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Game Ideas / Central theme ideas.
« on: February 08, 2013, 07:55:05 pm »
So I think it'd be cool to make a game by starting with a central theme, or an aspect of our world/society  to show, build the mechanics around that, and then build things like look, setting, narrative, and characters around the mechanics.

So, any ideas for what to show about our world?

Game Ideas / Would this be makeable and playable?
« on: November 07, 2012, 08:27:57 am »
I'd just like to ask a quick question first: How much data is stencyl to download? At the moment I've got a limit of 12 gig per day.

A game I'd like to make one day is a birds-eye-view RPG where you play a foreign agent sent to a state to assassinate a general, then evacuate before the assassination is discovered and all the exits get closed down.

You would have time limits, but the time wouldn't pass on it's own, it'd be a resource you could spend or gain at various menus.

You'd have to spend it to take out-of-town paths and roads, wait 'till night or day, gain money, eavesdropped clues, and access to places through employment, make things in shops cheaper through bartering, craft items, and do anything else I care to think of.

Time could be gained by completing sidequests that speed up, or increase the resources to be gained in, the coming invasion, or by sending reports on the intelligence and tools you've gained and might use to take down that general.

There would be many tools, maps, and bits of intelligence to buy, steal, find, or make, and many ways to complete the main quest, which would all only use a fraction of the tools and info that can be gained.

The foci of gameplay would be investigation, exploration, planning, deception, a bit of simple combat requiring preparation and dirty tricks to survive, and maybe some stealth.

I'm considering setting it in the Mortal Engines universe, in a small traction city which  in the past was a town which got swallowed, but subverted Municipal Darwinism by conquering the city that swallowed it, thanks to the badassery and strategic brilliance of the target general.

You'd start in the Great Under Tier (the gut) disguised as an old-tech scavenger, and would have to gain access to higher tiers of the roughly pyramid shaped city in order to reach the markets, the airship ports, the general and so forth.

The above concept would probably be very complicated and unsuitable as a newbie project, so I'll take the crash course and try to get some XP first, but I'd like to know if it's practical with the resources available in stencyl, and whether it sounds worth playing once made.

Also does anyone have any good ideas for names? Hopefully something sincere avoiding the words Quest, Mission, Ninja, Agent, or Assassin.

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