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Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: Anger on the Street
« on: June 28, 2013, 08:48:42 pm »
Nice job, Munguia, you gave the AB-type games a new feel. Love the art too ...

Chit-Chat / Re: Ghost Song
« on: June 28, 2013, 12:54:17 pm »
This is an amazing game - art, gameplay, all fantastic!

Thanks for your response to my question, guys! I'm really interested in making educational games like the hit games - Math Bingo ( and Alphabet Bingo (, but just don't know where should I go from in Stencyl and which behavior(s) I should start with.

Other good examples I would like to follow are:

Hope this time I'm more specific than before. Any suggestions or directions will be highly appreciated.

Hi, has anyone come across any tutorials or app kits for making education games using stencyl. Please share any resources or links. Thanks.

Hi Innes,

I removed my review of the book on Amazon, since all the .stencyl files are now accessible by importing into v2.2.

Thanks again.

Thank you so much, Innes, for your clarification on the issue I raised. i also feel thankful for your willingness to help out all v2.2 users like me who want to make the best use out of your book. Although I cannot get the resources from StencylForge using v2.2, I can still import all the book's source files (.stancyl files) that I downloaded from the publisher's website (thanks to rob1221's advice) into v2.2. The first couple of them work just fine.

I thank you again for your quick response and those thoughtful solutions you just laid out. The book is an invaluable asset to the whole Stencyl community.

I do see that option, and my version is 2.2.0(b502) the newest 2.x version available, but running anything but 3.0 prevents me from seeing certain resources they put in 3.0 StencylForge - that's my understanding.

Thank you all for your quick responses, folks. First of all, sorry for bringing Jon into this and your right the book has nothing to do with him.

Secondly, in an early chapter of the book it says 'In order to follow the game dev tutorials in this book, only the FREE version of Stencyl is required ..." Now considering v3.0 is only available to paying subscribers as of today, so my take is that the book is only useful to that group of users. Maybe that group is substantially growing, but how could you publish a book intended for general users (also don't forget the subtite: BEGINNER' GUIDE) but only to target a special group. Also, not sure how many true BEGINNERS are willing to pay $79/yr just to get to learn some basics out of the book.

My comments don't tarnish the quality of the book, and no doubt it's the first one which provides in-depth hands-on guidance for using the whole system. But my suggestion is why not publish it until 3.0 is fully released to public and has a real FREE version to go along.

I downloaded the source files from the publisher's site as you (Justin) suggested, but all those .stencyl files cannot be opened in v2.2 and the character graph file is still not included.

Looks like I have to put the book aside until 3.0 is fully released.

Hi Innes and Jon,

I just bought your new book 'Learning Stencyl 3.x Game Dev: Beginner's Guide' (the iBook version). When I tried to search Stencyl Book Monkey character file in StencylForge - I got no matched result. There is only one Actor Type availble which is called Monkey by Jackv24 and certainly not the one used for the book.

I was very disappointed upon failing my very first and SIMPLEST journey reading the book and wondered how such a glitch can go along with such a great guidebook by experts like you. As a newcomer, I already feel the negative side of throwing my trust into a tech resource too quickly.

Two-thumbs down from me...

[EDIT by Innes: changed the subject title to reflect the relevance of this topic to Stencyl 2.2 users only]

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