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Ludum Dare 28 / Cat an Man
« on: December 17, 2013, 02:19:28 am »
Almost forgot to post here for compete among stencylers.


Ludum Dare Entry

You Got Only One Friend(Master?)
You Got Only One Master(Butler?)
You Got Only One Dollar. Who you will feed to? You, or your car?

Use mouse to interact with objects in game.

** You cannot control cat directly **

Tool use:
Stencyl 2.2

Development video here

Stencyl Jam 13 / Forgotten Era [FGL Submitted + Update]
« on: November 09, 2013, 04:56:54 am »
Here's submitted

PLAY HERE FGL account required.

Title : Forgotten Era
Genre : Puzzle Platformer
Start date : Oct 15


W : Jump
A , D : Walk
S : Interact with object
Mouse left click : Click and drag object moving it around.


After several thousands year, humanity try to restore itself back after encountering a massive disaster from human innovation. Prof. Rean has found the entrance of old laboratory and hopeful that he will find something useful from it.

Author Note:

This game is entry for Stencyl Jam #13. You can fallow the contest from,26410.0.html , and follow my twitter .

Fun Fact
  • Art inspired by Cave Story by Daisuke aka. Pixel
  • 70 actor types used in this game.
  • 20 actor behaviors, and 4 scene behavior.
  • Character control based on Stencyl default "run and jump" behavior that has been heavily modified to perform better.
  • This game had been named "Opaline" as temporary name.
  • Use github version control. Total commit count is more than 50 times.

Key Feature:
  • Well craft terrain and environment.
  • Physically move certain objects around.
    • Which mean lot of solution to pass through stage.
  • Easter egg included.
  • In-game pause menu included

Progressing now is about 40%. Backend functions almost fully implemented. Now hard working on graphic, level design, and more decoration to get the game more lively.

I may post a live update on my twitter account. Make sure to follow it.  :)

>> Nov10 Progress Update: Fixed a date. Forgot time zone : P

Getting well with this generator. Love it! lolz

Stage finished 6/20

>> Progress update Nov16:
Game has been finished and submit to FGL. Continue refining.

Ask a Question / Problem with pausing game and changing scene.
« on: November 08, 2013, 08:46:34 am »
Hi, Stencyler.

I got a problem when I'm testing pausing menu in my game. Here's the detail:

When player press pause button ('Enter' in this case), the game pause and construct pause menu buttons which have option to restart the scene, and go back to level select menu. But after choose on restart, scene restart with no problem. But cannot bring up the pause menu anymore.

After I investigate deeper, I found that game state is still in 'Pausing' state. This cause by pausing the game using [pause game] block, game enter pause state. Then reload the scene. After reload complete and transition end, game still in pause state, even every characters moving fine. I know the game is in pause state because I use <game is paused> block, and it executes the code to clean up pausing menu that doesn't exists at the moment.

The work around for me is to add [unpause game] in created event for pause menu behavior (it is a scene behavior). But I think it is not the best solution, so I want to discuss about this.

Here is debug info I got.

Thanks in advance :)

TR;DL Pause game, then change scene without unpause, game still in pause state but everything else got unpause. Game broke.

Ask a Question / How to rename ActorEvent?
« on: September 18, 2013, 05:25:06 am »

I would like to ask how to change the name of Actor Event like ActorEvent_xx to somethings else.

This make triggering event in actor event (not behavior event) quite complicated because I have to compare each ActorEvent_XX to figure out which one I want to trigger.

Also I would appreciate to know how to preview code of actor event, too? (Not preview code in behavior event)

Thank in advance :)

Resolved Questions / [SOLVED] Actor type block.
« on: September 16, 2013, 03:12:46 am »

I have a problem with an actor type block. It is under 'Actor > Properties > Group / Type'.
I create new custom block to return actor type from text, and I use actor type block to return a type of actor according to input text.
But problem occurs when I save and run. It shows error like:

Code: [Select]
Behavior: Design_28_28_PauseMenu at line 102
Call to a possibly undefined method getActorType.
            return getActorType(67);

Therefore, I open help document but nothing found on actor type block except other three of its friends.
So, I would like to know it actor type block is usable or not and how to use it properly.

Thanks in advance.  :)

ps. I'm using Stencyl 2.2.0(b502), test on Windows Flash Player.

Ask a Question / Possibility of getting event sender?
« on: June 05, 2013, 09:17:50 am »

I just wonder if there are any way to get a event sender from custom event block.

Or anyway to get attributes from sender or send a values along with the event?

Thank you

Old Bugs (1.x/2.x) / Cannot use game attributes as Custom Event
« on: June 03, 2013, 10:42:14 pm »

Code: [Select]
Behavior: Design_18_18_GunControl at line 44
Syntax error: expecting rightparen before leftparen.
    public function whenThisHears(getGameAttribute("Inventory Change Event") as String)():void

Behavior: Design_18_18_GunControl at line 44
Syntax error: missing left brace ({) before the function body.
    public function whenThisHears(getGameAttribute("Inventory Change Event") as String)():void
At attachment image highlight red on "when [Inventory Change Event] happens".

Inventory Change Event is a global text attribute contains text "INV_CHANGE_EVENT".

What i am expected is I can use game text attribute in custom event like using behavior attribute itself.

I have to create behavior attribute to contain things from game attribute and use it in custom event instead. But it is nonsense to me.

Thank you.

Resolved Questions / Help on delay extending [SOLVED]
« on: May 30, 2013, 12:54:46 pm »

I just make some game and only delay method I know is using "Do After x Seconds" block

Now the problem come when I want to extend delay time after fired some delay.

What I expect is:
Code: [Select]
Berfore extend

Start      End

After extend

Start          End

= is 1 second

But the Do After block is will stack new delay and run together and will meet "End" point 2 times.

The alternate method I use is set and count down on frames, but I don't want to rely on frame counting too much since difference machines can be varying on frame rate.

If anyone has a solution to this, I will be very appreciate to you.

Thank you in advance.

PS. sorry for bad English

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