on and grabbing my camera lol. The big question is - does it work on any level at all?

Also lol, what is the game about? What's to be animated? Is is just the companylogo?

Can you not import actual video through flash or something? I know it might sound daft, but if there is no interaction with the intro I'd be tempted to draw the assets as in a game and then animate them in a video editor (possibly via a screenrecorder first).  I guess it all depends on how long or complicated you want it to be? You could certainly do something through gifs, but nowadays with long intros I woulda thought a youtube upload would be great because you could promote it that way too!? Am I way off, not what you wanted?

Ask a Question / Re: Pass through floors and walls! Help needed please
« on: March 24, 2015, 09:32:21 am »
Hi Ceosol,

Thank you again for your help.

The Group has variously been platforms, tiles, actors etc. But have rechanged it to platforms which makes perfect sense to me, I've only changed through them in desperation to find something that works.

Anything I changed in Advanced settings I'm pretty sure I changed straight back.

The two extra behaviours (which I will explain in the next paragraph) were both disabled, do they still affect the game after that? Obviously in terms of memory I guess, but any useless code would be removed well before publishing...

As for attributes (which to be honest I have to keep reminding myself how they work) it began with the ones that were originally downloaded in the code. I've just replaced them (with the originals from the pack) in two places that I think are a problem and know have been changed, mainly they were changed because I was guessing they had to reflect the name of the animation...?
Again it was initially tested as provided because a lot of the other more basic behaviours just worked straight out of the box - lol - and trust me I don't change much once something works.

By following your observations I can get the character to stand on the blocks, which I've managed before, but the blocks kill him once he tries to walk through them. In other tests I've managed to make the blocks change animations I know because I had one as black and the other as pink in other tests once he walks near them.

Long story short I found another passthrough block code (called the Easisest way to jump up through platforms) during all this which has behaviours called Gravity and Gravity2, which worked fine in the downloaded game. Put the behaviours in mine and nothing, so I began rewriting them as they were with what I thought were some logical additions (ahem) which is what the additional behaviours are.  This is partly how I got myself in a mess, because it seemed there must be something so simple and basic messing this up. One behaviour which I cannot see any point in that I'm thinking is part of the problem is the On Ground behaviour. What does this do that doesn't happen in other behaviours anyway? I know for a fact when I first started the game most of the basics such as walking, jumping, stomping etc worked without it. I only added this behaviour because so many other people had it and it was mentioned in relation to the pass through code.

It's getting silly how confusing this is getting. I'm going to start a completely new game, chuck in all the behaviours re downloaded in their original glory and just see if I can get this one aspect working - and I might have a better idea what I've done wrong. I'm sure it's something simple and it's just this idiot at the keyboard who is cocking something up. ;)

Thank you again for your help, sorry this must be a real pain trying to helpa complete noob!

I thought I might be able to help with this, but not so sure now. However, and this is really basic, but when ever I am having graphics programmes incompatability (Gimp is a nightmare for me because it always wants to save in its own format) I simply take a screen shot copy and paste into paint, tweek it a bit and save it as a gif or PNG.

Working in PNG or gif I create a sequence of sprites all placed correctly for animation to prevent jumping (usually I put them in comic book panels - which I remove once finished - to retain their animation position). Then I load the whole file each time and choose the right animation frames by just deleting the spare. This way you only ever need to look for one sprite file and it takes moments to multi- select the ones you need to delete. That's working in png mostly - so yes, if you can get it in a png state you like enough thats the way I work! I don't know much about adobe flash, but I would like to start presenting more of my work in vectors rather than bitmaps for the zoom in / out function it would allow...

Ask a Question / Pass through floors and walls! Help needed please
« on: March 23, 2015, 10:46:53 pm »
Hi all,

Some very nice people have been trying to help me via personal message on this one. Ok I am not hot at 'coding,' even with Stencilys brilliant simplified system - but I have got a basic platformer working using the behaviours and attaching them to actors etc. It's been going fine - only I wanted to be a bit more imaginative and decided I wanted my characters to be able to jump up through platforms and walk through them. In this case it is to allow them to walk through things like low level window sils and jump up on them. It's become crucial to my overall style game play and design, but do you think I can get it to work?

Following are some screenshots to give you an idea of what we are talking about here Thank you for reading:

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