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Ask a Question / Pseudo Code for an AI driver
« on: December 22, 2013, 04:58:55 am »
I've recently been working on an advanced driving simulation game. The physics contain all elements of race mechanics including but not exclusive to gearing, weight transfer and drafting.

My question is about AI driving. I am not sure on the best way to achieve a realistic AI system for this. I was thinking of having a perfect drive line like in Grand Turismo that the AI will follow but I would just like to hear if anyone has any better ideas of how I could do this.

Ask a Question / Turn based iOS game - Possible?
« on: November 15, 2013, 11:08:20 am »
Is there any way that I could achieve this with Stencyl. I'd like to make a fairly simple turn based game using any method as long as it's working. I am willing to use some code but I would prefer not to. Are there any examples or resources I could use? I've seen objective-C tutorials for this but they confuse me far too much so I could use with some help.

Game Ideas / Draw Something Style Game
« on: November 07, 2013, 07:52:11 am »
I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on how it would be best to make a game like this. I think Stencyl is capable of making a game similar in mechanics to draw something -
- but I'm not completely sure what way would be the best to achieve that.
I know how I could set up the whole communication system but it's the actual drawing bit (and then converting for storage) that puzzles me. How do you think it would be best to do that?

Resolved Questions / Can't build game - Haxe 3.0 is installed on the system
« on: November 06, 2013, 10:01:17 am »
Recently updated to a studio membership and downloaded 3.0 but I'm having an issue when I try to test any game. I have had Haxe previously installed on my system but I have deleted all the files and the error still occurs. I have my log attached if necessary.

Ignoring that, stencyl studio is great, not regretting buying it at all!!

Ask a Question / Copy to clipboard.
« on: November 04, 2013, 11:22:19 am »
I would really like to implement a 'copy to clipboard' script.
I know how to implement the necessary scripts and the needed classes but I have issues using this information. The class used for this is 'flash.desktop'.
1) How would I import this class? I get an error saying that the class can't be found if I try with:
Code: [Select]
import flash.desktop;2) How would I use the script as it won't register that it is valid code?
Code: [Select]
System.setClipboard(_textVar);Any help would be great. I'm sure this would really come in handy for some games so I'll turn this into a behaviour once I find out what's up.

I love encryption, and I mean love. Due to that, I also love the modulus operator as it makes things ridiculously easier whenever annoying people decide to try and break my code. This however also gets on my nerves more than anything else programming related (Yes, even semicolons.....I hate it that much). The modulus operator is truly brilliant.....for positive numbers. Anything else results in pure annoyance for me. And this is why:
Let's use an example of -1 MOD 20:
Try it on Google's calculator - 25
Try it with Visual Basic - Negative 1
Try it with ActionScript - 25
Try it with Haskell - Negative 1
And it carries on like that....
This drives me insane and makes everything I do tougher than it should.
Why can't we settle on maths!?
I'd love to hear what everyone else finds most irritating about programming - Stencyl or Text based languages welcome.

Let the moaning begin....

Ask a Question / Is there any way to define variables on runtime?
« on: October 29, 2013, 11:30:46 am »
This is the one thing that I find tough with using Stencyl - the inability to create variables on runtime. I have so many ideas that I could implement with this ability but I just can't. Any solution - easy or tough - would be appreciated as I can't find an answer anywhere on the forum.

Ask a Question / What exactly is 'Arbitrary Code'?
« on: October 29, 2013, 11:28:48 am »
I've managed to avoid this whilst using Stencyl but I think I'm probably best off understanding what it is now. Stencylpedia has no documentation on it and the web keeps going on about hacking vulnerabilities so I think I'm best off just Code? Thanks in advance :)

Hello everybody! I've got an offer for anyone who is interested concerning building a server based game (such as Happy Wheels) with Stencyl. I have not yet set on a certain concept for the game so the idea is out there for development but I have ideas and I'm quite sure I can implement any idea we have.

About Me
My Credentials
I have been using Stencyl for quite a few years now for all the coding that I have not yet to learn a syntax for. I have been developing with HTML for getting on 4 years now, using CSS and Javascript for 2 of them and recently learning PHP, XML and MySQL (not mastered any yet but I'm working on it)
What can I bring to the game
I have experience and knowledge in the mechanics of servers. I will set up, run, test and secure the server for our game as well as building the site and creating custom events for Stencyl to allow the coder to integrate my code with Stencyl. I have made a quick example of what I can do to demonstrate what I can bring to the team.
I only did this as a short weekend project to show that I'm capable of this so my final work will be tighter, more elegant and impressive than this.
I will also help with errors in code, support the coder along the way on top of building this site and the fund the project, bringing in views, hosting the .com domain and publishing the Stencyl game.

Job 1 - Game Coder
I need a creative, knowledgeable and out-of-the-box-thinking coder to put the mechanics of this game together. I will help you along the way with the more advanced elements of this setup but overall it's down to you.

Job 2 - Graphics Artist
I am open to all styles and types of artists but in the end I need an elegant, stunning game but the actual fine tuning is up to you. You will be working mainly with the coder to produce the game but I will also need some graphics for the site to really make it look special.

Extra Details
Unfortunately, I am not in a position to pay upfront but I am willing to split profits equally between us - and trust me, if we complete this, I will break my back driving plays to our site.

Thanks you for your time.
If anyone is interested, please contact me at

This is a fully functional basic site - entering fake email addresses will mean you cannot enter the site. If you do not want to enter a valid email address, please say and I will run a script to give you login permissions.

Ask a Question / Converting drawing to actor
« on: October 19, 2013, 04:10:49 am »
I am starting building a little game to test my server knowledge where the user can make levels using an inbuilt drag and drop system and then save them on my server for others to play - similar in a way to how happy wheels works. My question is, when navigating through all the saved worlds, I want a sleek and elegant scrollable box with level information in them. I don't want to have to support loads of drawing commands to show all this so I was wondering if there was any way (using code if necessary) to convert drawings into an actor. Is this possible?

Shared Resources / Offering help setting up a server based game
« on: October 17, 2013, 11:43:49 am »
Recently I've been working on a way to combine Stencyl with as many languages as possible to create a workable server based game. Now, I'm not actually that interested in building one for myself at the moment so I'm offering help with this code to anyone who needs it. I have ruff (very) examples to prove that I am capable of doing this hosted on the following addresses:

PHP Database Manipulation using MySQL
Stencyl and PHP communication using the URLLoader Class
(Look at the console to see the variables edited by config_PHP)
(Just trust me that they actually are - it isn't apparent from the users view)

And more from my knowledge that I can supply on demand. These examples are really messy as I've only taken 1 afternoon to make them but it demonstrates what I can do. This can be used to create sites with login pages that communicate with the flash file and storing data and scenes on servers. The possibilities are endless I'm willing to help you get up and going with this.

Please be aware though that this is a more complex topic so it is preferable that you already know a programming language or are experienced with Stencyl so you are more familiar with forming code, no matter the syntax. PM me if you are interested and I will guide you through the setup, code and anything else you need for no credit or pay. Sorry for the length of my post...just wanted to get across all the details.

Ask a Question / Defining Custom Blocks for code mode
« on: October 14, 2013, 08:09:24 am »
It's just what the title says really. How can I set up a custom block in code mode?

Ask a Question / Web Request not producing a response
« on: October 12, 2013, 03:43:54 am »
Hi everyone. I have a really short event (see attachment) that is designed to load the .txt file used in the Web Request tutorial on Stencylpedia. For some reason nothing happens when I run the game in Chrome after exporting as a .swf file. Any ideas?

Ask a Question / Quick Question on Import Statements
« on: October 10, 2013, 09:31:00 am »
Quick question for anyone who knows a fair deal about the actual Stencyl program. As you can see from previewing behaviours as code, Stencyl imports the package at the start of each behaviour. What I need to know is, is this the full package or is it just selective classes that are used for Stencyl. Any help would be appreciated.

Ask a Question / Calling on a PHP function
« on: October 05, 2013, 09:21:24 am »
Hi everyone :) Tough question here. I know this is not really the right forum for asking an Actionscript question but I'm unable to find a watered down answer anywhere else (since my knowledge of Actionscript is close to nothing) so I'm hoping that someone on here may be able to help.

First let me summarise the context of this question.

I have 3 documents sitting together in a folder:
  • HostedLevels.xml - An xml database with information about different stored levels - Name, Rating, Generate key etc.
  • RequestData.php - A PHP file that searches the XML file for relevant information and then echoes it back
  • Game.swf - A Flash file that I want to call the PHP function from

What I want a way of running the PHP file from the flash file and then returning the data to store as variables. Any idea how I could accomplish this code or no code? All ideas are welcome. Thanks for your time :)

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