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Ludum Dare 32 / Freddy's Challenge
« on: April 18, 2015, 03:03:32 pm »
Hi there!

Just a quick warning: Freddy's Challenge is NOT complete, but it is playable. I hope you will still take a look at it since I spent a lot of hours on this game! There are a lot of things that are missing so I will try to fill the missing parts with a short description. If you have any question, feel free to ask!

Play it here!

You play as Freddy, a storyteller who loves stories. No matter how hard he tries, he can't create an original story. One evening he falls asleep and when he wakes up, he finds himself in a mysterious cave. The only thing he finds in this cave is a pencil. Help him find the way out of the cave!

-Arrows or AWD to move
-Spacebar to attack

The game has no instructions nor suggestions! (I didn't have time for them) If you get stuck, this are some suggestions:
- The first level/cave/dungeon to explore is the brown one.
- The second level is the white/grey one.
- After you beat the first level, you can move blocks if you attack them.
- After you beat the second level, you can double jump.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this gif!

Ludum Dare 31 / The Last Panda
« on: December 07, 2014, 07:24:05 pm »

The Last Panda

Hidden somewhere in the Great Wall, there is a secret room for an even more secret treasure. Ghosts are everywhere: they want to get their hands on our treasure, but you must stop them, whatever it takes. You are our last chance, you are our last panda!

- 70 stages!
- 8 types of enemies.
- 8 type of bonuses.
- A cute panda!

- Arrows/WASD to move an d jump. You can also double jump!
- Z/M/spacebar to attack.
- 1 for sound/music on/off.
- P to pause.

This is my first Ludum Dare and I enjoyed it a lot. I wanted to add a lot of things to the game, but since this is my first time participating, I wanted to enter the compo. I didn't have much time to test all the 70 stages and balance the difficulty. Any feedback is much appreciated!

Ask a Question / MOVED: need lot of help to put the pub with mob ad
« on: September 18, 2014, 01:56:08 pm »
I am moving this topic to AdMob for users who will eventually have this issue.

This topic has been moved to AdMob.

AdMob / [iOS & Android] AdMob Extension [3.0]
« on: July 05, 2014, 07:42:55 am »
Disclaimer: This is a third party extension and is not officially maintained by the Stencyl Team. The AdMob support that is officially included in Stencyl only supports banner ads.

The new AdMob Extension for Stencyl 3.x!

The AdMob Extension [2.1] has been downloaded more than 1,000 times and there are more than 10,000 views in the AdMob Extension [2.1] thread alone! To thank you for all your support today I'm very happy to announce the AdMob Extension 3.0 for Stencyl 3.x!

What is it?
This is an extension for Stencyl 3.x that lets you use the AdMob Ad Network without a single line of code!

Key Features
- Cross-platform extension! Works on iOS and Android!
- [Improved] Easily integrate AdMob Banner Ads!
- [Improved] Easily integrate AdMob Smart Banner Ads!
- [Improved] Easily integrate AdMob Interstitial Ads!
- [NEW!] Full control over your AdMob banners!
- [NEW!] Basic control over your interstitials/fullscreen ads!
- [NEW!] Google Play Services SDK to provide compatibility across all the Android devices!
- [Improved] Latest AdMob SDK for iOS (6.9.3)!
- Supports Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread), 4.0.x (Ice Cream Sandwich), 4.1.x ~ 4.3.x (Jelly Bean) and 4.4.x (KitKat)!
- Supports iOS 6.x and iOS 7.x!

AdMob Documentation
I have written a guide for this extension and I strongly encourage everyone who wants to use it to read this guide as it contains a lot of information about how to use this extension. You will find step-by-step instructions on how to configure your AdMob account, detailed descriptions of every block of this extension and useful tips and tricks you should learn to increase your revenue! Please note that this guide is not complete as it is a work in progress. Any feedback is much appreciated: if there are any errors, paragraphs that need improvements and suggestions, feel free to tell me about them!

How to download this extension
At the end of this post you will find:
- a .zip folder which contains the extension. Do not unzip it!
- a .pdf document which contains the AdMob Documentation.

How to install this extension
Here you will find clear instructions on how to install and update an extension:  How to install and update an extension

If you were using a previous version of this extension, backup your games before installing this new version. This new version contains new blocks and existing blocks may require some changes in order to work.

Support me!
This is a completely free extension and it will always be free! If you wisely use AdMob and with a bit of luck, you will be able to monetize your free games and start to earn some money even with a simple game like Floppy Birds Seasons or My Critter or an app like Cheat Codes for GTA 5.
If you feel like you want to thank me with a cup of tea click on the button below to donate. I want to remind you that this is a completely free extension, so you can download and use it for commercial purposes without any donation!

(NOTE: Payments are processed through PayPal. You can use your PayPal account or your credit card to make a donation.)

Note: requires Stencyl 3.3
Download Admob Extension

Feb 3rd:
          Added 64-bit support to iOS (thanks to robinschaafsma)
July 6th:
           AdMob Extension [3.0]: Missing "".
July 5th:
           AdMob Extension [3.0]: Initial Release.
           AdMob Documentation [3.0]: Initial Release.

I would like to be able to set two different icons, one for iOS and another one for Android. The main reason is that when you submit an iOS app or game, it must have a square (no rounded) icon according to Apple's App Store guidelines. Apple will round the corners of the icon for you. Instead for Android you can submit a square, a circular, or even a triangular icon and create transparency effects, drop shadows, etc etc. As of now every time I want to publish to iOS or Android I have to remember to switch the icon according to the platform I want to publish to.
Is it possible to have two different settings?

Extensions / Virtual Joysticks Extension [3.1]
« on: February 20, 2014, 12:54:26 pm »
Virtual Joysticks Extension

This is a completely new extension for Stencyl 3.x that lets you implement virtual joysticks in your games without a single line of code!

**EDIT by robinschaafsma**
I have update the extension for Openfl (deleted all nme), this extension is working properly.
I have make a example game, to let you see how to set up the Joystick properly.
Also a new extras folder is available for download at the bottom of this post.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Download the example game from StencylForge or at the bottom of this post.

A WIKI page is available here:
I try to update this page when i have the chance, input is welkom.

**End EDIT by robinschaafsma**

Key Features
 - Cross-platform extension: use the same blocks for different platforms and screen sizes!
 - Choose between static and relative joysticks!
 - Add as many joystick as you want to the screen!
 - Easily customize each joystick in a different way!

 - [Improved] Add new static joystick
 - [Improved] Add new relative joystick
 - Remove joystick
 - Get distance/direction of joystick
 - Set/Get joystick position
 - Set/Get inner/outer radius of joystick
 - Always hide joystick when touch/mouse is released
 - Set default joystick direction
 - [NEW!] Set/Get touch region for relative joystick
 - [NEW!] Set joystick image at runtime
 - [NEW!] Set pressed/released joystick transparency
 - [NEW!] Joystick is pressed

To Do
- Set joystick image
 - 2 ways joystick (see example game by robinschaafsma)
 - 4 ways joystick (see example game by robinschaafsma)
- Set/Get touch region position
- Set/Get touch region width/height
- Set default non-pressed image transparency
- Set default pressed image transparency
- Set image transparency
- Joystick is pressed/released
 - ...

You can read more detailed explanations for each block in the documentation attached below and I strongly suggest you to do so!

PLEASE read the documentation I wrote for this extension and do NOT skip the installation chapter! This extension requires an "extras" folder with your joystick images inside. Instead of creating a new "extras" folder you can download, unzip and use the "extras" folder I have attached below.

Help me test this extension!
Creating a true cross-platform extension isn't an easy task when you have to imagine every possible scenario and you have so many variables (screen sizes, aspect ratios, mobile vs desktop, operating systems ...), so help me test this extension!

Share your opinion!
Do you have an idea for a useful block? Feel free to post your opinion and help me improve this extension!

Support me!
This is a completely free extension and it will always be free!
If you feel like you want to thank me with a cup of tea click on the button below to donate. I want to remind you that this is a completely free extension, so you can download and use it for commercial purposes without any donation!

(NOTE: Payments are processed through PayPal. You can use your PayPal account or your credit card to make a donation.)

- August 31th 2015: [Fix] Getter blocks not visible.
-  August 24th 2015: NME to OPENFL; [Fix] Default direction. (by robinschaafsma)
 - August 1st 2014: [Fix] Default direction block doesn't work properly.
 - July 14th 2014: Major update [2.0].
 - February 20th 2014: Initial Release [1.0].

Fixed Bugs (3.x) / actor.enableSmoothMotion() bug
« on: December 02, 2013, 07:49:16 am »
I have just tried actor.enableSmoothMotion() in an almost blank game and I am experiencing something that seems to be a bug.

In this game I have a square that slowly goes from x1 = 600 to  x2 = (0 - self width). When it reaches x2 I set its position to x1. I want the square to go from the right to the left side of the screen so that when it disappears from the left side it appears again from the right side. Now the problem is that I can clearly see the square going back from the left side to the right side if I use actor.enableSmoothMotion(). Everything works as expected if I don't use actor.enableSmoothMotion().

I have created a simple test game to show this bug.

EDIT: I used Flash Player to test.

Extension Ideas / [iOS & Android] WebViews (in-app browser) [OBSOLETE]
« on: November 20, 2013, 09:33:41 am »
Webviews for iOS and Android (in-app browser)

This is a new extension for Stencyl 3.x that lets you create webviews for both iOS and Android devices. Now you can open a new link inside your game (for example you want to show something cool on your website: a new game, some news, future updates) without leaving the game and open the browser application.

UPDATE: As of July 20th (2014) there is a new version of this extension (1.1) with a lot of bug fixes and support for different screen sizes and ratios! If you are using this extension, I strongly recommend to update it to the latest version. You can download the new version of this extension below (it is attached at the end of the post).

Click here to learn how to Install or Update an engine extension.

 - Create webview with url: [ ] width: [ ] height: [ ] at (x: [ ] y: [ ]).
 - Hide webview.

Works on:
 - iOS 6.x and 7.x (iPhone and iPad)
 - Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread), 4.0.x (Ice Cream Sandwich), 4.1.x - 4.3.x (Jelly Bean), 4.4.x (KitKat)

Feel free to post your suggestions!

Support me!
This is a completely free extension and it will always be free!
If you feel like you want to thank me with a cup of tea click on the button below to donate. I want to remind you that this is a completely free extension, so you can download and use it for commercial purposes without any donation!

(NOTE: Payments are processed through PayPal. You can use your PayPal account or your credit card to make a donation.)

Let me know if everything works as expected!

Extensions / [iOS] Local Notifications and Alerts [DEPRECATED]
« on: November 16, 2013, 10:49:35 am »
Local Notifications and Alerts for iOS Devices

Hi everyone!

I think that local notifications are very important because they remember to users that the developer would be very happy if they play your game once more. So I have created an extension that lets you schedule notifications that will be displayed even if your app has been put in the background.


 - Schedule new local notification.
 - Set icon badge number to
 - Increase icon badge number by
 - Decrease icon badge number by
 - Show alert with title and message

This extension is OpenFL and iOS 7 ready.

(Update: Download the 64-bit compatible version)

(Update 2: This is now deprecated in favor of the new version, which works on iOS and Android.,42719.0.html)

AdMob / [iOS & Android] AdMob Extension [2.1] [DEPRECATED]
« on: November 10, 2013, 11:59:37 am »

AdMob Extension for Stencyl!

A new version of this extension is available here. The AdMob Extension [2.1] will no longer work from August 1st. Any game using this extension and published before August 1st will continue to work and receive ads, but any new game published after that date will require the new version of this extension.

What is it?
This is a whole new AdMob extension that lets you use the AdMob Ad Network without a single line of code!

Key Features
- Cross-platform extension that works on both iOS and Android!
- Easily integrate AdMob Banner Ads!
- [NEW!]Easily integrate AdMob Smart Banner Ads!
- Easily integrate AdMob Interstitial Ads!
- Latest AdMob SDK for Android! (SDK version: 6.4.4)
- Latest AdMob SDK for iOS! (SDK version: 6.6.0)
- Supports Android 2.3.x or higher!
- Supports iOS 6.x or higher!
- iOS 7.0 ready!

AdMob Guide
I have written a guide for this extension and I strongly encourage everyone who wants to use it to read this guide as it contains a lot of useful information about how to use this extension. Please note that this guide is not complete as it is a work in progress. Any feedback is much appreciated: if there are any errors, paragraphs that need improvements and suggestions, feel free to tell me about them!

Sample Game
If you want to take a closer look at how this extension works, you can download the sample game I have created. It shows how to use the provided blocks and you can play with them to see what changes. If you want to test the AdMob extension on your setup, please use this sample game: you can help me a lot with testing, so feel free to report any bug you find!

How to install
If you go under Settings > Extensions, in the top-right corner there is a "Install Extension" button. Click it and choose

This warning is for everyone who had access to the beta of Stencyl 3.0. If you installed the official public version of Stencyl you don't have to worry about anything.
 --> This extension works only if you have a version of Stencyl 3.0 Beta Nightly (OpenFL version). This extension does not work with Stencyl 3.0 Beta Stable (NME version)!

- AdMob Extension for Stencyl
          April 11th 2014: Small fixes
          November 28th 2013: [NEW 2.1!] AdMob Smart Banners and small fixes
          November 10th 2013: [2.0] Initial release
- Guide for AdMob Extension
          January 12th 2014: New chapter "Tips & Tricks", Smart Banner description, small improvements.
          November 10th: Initial release (not complete)
- Sample Game for AdMob Extension
          November 10th: Initial release

Extension Ideas / Building an extension for iAds
« on: May 09, 2013, 03:27:17 am »

I'm trying to understand how to create iOS libraries for extensions. Before trying to create a real extension, I wanted to learn something more about iOS and I created a project on Xcode. In just a day I created a project that is able to display iAds on iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPad's screens, both portrait and landscape with the banner that adjust its width and height automatically. Today I started to work on an extension for Stencyl, but it seems I am doing something wrong when trying to run the "build" script.

Actually I didn't run that script, I have just modified it and copied the modified file in the Terminal. This is my script:

mkdir /Users/user-name/Desktop/Simone/Programmi/StencylWorks-full/plaf/haxe/extensions/ads/ndll
mkdir /Users/user-name/Desktop/Simone/Programmi/StencylWorks-full/plaf/haxe/extensions/ads/ndll/Android
mkdir /Users/user-name/Desktop/Simone/Programmi/StencylWorks-full/plaf/haxe/extensions/ads/ndll/iPhone
haxelib run hxcpp Build.xml -Dandroid
haxelib run hxcpp Build.xml -Diphoneos
haxelib run hxcpp Build.xml -Diphoneos -DHXCPP_ARMV7
haxelib run hxcpp Build.xml -Diphonesim

I think that the problem isn't with the script itself. When I try to run it in a original ads extension, it works and creates all the libraries. but when I try to run the same script inside my extension it doesn't work. There are lot of pages filled with what I think are errors and these are the last lines:

/Applications/ error: expected declaration before end of line
Called from ? line 1
Called from BuildTool.hx line 1310
Called from BuildTool.hx line 580
Called from a C function
Called from BuildTool.hx line 617
Called from BuildTool.hx line 748
Called from BuildTool.hx line 782
Called from BuildTool.hx line 200
Uncaught exception - Error : 1 - build cancelled

My project is running fine in xcode without a single error or warning. I copied the .m and .h files in the extension and ran the script. I had to modify the source code of the .m file because it was giving me some errors when trying to run the script (the modified file still works in xcode), but after resolving those errors (which outputted only a few lines in the terminal when trying to run the script), a lot of new errors came up. While the first errors were related to the .m file, the second ones are something completely out of my reach. I would like to know if there are relevant differences between building something with xcode or with the "build" script.

Thank you!

Update 1

How I solved my problem

Actually I didn't solve my problem. I restarted the project from the beginning and now I am getting no errors. There are some differences between this new project and the original one, but I still don't understand why I didn't succeed in compiling the first one... (Restarted Xcode? Restarted the computer? Other?)

My new issue

Now I am facing a new strange issue: the extension I am working on seems to be working well except for the fact that the banner won't show up. In the Xcode project everything works ok, both in portrait and in landscape, while in Stencyl there are no errors, but there are no banners as well!...

I tried to isolate the problem and filled the code with NSLog(), but I couldn't find anything... In both Xcode and Stencyl, the first thing to do is to create the "bannerview", then place it properly (hidden outside of the screen), then wait for an ad to be loaded and move the banner in the right position. When there are no ads, the banner has to be hidden (Apple's policies). As I said, everything works well in xcode and the logs tell me a lot of information about what is going on. The fact is that also in Stencyl everything seems to work well: the logs tell me that the bannerview is created, positioned in the right place, waits for the ad and, when the ad is loaded, it moves in the right place. The problem is that I see no banners... How is that possible?

I would be very happy if someone could enlighten me on the matter. I am running the game on the iPhone Simulator with iOS 6.1 (in xcode it works well both with iOS 5.1 and 6.1).

Update 2

Hi, I'm here again! I continued to work on this extension and I'm glad I made some progress. Now I am able to make a banner appear, but there are some orientation issues... My guess is that there is something that is not working as it should in Stencyl's implementation of Haxe NME, but I could be wrong since I am a beginner (and I hope I am wrong).

In portrait mode, everything is working as it should on the iPhone. The problem appears when I test the extension in landscape mode where ad banners appear at the wrong position and orientation: they appear just like when the game is in portrait, but with the iPhone in landscape mode. At first I thought I was making some kind of mistake somewhere in the code and I decided to make some researches on the matter. While reading I found an interesting thing: even if the iPhone is in portrait mode, if the game is designed to use a 480x320 (width and height) screen, the iPhone simulator automatically rotates to use landscape mode, but the game still thinks that the iPhone is in portrait mode. So basically the iPhone simulator shows an iPhone in landscape (you can pull down the notification center from the longer, 480px, side), but if I ask to the game "what's your orientation?", its answer would be "portrait".

So I did: here is a part of the code in Ads.hx.
 if((Stage.getOrientation() == Stage.OrientationLandscapeLeft)||(Stage.getOrientation() == Stage.OrientationLandscapeRight))
        orientation = 0;
else if(Stage.getOrientation() == Stage.OrientationPortrait)
        orientation = 1;
And even if the game is in landscape, "orientation" is always 1, which means that the game tells me it is in portrait. Moreover if I try to get the screen width and height they are switched (if the game were in landscape, they would have been switched, but if it is in portrait they are fine). What I am trying to say is that eben if the game looks to be in landscape, it is only a "masked" portrait mode.

At the end of the post there is an image that shows the ad banner placed at the wrong position, so you can understand better what is happening. As rob1221 suggested, this orientation bug (if it exists) can be the reason for Game Center bugs, which are, as Jon himself stated, a mistery.

I have also updated the extension folder (zip) at the end of the post.

List of possible causes:
 - iOS Simulator running an old version (4.3)? No, Simulator version is ok.
 - X and Y coordinates are different between Xcode and Stencyl?
 - Possible orientation bug in Stencyl's implementation of Haxe NME?

I have attached three files at the end of the post:
 1) The Xcode project (Look for the and the Ads.h files).
 2) The extension folder (Look for the differences with the Xcode project: just a line of code).
 3) A simple test game (Touch the screen to make the ads appear/disappear).

Thank You for reading this long and probably boring post!


AdMob Extension

Hello Everyone!
I'm very happy to share a new AdMob extension! From now on, you will be able to monetize your Android games and applications using AdMob banner advertisement.


- AdMob banner ads: feel free to place them on the top or on the bottom of the screen, in landscape or portrait. Chose between 6 (six!) positions!

- Simple to use: show and hide the banner whenever you want with a single block, so that you don't have to redesign scenes to place a banner;

- Seamless integration: the extension shares the same blocks previously used by AdWhirl!

I have just created a Beginner's Guide that covers everything a beginner should know about Admob and its integration in Stencyl. Feel free to tell me if there are errors and if you need a more clear guide. Read this guide to understand how to implement ads in your game!

Now I need you help! Help me test if this extension is working as it should and feel free to share your opinions!

I would also like to say that you shouldn't expect to become rich with AdMob: if you have a great game in your hands, it makes almost no difference if you use AdMob or you sell your game. My opinion is that AdMob is a great chance to get noticed (free downloads can be 10~100 times paid downloads!) while making some revenue. Once you get noticed you will be able to cross-promote your games to multiply downloads!

A big thank you to runimals for sharing his (her?) experience!

Downloads (see attachments):
- ADMOB ADVERTISING for the Beginner's Guide;
- AdMob for a sample test app (game folder);
- for the extension.

Thank you for reading this post!

Known Issues:
- When you close and reopen your application, the advertisement banner disappears and won't show up again. Third party? Still investigating...

[April 16th] New Version! (v1.1)
 - [New!] You can now download a sample a test app;
 - [New Feature!] Now you can place the banner in six different positions (Bottom-Center/Left/Right and Top-Center/Left/Right);
 - [New Feature!] Now you can initialize AdMob whenever you want;
 - [Change] This extension isn't using the AdWhirl Setting page for configuration (it may be confusing);
 - [Change] The Beginner's Guide (Chapter 5: Configure "Ads Extension") has been updated for v1.1;
 - [Change] The Beginner's Guide has a new Chapter: Tips & Tricks;
 - [Change] The Beginner's Guide has a new Chapter: Sample Test App;
 - [Fix] Banner position was always Bottom.

Resolved Questions / Game of the Month and Kickstarter
« on: March 01, 2013, 05:58:12 am »
May I make a suggestion? I think that competition is a great thing when talking about creating games so I had an idea.

I think that it would be great if Stencyl (when 3.0 is released) organizes a competition once every month (or every two months or every 100 days). The prize could be a subscription for a year or the opportunity to let Stencyl organize a campaign both on Kickstarter and Indiegogo for the game.

- Competition = Better games
- Better games = Stencyl gets noticed
- Stencyl gets noticed = More users
- More users = More subscriptions
- More subscriptions = More money for Stencyl
- More money = Better tools
- Better tools = Happy users
- Happy users = More competition
- More competition = Restart adding "more"

Stencyl will only need to prepare the campaign with the material (description, images and video) of the winner's game given by the the winner himself/herself. The campaign will be under Stencyl name and connected  to official facebook, twitter band google+ accounts.

I am saying this because starting a campaign with a more and more famous name will be the best option for us users and because a lot of stencylers don't live in the US (which is a requirement for starting a project).

Feel free to write what you think about this idea!

iPhone / iPad / Android / Goomy: Journey to the Rainbow Land! [Test ads]
« on: February 16, 2013, 07:08:11 am »
Goomy: to the Rainbow Land!

Edited on 30/04. I am really happy to introduce my new game: "Goomy: Journey to the Rainbow Land!" on Android!

Link to the Play Store for more images and a video:

Lately I have been testing some extensions I created. In particular they are the AdMob Extension and the Chartboost Extension. I consider this game the final test to check that they are working. While the AdMob extension is already available (check my recent posts) I am stll considering if it is worth creating an easy to use Chartboost Extension. Please help me check if these extensions are working as expected! I will report data from AdMob and Chartboost so that also you can understand better something about these networks.


Who is Goomy? Goomy will be our cute little monster we have to guide all through the game, isn't it cute? It has the ability to jump, double jump and attack, and it can do all these things at the same time while rolling, rolling and rolling! Well, actually its secret ability is to continue to roll without getting a severe headache... :)

Moreover Goomy has the ability to change its form: even though we weren't able to identify its nature, so far we know that there are at least nine different forms of this strange creature! Try to get'em all!

Where is Goomy going?

Although we have no certainty, ancient legends tell us of a mysterious Rainbow Land where little round cretures will find their happiness, but unforeseen dangers await those who dares to reach it... Help Goomy find the Rainbow Land!

About the Game

"Goomy: Journey to the Rainbow Land!" is a new kind of game that innovate the endless runner genre: while keeping the old endless running mode, a new adventure mode has been added! This new adventure mode is composed by six levels and each of them takes place in a different world! So what is the difference between endless mode and adventure mode? Huge enemies, of course!

  • New game genre!
  • 6 + 1 action packed worlds!
  • 9 different characters!
  • Lot of Powerups!
  • Huge Enemies!


Link to the Play Store for more images and a video:

Thank you for reading this post!

Completed / Using Open URL to rate an application
« on: November 29, 2012, 03:57:43 am »
Hi there!

Someone has already suggested to implement a "Rate My Application" system using an alert that prompts the user to rate an application. It is very important to get reviews so you can be noticed both by Apple (and get featured) and by other people out there.

Searching on the web I think I found an easier method that requires only an Open URL behavior that has to open this link:


Where *********** stands for your App ID.

So the only thing you have to do is open this link that automatically sends the user to the Rate My App page on the App Store. You can attach this behavior to something the user wants to click such as a button that gives the user a gamecenter achievement.

Is it possible to open a link like this using the Open URL behavior in Stencyl?

Thank you!

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