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Fixed this - the custom event was been called from inside an Always update.

I'm surprised it continued to call it though after the scene had changed?  Unless all the events were queued up and were still  being called one after another even though the scene had changed?


I'm just installing Game Centre features on my game which I've not done before - all seems to be going well apart from the banner that shows notifying the player of the achievement keeps coming on screen, then disappearing, then it comes back, and repeats continuously.

Any ideas?  code attached.


I think I've totally been over thinking this one!!  I've attached a screenshot of where it says about this but i think it's probably just saying don't try and submit your time as "00:02:22" or "00.02.22" or any other weird way, but just submit it in seconds as a standard integer, i.e 142


Yes. The confusing part (for me anyway) is because I'm submitting a time rather than a score, this has to be done via a 64bit signed integer which is then converted back into a time at the other end.

So is the screenshot above directly related to screenshot of the block you posted further up?

So I'm just throwing mud at a wall here and seeing what sticks, but is this anywhere near?

So I would also round my time and multiply by 100?  Why the multiply by 100?

You'll probably want to use this just to be certain:
A cross-platform signed 64-bit integer. Int64 instances can be created from two 32-bit words using Int64.make().
Thanks Hectate - I take it I would have to use that with one of the empty Stencyl Code blocks?

I'm pretty inexperienced in actual coding so I don't know how to use Int64.make() with the number variable that holds my recorded game time

Is that related to converting to to a 64 bit integer?  I have the actual timer working great, it's just the Game Centre requirements for this to be converted into a 64 bit integer that has stumped me.

So if someone takes 5,000 seconds to complete the game Game Centre then converts that to hh:mm:ss through this 64 bit signed integer....


Brillant, thanks mate. Appreciated

Any ideas on this one?


Ask a Question / A few questions on Game Centre...
« on: August 10, 2016, 08:04:31 am »
1)  Is there a reason I would report an achievement as less than 100%?
2) In the 'Report Achievement___' do I put the Achievement ID as set up on iTunes Connect?
3) What is the proper usage for the 'Show Banner with Title ___ and Message ___' block?
4) Is typically best to just use the 'show achievements' block upon completion of the game or end of significant go?



I want to convert how long it took someone to complete my game (currently in seconds) into a 64 bit signed integer so I can have it submitted to Game Centre to record best times.

How do I go about doing this in Stencyl, anyone know the math?



Ask a Question / Re: People's experiences of Game Centre...worth it?
« on: August 09, 2016, 02:49:49 pm »
Aah that's great to know!! Thanks mate!

iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Dunkers
« on: August 09, 2016, 02:48:39 pm »
I downloaded Dunkers and played it for quite a while, I like it, it has a good feel to it and I like the simple AI of the computer character you play against. Very well done and congratulations on the numbers and revenue- it's great to see Stencylers doing financially well! :)

One question though, in my time playing it I never once got promoted for an ad or to watch a video or an IAP.  I have read the post and read that you used HeyZap extension- when do the ads show?


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