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Ask a Question / Quiz game with one scene and multiple lists?
« on: November 14, 2016, 08:46:20 pm »
I am new to Stencyl, but not so much to app development.  I have a Spanish study drill/quiz game made with Xcode/swift I put on the iOS store for my wife's students (she teaches Spanish).  It is fairly large, covering vocabulary, verb conjugation and grammar concepts from the first semester of intro Spanish in college.  The problem is, I used as the back end to house my questions, and very soon will be no more.  I've been looking into Stencyl as solution for remaking the app to fix the problem while also making it available to her students who use Android or Windows phones/tablets.

I've been researching some Stencyl tutorials for quiz games on the interwebs and questions about quiz game issues in these forums, and I've found that I can use game attribute lists for my questions, but most set ups/tutorials I've seen use one scene per question. Yikes!  My app has seven levels, three categories (vocab, grammar, verbs) per level, and each category has 30 - 70 questions (it's a very helpful study drill app).   That would be way too many scenes, imho. 

So, my question is, supposing I could make game attribute lists for each set of questions (21 sets in all), is there a way I could make one scene that makes use of the multiple lists?  I would set up a couple of menu scenes before getting to the actual drill/quiz whereby the user would choose their level and category - so I could use that user input to determine which list to use - but I haven't seen anything discussing how to set up the quiz fields (question with four answers) so that they can be randomly populated from questions in the selected/appropriate list.  Any help or suggestions anyone could offer on this would be most appreciated.

I don't want to seem like I'm trying to plug my existing quiz game, so I won't try to post a link to it in this question, but if anyone would like to see it as a demo for what I'm trying to accomplish, I'd be happy to post a link, or just tell you the name of the app, in an answer below.

Well, I guess I would technically need at least two game scenes b/c I just remembered the verbs drill/quiz has one question with six possible answers -- but still ... same dilemma of wanting to have a scene make use of multiple questions in a game attribute list.  Like, once they tap an answer, they can click next and the fields are repopulated with another randomly selected question from the same list.  I hope I'm describing that clearly.  Thank you to anyone willing to help.

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