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I updated the OP to keep things current.

Thanks, have fun with it.

Any chance you'd be up for looking into the other requests in the thread? Would be appreciated :)

The orientation extension works really well, great work Squeeb and Robin!

iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Yo! Let's UP
« on: April 16, 2017, 03:27:42 am »
To be honest I wasn't expecting Yo to do as well as it did so I didn't really bother with a dev log or getting press (though I should've!). I think Pocketgamer wrote a review but TouchArcade didn't.

I don't really have advice for people outside of "make a good game and hope for the best"

iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Yo! Let's UP
« on: April 10, 2017, 09:08:51 am »
yup. it's at something like $40K by now.

iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Yo! Let's UP
« on: April 10, 2017, 04:40:29 am »
haha glad you like it, I always do that :) The music is triggered on the main menu so it never re-triggers while the game is going, just loops. i think it would be super annoying if a song restarted every couple of seconds if you died early a few times in a row!

iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Yo! Let's UP
« on: April 10, 2017, 02:26:49 am »
There are features like screen recordings and airdrop sharing. Custom extensions on Stencyl??

Both ReplayKit and Simple Share are extensions that have been available for a while :)

Are you going to announce your streams here as well? I'm not checking into facebook very often and don't use twitter, but I'd love to watch your stream!

if you make games you should really use Twitter, I cannot stress enough how much twitter is THE social / networking tool for game developers.

Looking good, excited to see where it goes!

So icloud is cross-platform between android and iOS (and anything else)?

iCloud is iOS only. It's cross device syncing, not cross platform. 

That's a cool idea in theory, but it would be a gigantic waste of time for most games, definitely for mine. Nobody would actively press a Cloud Save button and then input a nine digit number on another device to restore the hats they unlocked XD

The way iCloud syncing works is all data gets saved, and when a player grabs another device that is logged into their iCloud account (which like 90% of them are by default), it loads the data. The sync button itself essentially just logs people into their iCloud account.

If I were to implement a cross-sync function, it'd have to require zero effort from players to succeed.

Having values become cross platform (flash-mac-pc-ios-android) simply takes having a server and sending/retrieving the values. Just like in most games with a "cloud storage" option, you can have a button to upload - its sends the data - then open it on any other device and download the data.

I appreciate it, but how would you do that for a million players?  I don't think I have the chops to make these requests happen myself, which is why I made this thread instead of asking for help in making them myself :)

You seem to have a good grasp of the technical knowhow, feel free to give it a shot yourself if you're up for it.

- Sync support (iOS / Android): The ability for games to sync progress between devices. Technically I would accept any option that allows players to sync progress on either platform but obviously iCloud-based would be highly preferred on iOS. Note that I'm not talking about restoring purchases, I mean that if I play a game on my phone and then open the same game on another device, I have the same score and unlocked characters etc available.

Been getting a lot of requests for this one in particular, so *bump*

My last game did p well so I'm willing to pay good money for any of these. $100 - $250 range, more if you can make a case for it. Also ok w making them public , that's up to you as the creator if you want to keep it exclusive or sell it to more people or put it out there for everyone to use, I'll invest in it regardless.

Chit-Chat / Re: Apple Feature & No. Leaderboard players
« on: March 13, 2017, 02:54:00 am »
I thought a game wouldn't be featured with stuff like these. I guess I'm wrong. The game crashes a lot on my iPhone 5S. It even resize at times to an extend I just can't play. May be that's one vital reason?

It happens! Most games initially ship with bugs that don't come to light until they're exposed to a big audience, that's just the reality of making games.

App preview videos are p important, though I don't have hard numbers on that. It's just a convenient way for people to see the game in action and make up their mind if they want to bother with it.

The leaderboard thing... I don't know why it is the way it is. Sometimes it takes a while to update and show the amount of players, maybe it's to do w people who play offline, maybe some people never make a Game Center account at all? I've no clue, but it's never completely accurate.

This stuff, probably :)

package react.native.orientation;

extern class Orientation {
   public static function getOrientation(cb:Dynamic->OrientationDirection->Void):Void;
   public static function getSpecificOrientation(cb:Dynamic->SpecificOrientationDirection->Void):Void;
   public static function lockToPortrait():Void;
   public static function lockToLandscape():Void;
   public static function lockToLandscapeRight():Void;
   public static function lockToLandscapeLeft():Void;
   public static function unlockAllOrientations():Void;
   public static function addOrientationListener(cb:OrientationDirection->Void):Void;
   public static function addSpecificOrientationListener(cb:SpecificOrientationDirection->Void):Void;
   public static function removeOrientationListener(cb:OrientationDirection->Void):Void;
   public static function removeSpecificOrientationListener(cb:SpecificOrientationDirection->Void):Void;
   public static function getInitialOrientation():OrientationDirection;

@:enum abstract OrientationDirection(String) {
   var Landscape = 'LANDSCAPE';
   var Portrait = 'PORTRAIT';
   var Unknown = 'UNKNOWN';
   var PortraitUpSideDown = 'PORTRAITUPSIDEDOWN';

@:enum abstract SpecificOrientationDirection(String) {
   var LandscapeLeft = 'LANDSCAPE-LEFT';
   var LandscapeRight = 'LANDSCAPE-RIGHT';
   var Portrait = 'PORTRAIT';
   var Unknown = 'UNKNOWN';
   var PortraitUpSideDown = 'PORTRAITUPSIDEDOWN';

Good stuff! Squeeb is working on it anyway so maybe they'll use this info to make something happen :)

Creating a Near Real Time Multiplayer game is really advanced stuff with a lot of challenges.
A good multiplayer game uses a server that runs dedicated software = specific for ONE game.
All position based objects are calculated on that server so everyone looking/playing the game gets the same data.
As this is not something that I wanted I looked into other things. A local WIFI system:

Below is a clip of my console/controller system with which a couple of games have been successful during a test-drive.
One of the devices acts as a server and other devices can be used as controllers to control the console.
It waits launch by my business partner to make it into something that can be used by multiple developers

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Currently I’m working on another system that allows multiplayer without a shared device on the premises. But as I mentioned this
is a lot of work to get right. I’m working towards a system where one of the devices acts as a server, but also if that device lost connection that another system can take over the server-aspect of the game.

Once I have something that works for my needs I could team up to see if some of your games could use the same system.

I understand that this one is a tall ask, and it's cool to see you tackling it!

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