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Right, thanks for the response.

This is what I'm working with, now. It seems to be working.

But... It will generate say, 4 times. Then it will have a 2-3 second pause, before generating the next combination.

I've got it so that when the squares are always active - but get killed when they leave the screen.

^ Not sure if that has anything to do with the lag?

Ask a Question / How to randomly switch the spawn points, of two actors?
« on: February 18, 2014, 09:24:07 am »
Hey guys, it'll probably be clear from my image what I'm attempting to do.

I want to interchange the spawn points for both actors.

So, sometimes blue square will generate on the left and the cross square will generate on the right. The other times the blue square will generate on the right and the cross on the left...

As you can imagine, I've tried this formula - they're both generating. But not switching positions...

Help will be much appreciated!


Ahh, right.

It works, now.

Many thanks!  8)

Hey, I'm having quite a bit of trouble at the moment - in terms of assigning certain behaviours etc. to Actors.

I'm wanting some of my actors to move in a certain direction. Then, when they didn't. I looked at the Events coding and noticed that the Actors that I had named Actor 2 and Actor 3 are now like; Actor 2 3 and Actor 3 4.

Can anyone explain why this is happening?!


Many thanks!

I'll give it a try, now...  :D

Hey, I'm wondering how I would go about putting in a control button.

Where I'd click the button, once to move left. Then, click the same button again to move it right - and back and forth (Like in Ninjump).

I know how its done with different buttons, obviously. But, doing it by just using the one button is confusing me quite a bit...

Any help would be massively appreciated!  :-\


Hey, guys.

I was wondering. When you upload a game to the Android market or iOS.

If you're wanting to include in-app purchases. Would you have to run the game off one of your own servers; or (if the game is small enough). Use Google's Free bandwidth, that they offer when you upload your game?

I'm really confused by all this.

Just wondered if someone could explain it, better.

I'm unsure whether it would be worthwhile adding in-app purchases, to my game. Or to just include ads.

Can anyone help me out with this?  ::)


Ask a Question / Re: Angry Birds style camera pan - but vertical?
« on: January 20, 2014, 01:51:57 pm »
That's my plan.

However, what I'm wanting is to not be able to see both actors on the same screen.

You see the first actor (not the second), to begin with.

Then it pans down to the second actor (making the first go off the screen).

I'm wanting to know how to elongate the screen's height - without distorting the frame, when it's exported to flash/mobile. I've tried keeping the width to one of the custom widths, then increasing the screen height. But, I get black bars on each side when I preview in flash.

Any ideas?

Hey guys. Not sure if I'm able to explain this correctly.

Basically, you know at the beginning of an Angry Birds level. The camera shows the objects that you're supposed to hit - then, pans back to the birds and slingshot.

Of course, this is fine when it's on a horizontal plane. As you can easily add in columns in Stencyl.

However, if I were to make a game using similar camera movement in the beginning - only starting from the top of the screen and scrolling down to the target. I've found that I'm not able to add in any rows - and if I were to make the screen's height larger, it messes up the display.

Does anyone have a solution to this? As I want to make it as tidy as possible.


I haven't touched Stencyl in a while. So, I was just wondering what the chances of being able to make a game like Boost 2 would be - using the Stencyl software?

Is it possible, or would I have to go with Unity instead?

It worked!

Thanks a lot!  :)

I've assigned Temp as a number attribute.

But the 'Increment' function wont let me change the 'Number' option.

This is where I am currently;

It's not giving me the option to increment 'temp' by 1.

It only says 'Increment Number by __' and I'm not able to change 'number' to 'temp'  :(

When I try running it with 'Number' I just get an error message.

I've tried doing this as a Scene Behaviour and as a Level Event - with no luck...

I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about;


Is there a way of getting this effect in Stencyl?

Thanks in advance!  :)

Resolved Questions / Re: Game with a falling player
« on: June 12, 2013, 02:25:46 pm »
Ahh, my bad.   :-[

It just didn't to change the length of the first scene. Only additional ones.


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