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Hi, has anyone come across any tutorials or app kits for making education games using stencyl. Please share any resources or links. Thanks.

Hi Innes and Jon,

I just bought your new book 'Learning Stencyl 3.x Game Dev: Beginner's Guide' (the iBook version). When I tried to search Stencyl Book Monkey character file in StencylForge - I got no matched result. There is only one Actor Type availble which is called Monkey by Jackv24 and certainly not the one used for the book.

I was very disappointed upon failing my very first and SIMPLEST journey reading the book and wondered how such a glitch can go along with such a great guidebook by experts like you. As a newcomer, I already feel the negative side of throwing my trust into a tech resource too quickly.

Two-thumbs down from me...

[EDIT by Innes: changed the subject title to reflect the relevance of this topic to Stencyl 2.2 users only]

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