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Resolved Questions / Prevent splash screen from scaling [SOLVED]
« on: June 24, 2015, 07:48:17 am »
Hi everyone,

Is there a way I can manually add splash screens to iphone 5 6 6+ phones?
i tried manually replacing them in the games folder, but they keep regenerating... and they look pixelated and very low quality


iPhone / iPad / Android / Bubs - Survival of the Biggest [iOS]
« on: June 23, 2015, 02:49:49 am »
Hi Stencyl!

Just launched a version of my game based on some characters i created "Bubs" on itunes a couple of days ago.  I'd like to get your opinion on it.
Also would be nice to leave a review if you liked it.



let me know what you think!
Have a great day :)

hi all

i followed all the instructions for building a 64 bit extension.. I even took a ready made one and tried to rebuild it
sometimes it outputs everything perfectly and i even use the rebuilt extension (like i did when i updated and fixed the notifications extension)
other times it doesnt work properly!! absolutely random!
So when it's not working properly, it outputs the correct ndll files but the libnotifications.iphoneos-64.a is identical as the libnotifications.iphoneos.a even with the same size etc. so it gives an error in stencyl
i notice that the libnotifications.iphoneos-64.a is always bigger usually.

i really didn't change anything, it just randomly switches from working properly to not.

so when i delete the obj folder.. and it regenerates it i notice there is no iphoneos-64 folder (when its not working properly)

any ideas why that's happening?

Hi everyone!

I use http requests a lot in my game to fetch and send data to my server.
I use URLLoader but it is still laggy specially with slow internet connection.

I stumbled upon this openfl project which solves exactly the problem I am facing.

Does anyone have an idea how to use that in a stencyl extension or something?

Thank you!

Ask a Question / Music stops playing when game is launched iOS
« on: June 10, 2015, 05:49:39 am »
Hi guys,

Is there a solution to the problem of the music stopping when the game is launched on iOS?
It seems like there should be a simple solution for that.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Guys,

I get this error since upgrading stencyl from 3.0 to 3.3... so the game runs of the simulator but i can't view the logs. Any ideas how to fix this?

Code: [Select]
INFO 1429290786363002899 stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler [osascript] 0:39: execution error: Can’t get application "iPhone Simulator". (-1728)


Hi Everyone,

Is it possible to use one scaling method for iphone 6 and another for everything else?
I have managed to force iphone 6+ to display 4x in the Universal.hx
So i know its possible to forcfully change the scale... but im not sure how to change the scaling method..

for example, this is what I added for iPhone 6+:
      if(Engine.isIPhone6Plus) {
         theoreticalScale = 4;
         Engine.SCALE = 4;
         Engine.IMG_BASE = "4x";

but if i add:
         MyAssets.scaleToFit3 = false;
         MyAssets.scaleToFit3 = false;
         MyAssets.scaleToFit3 = true;               
         skipScaling = false;

for iphone 6 nothing happens... the scaling method doesn't change

any ideas?

After upgrading stencyl to 3.3 from 3.0 the game has much more lag on android.. iOS seems fine so far
the game is quite huge, been working on it for a year now, and it was perfectly smooth and efficient on android all along.. so I'm not quite sure how i'm ever going to find the cause (I didn't change anything in the game itself).

Did any of you face a similar issue? or is version 3.3 known to be slow in certain functions or something?

Hi everyone,

Recently i upgraded to stencyl 3.3 so that I am able to build for iOS 64-bit.
I am using 2 custom extensions, one of them I made myself and another is the hypfacebook (which I will try to make work)

If I run the game on the simulator it all builds fine, however if I try to publish a build, i get this error:

In Reverse Order*
Code: [Select]
stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler [openfl] The following build commands failed:
stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler [openfl] ** BUILD FAILED **
stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler [openfl] clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler [openfl] ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64
stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler [openfl]       _main in Main.o
stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler [openfl]   "_hypfacebook_register_prims", referenced from:
stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler [openfl]       _main in Main.o
stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler [openfl]   "_myextension_register_prims", referenced from:
stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler [openfl] Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:
stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler [openfl] ld: warning: ignoring file /Users/Me/stencylworks/games-generated/Game/Export/ios/Game/lib/arm64/libfacebook_ios_sdk.a, missing required architecture arm64 in file /Users/Me/stencylworks/games-generated/Game/Export/ios/Game/lib/arm64/libfacebook_ios_sdk.a (3 slices)
stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler [openfl] ld: warning: ignoring file /Users/Me/stencylworks/games-generated/Game/Export/ios/Game/lib/arm64/libhypfacebook.a, file was built for archive which is not the architecture being linked (arm64): /Users/Me/stencylworks/games-generated/Game/Export/ios/Game/lib/arm64/libhypfacebook.a
stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler [openfl] ld: warning: ignoring file /Users/Me/stencylworks/games-generated/Game/Export/ios/Game/lib/arm64/libmyextension.a, file was built for archive which is not the architecture being linked (arm64): /Users/Me/stencylworks/games-generated/Game/Export/ios/Game/lib/arm64/libmyextension.a
stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler [openfl] ld: warning: ignoring file /Users/Me/stencylworks/games-generated/Game/Export/ios/Game/lib/armv7/libfacebook_ios_sdk.a, missing required architecture arm64 in file /Users/Me/stencylworks/games-generated/Game/Export/ios/Game/lib/armv7/libfacebook_ios_sdk.a (3 slices)

I'm guessing the warnings that lead to excluding the files lead to the error "ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64"
I have rebuilt both extensions and both have generated a the 64 bit file in the ndll folder "libmyextension.iphoneos-64.a".

Did I miss something?
Thanks in advance.

Paid Work / Support HypFacebook for Stencyl 3.3 [200 USD]
« on: February 16, 2015, 05:03:43 am »
Hi everyone,

I really think myself and so many others are really in need for the facebook extension.
This extension was working fine with stencyl 3.0
however since there is no more support for it, it's not working anymore. So what I'm willing to do is pay 200 USD for anyone who will take the SAME extension and all he/she should do is make it compatible with the new stencyl 3.3 and make it compile for the 64-bit iOS versions.

Thank you!

Hi everyone,

Basically it is like the title suggests,
POST date to url, causes crash when the scene changed before data is received (data is received and the behaviour is not there anymore in the new scene)
why isn't this handled? how can i fix this? (stencyl 3.0)


Ask a Question / Foreign Languages - Without adding custom characters
« on: December 26, 2014, 11:22:11 am »
Hey Everyone!

I have support for several languages like japanese, korean, and both chinese traditional and simplified.

I have a font that supports almost all characters in the world (quite big) and realised that i can use it by making the charset custom and adding the characters i use in the game.

So far this worked fine, since I was using a limited and known set of words in the game... now however I need to add the option for users to write their names using any language.

Now for this to work, I need to add all possible characters in all the above languages to the charset. That is not possible, so is there a way of doing so without having a predefined charset?

Thank you!

Ask a Question / Load Image from URL - huge lag
« on: December 21, 2014, 05:50:13 pm »
Hi everyone,

Does anyone else face a this enormous lag when loading a few images from a url? (eg. facebook profile pics)
when i load the image the game completely stops till the images are loaded then it goes on.. this is frankly unacceptable
is there a way to make it not affect the game and not make it lag?



I need to create an extension, but inside I am required to get hold of the currentViewController..
I am not so familiar with how openfl works.. but would this do?
[[UIApplication sharedApplication] keyWindow].rootViewController]

is this the main view of the game?


Hello all,

I have downloaded a ttf font that supports most types of characters including arabic and chinese, but when i set the a label text to string with Chinese characters for example, nothing appears.. only the Latin ones do.
Is there a solution for typing text in different languages?

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