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Paid Work / Support HypFacebook for Stencyl 3.3 [200 USD]
« on: February 16, 2015, 05:03:43 am »
Hi everyone,

I really think myself and so many others are really in need for the facebook extension.
This extension was working fine with stencyl 3.0
however since there is no more support for it, it's not working anymore. So what I'm willing to do is pay 200 USD for anyone who will take the SAME extension and all he/she should do is make it compatible with the new stencyl 3.3 and make it compile for the 64-bit iOS versions.

Thank you!

Extension Ideas / Re: [Unsupported] Facebook Mobile Extension - OpenFL
« on: February 15, 2015, 01:42:38 pm »
I think i'm still in denial!
My entire game (took almost a year to build) is now based on facebook. That's why I never upgraded from 3.0.
Now I cant go on using 3.0 because that won't work for iOS... but if I upgrade to 3.3 facebook breaks, which ruins the game..
So i'm sorry for nagging a little, but I need a solid answer:
Is there ANY possibility to have a facebook login, just to get the access token, in stencyl?

Extension Ideas / Re: [Unsupported] Facebook Mobile Extension - OpenFL
« on: February 15, 2015, 01:12:12 pm »
Ok, let's say I give up on this extension.. which is a disaster in itself..
What options do I have regarding integrating a facebook login feature?

Extension Ideas / Re: [Unsupported] Facebook Mobile Extension - OpenFL
« on: February 15, 2015, 12:56:20 pm »
Ok, I am kind of panicking right now, so Ill ask question! :D
Is there a way to integrate facebook login with stencyl at all other than this?

The extension is working fine on 3.0! Does it make sense that it stopped working for some reason? and that I won't be able to rebuild for 64-bit?

Extension Ideas / Re: [Unsupported] Facebook Mobile Extension - OpenFL
« on: February 15, 2015, 12:28:17 pm »
oh really??
i have stencyl 3.0 and it is working fine with that!
I want to upgrade now so that i can publish on iOS.. I've been working on the game for a year now. Please tell me there's a way this extension will still work..
What is needed for me to upgrade it and make it work for the new stencyl with 64-bit? Do you have an idea? :)

Extension Ideas / Re: [Unsupported] Facebook Mobile Extension - OpenFL
« on: February 15, 2015, 05:33:46 am »
For the 64-bit support, Can't we just re-build the old extension?! Using these instructions:,38276.msg216089.html
wouldn't that work?

actually i noticed something interesting with haxe.HTTP ...
it actually solves the problem.. but in a very bad way. The game is frozen until the line of the callback is called.
Might be useful for some cases though, but not for mine.

I was able to solve it using a long and tedious way, but atleast it doesn't crash anymore.. in case anyone faces the same problem here is a summary:

create an extension that does the call, and stores the result in a variable (map).
in stencyl, call the http function you made in the extension.. and then recursively check if the result is posted every 0.1 seconds or so..
this way it doesn't crash

do this wont be useful..
how about if we use haxe.HTTP instead?

like here:

What do you think?

any suggestions guys? :)

hmm.. i get what you mean, i understand the problem now..

I guess there can be several solutions:
1. if theres some sort of way to add a universal behaviour that doesn't die throughout the game when switching scenes
2. if the listener is not removed if the scene is changed AND a request is still being fetched
3. just have some sort of error handling on the script.hx , so the game doesnt completely crash

do you think any of these is possible?

oh wow, ok I thought this must have happened to somebody before..
maybe the best solution is to do it on the haxe level (or even deeper on the android / iOS level)? as an extension or something.. would that work?

that is what i did,
but comon.. there must be a better way to do this  :D this is extremely bad usability

Hi everyone,

Basically it is like the title suggests,
POST date to url, causes crash when the scene changed before data is received (data is received and the behaviour is not there anymore in the new scene)
why isn't this handled? how can i fix this? (stencyl 3.0)


Ask a Question / Foreign Languages - Without adding custom characters
« on: December 26, 2014, 11:22:11 am »
Hey Everyone!

I have support for several languages like japanese, korean, and both chinese traditional and simplified.

I have a font that supports almost all characters in the world (quite big) and realised that i can use it by making the charset custom and adding the characters i use in the game.

So far this worked fine, since I was using a limited and known set of words in the game... now however I need to add the option for users to write their names using any language.

Now for this to work, I need to add all possible characters in all the above languages to the charset. That is not possible, so is there a way of doing so without having a predefined charset?

Thank you!

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