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Ask a Question / How to do X, Y and Z only once in a region?
« on: June 03, 2015, 06:38:44 am »
I'm struggling to figure out how to have my actor do a few things only ONCE while inside a region.  Here's the basic idea ...

When actor enters region
      Set attribute A to True
      Set attribute B to False
      Set x-speed of actor to N

That works as it should when the actor first enters the region ... but when I then try to move that actor outside of the region it's now in ... attribute A gets set to true again, attribute B gets set to false again, and the x-speed changes to N again.  I guess what's happening is that those things continually fire until the actor completely leaves the region.  Actually, it's preventing the actor from being able to leave the region. Hope that makes sense.

How can I have those things happen ONLY the first time the actor enters the region? Then ignore any of those changes while the actor is in the region and only fire again if the actor completely exits the region and then enters again. Sure would be nice to have a block to "disable region while actor is inside". And then "enable when the actor exits".


Ask a Question / How can I TOTALLY stop an actor from moving?
« on: April 29, 2015, 02:22:38 pm »
This bug might just send me over the edge! I feel like I've tried every possible solution to fix it, but it never completely goes away.

Here's a basic description of my game. The player hits a ball. Ball has a round collision shape. It bounces and rolls up and down angled tiles and flat tiles until it eventually comes to a stop on a flat tile. Well, but it sometimes doesn't totally stop! The closest I can get to making it sorta-consistently stop is to check for the x-speed to be less than 1 and the y-speed to be 0 ... if so, I then set the x-speed to 0 and the y-speed to 0. I also set the turning speed to 0. This works sometimes. But it also doesn't work sometimes. Grrr. It definitely visually appears to be stopped ... but I'm printing the x-speed, y-speed, and turning speed so I can see the true values ... and one or more of those sometimes goes bezerk with HUGE numbers like 1.637374647485757e-17. And those numbers change constantly forever!

I've even tried wacky things like removing the round collision shape when x-speed and y-speed are at and/or below certain numbers and replacing the collision shape with a square. But that does weird things too.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Surely someone smarter than me has already figured this out. It's probably something very simple, but I just can't seem to find it. Please advise.


Ask a Question / iOS 8.3 support?
« on: April 08, 2015, 12:29:19 pm »
iOS 8.3 literally just came out ... so i know Stencyl won't be ready to support it today ... but how soon can we expect an update to support it? thanks!

I have a scene with 7 layers. I place tiles on each of those layers where I want them. Looks fine until I test on my device. Some of the layers (and all tiles on those layers) are relocated to the top left corner of the scene ... while the rest of the layers look correct. When I look in Stencyl ... the tiles on ALL layers still look correct ... until I close the scene and reopen it. When I reopen it, those tiles also now appear in the top left corner. WEIRD!

This is driving me crazy. Any ideas for getting around this bug until Stencyl can release a bug fix? This is a major hurdle that pretty much stops my design and development until it's fixed.


Suggestion Archives / Setting to show/hide iOS status bar
« on: July 10, 2013, 07:28:03 am »
Can you please add an option in Game Settings to allow me to show or hide the iOS status bar in my app?  Thanks!

Bundled Behaviors / On Screen Button still gets stuck
« on: July 05, 2013, 09:52:30 am »
FYI ... the 3.0 update on June 15th fixed the On Screen Button getting stuck ... most of the time.  But it still happens every once in a while.  I can't figure out how to consistently reproduce it ... but it definitely happens.


I'm brand new to Stencyl ... so I only know the basics so far.  I'm looking for a template or tutorial I can study to learn how to make my first app.  App idea ... I'd like to create a pixel art app where the user can open a tray on the left 10% of the screen in landscape mode.  That tray would contain a number of colored blocks.  When the user taps a block, that color now becomes active and the user can draw blocks of color in a grid in the other 90% of the screen.  As in a block-by-block drawing sort of app ... to create pixel art.  Does anyone have a tutorial or a sample Stencyl file they'd be willing to share to get me started?


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