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I really need to localize an app made with Stencyl.

I had both the app text and the app description translated by a professional translator and I am using a piece of code found around in this forum to show the correct translation depending on the user's device language setting.
It works just fine and my game is already in the stores.

The problem is in the Apple App Store my game shows only English as a language, because the game languages depend on the ipa setting and apparently Stencyl does not allow to modify it in its setting.

Is there any way to add a language to my IPA setting without using xCode?

If the only way to get it is making it in xCode, please can you explain me how to install Haxe and what I have to do to add a localization in xCode and to export an IPA from xCode?

Thank you a lot!

Bug Archives / Problems to install Android apps.
« on: November 17, 2015, 05:07:26 pm »
Until about a week ago I had no problem to test on Android or to export and install my game on my android device.
Now I can't neither install it with the cable nor install it from a dropbox.
It works fine on iOS and Flash.

Here attached you can find my logs.

I am on build 8734, Android minimum version 19 - 4.4 and Android Target version 19 - 4.4, I have manually updated Android SDK and I am using a lot of patches (Have all these already been integrated in a build?):
- a tools.n modified by @Justin (downloaded here,43462.15.html)
- a modified by me AndroidManifest.xml to prevent the auto-rotation as suggested by @Jon
- a by @robinschaafsma to prevent errors in full screen mode

Probably I have recently updated Java.
Please, help me to understand where is the problem.

Fixed Bugs (3.x) / no 3x for bitmap fonts
« on: July 07, 2015, 05:00:15 pm »
I am still having  this problem: I've ticked project scale 3x and device scale 3x. I've saved, closed and reopened it and I've got an error "Encountered errors while building your game".
Checking my game folder I've noticed that Stencyl has generated the 3x version for "normal pngs", but it has not generated the 3x version either of the bitmap fonts pngs and of fnts files.

Unchecking the 3x setting, solve the problem, but I would like be able to use 3x scale.

I have already reported this problem long time ago: (,37679.msg212954.html#msg212954)

My app is sett in portrait.

My aim is to make a correct working accelerometer behavior and I have noticed that my ipad and galaxy tablet have different accelerometer orientation: i.e if I rotate the ipad to the right objects go right and if I rotate Galaxy Tab right objects go left.
The ipad accelerometer axis are oriented like in the Stencylpedia, while the tablet has the x y axis rotated; in fact the ipad has portrait as default orientation while the Galaxy Tab has landscape by default.
Unfortunately not all of Android devices have the same default orientation.

I would need to determinate the default orientation of the device or at lest I would need to get the tablet  model...
Has somebody already solved this problem?

Many thanks!

Ask a Question / Record your own voice in Stencyl?
« on: April 23, 2015, 09:49:01 am »
I would like to allow my players to record their voice while playing my game. 
Is there any way to do that in Stencyl or using extensions? The game is for iOS and Android.


Bug Archives / Concave Regions don't works
« on: April 22, 2015, 08:57:11 am »
Stencyl allow to draw concave regions and it shows them correctly, but it does not use them: it uses big rectangular shapes instead. I'm on 8283 build.
Please, see my attachment.

Suggestion Archives / Is not a bug, but...
« on: March 25, 2015, 03:43:47 am »
...I can not understand way collision shapes do not follow their actor when it is attached to screen or have a scroll factor not = 1.
Although collision shapes work deliberately in this way, it really causes many problems to solve in my game exactly as it was a bug...

Is my game an exception or everybody would prefer to have shapes always following actors by default? It would be really fantastic for me!!!!
Have you any plan to make it possible?

Bug Archives / Bug in layers scroll factor
« on: March 18, 2015, 07:17:16 am »
I don't understand how layers scroll factor works, probably there are problems in its setting.
If you change the setting using arrows, you get decimals values but you are not able to really apply these values.
What is really strange in that setting is also that decimals are written with a comma (e.g. 0,97 like in German, Italian, French, Spanish) instead of the usual English dot (e.g. 0.97), which is the Stencyl standard, I think.  ::)

Bug Archives / Bug switching layers
« on: March 15, 2015, 04:19:39 pm »
I've read that the March 13, 2015 (customer only) build solved an error when switching layer.
I am using the March 14, 2015 build (8264 customer only)... But unfortunately it seems that the new build has still big problems when working with layers.
In my game, switching layers in the Scene Designer Page is still not useful: I can move actors up and down in the layers order with no any result in the exported iOS/flash file.

We described this problem also here:,39595.msg223608.html#msg223608

(I've opened a new topic, because I am not sure somebody noticed that we were reporting a bug... Sorry for that, in case, please, moderate or move my topic  :D ).

Ask a Question / A way to set only the fonts in HD?
« on: January 06, 2015, 11:27:35 am »
Do you know how to set only the fonts in hd, I mean, for example, how to use the @2x version for normal actors and the @4x version only for font pictures on ipad retina?

I would like to not export in hd, because I prefer to keep my game light, as the difference is not really noticeable.
Only in the case of text I can actually appreciate the difference between hd and not hd; so, if there is some way to set only the fonts in HD, that would be great...  :D

 ::) Due to my low experience, I am not sure whether I have the Dialog Extension correctly working and how to set it. I’ve read many times the "get started” file and Data Structures Post, but I have not understood what I have to do after that...

I’m sorry for disturbing you again and again, but I can’t avoid to ask very stupid questions:

1) Is this (please see attached DiaogScreen1) enough to have either Dialog and Data Data Structures Extension enabled? If not, how can I enable also the Data Structures Extension?

2) If I try to cancel something I added to the data structure, for example a window, I get an “Unexpected Error” is this normal (see attached log-1 and DialogScreen2)?

3) Which fields have I to fill before? For example: I would like to choose a transparent image as a background for my window, but how and where can I choose it? I’ve created a style, a window, a “scaling image” and a tween in my structure, but although I have many pictures in my game, I have not any picture to choose as an “image” in my drop down menu yet… How can I import images to the extension (DialogScreen3)?

4) Which Data Structures fields have to necessarily be filled? I mean, can I for example not have an image as a “scaling image" for my window? Or not have a "Message Start Sound”?

5) It looks like I could cancel some fields by the “Structure Editor”… Can I really cancel the fields I don’t need? I’ve tried to do so but I’ve made a mess  ;D

6) Is there a way to import the setting of your Sample Game in my game? It would be very useful for me to get started…

Sorry again, I can imagine these are quite disconcerting questions, but I’m lost and I can’t answer by myself.

Bug Archives / Add 3x graphics does not work
« on: December 29, 2014, 01:29:41 pm »
In my game I have imported every pictures in hd (@4x scale).
Now, I'm trying to add 3x graphics to it using setting/advanced.
I've ticked project scales 3x. I've saved, closed and reopened it and I've got an error "Encountered errors while building your game" (see attached logs).
Checking my game folder I've noticed that Stencyl has generated the 3x version for "normal pngs", but it has not generated the 3x version either of the bitmap fonts pngs and of fnts files.

I get "Computer Version Mismatch" error every times I try to test the Dialog Extension Sample on my iPad.
When I test it on the iOS simulator it works but not as expected, as I've already told in another post (,26279.msg210485.html#msg210485).
This is happening to me from two weeks, I noticed it first time on the 7973-4 Build, when I was not even able to test it on Android. I had this problem either on 8026 and on 8046.

Please, tell me if it is something I can/should solve by myself...  ;)
What is strange is that I have no problem to test my own game on my iPad, even if the Dialog Extension is enabled, provided I do not touch any field of the Extension.
If I try to actually use the Dialog in a scene, that scene crashes, but it doesn't show up the "Computer Version Mismatch" error...

I don't know what is happening now on Android, because I have not a device anymore.

I would like to be sure to have everything running well on my Mac/devices, so that if my game crashes, it is only because of my mistakes. :P

@Justin, sorry for posting it here, in case it doesn’t depend of Dialog Extension, please move this topic in a more convenient area.

is there a way to send the text a layer back or to modify its z index using Dialog Extension?

I have a picture which, when clicked, should drop down and partially cover either my text and game. So I would like to anchor this image forward and the text backward.

I have already put the picture on the higher layer, anchored it to screen and given it an hight z index...

What is the maximum as a z index? If I know it, I maybe can set my picture at the maximum in the z index and not worry about the text z index.

Ask a Question / Do every 4 seconds slide Actor to... What is wrong?
« on: October 28, 2014, 04:46:48 am »
Hi, in my game I have a truck and a the picture of a landscape.
The truck is static and I'm trying to slide the landscape to left, so that it looks like the truck is traveling to right.

I'm using the behavior here attached, but sometimes, especially on iphone simulator, it looks like stopping for two-three seconds.
Changing the sliding time from 3.99 to 4, or to 3.999 seems to make the problem worst.
What is really strange is that this pause seems quite casual.... ::)

I'm sure the solution is very simple, but i can't understand what is wrong and what I should check :-(
 Please can somebody help me?

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