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I am a graphic artist not a programer and just decided to use Stencyl.  It's also my first time attempting to create a game. Putting that out there so people know where my knowledge and capabilities lie.

I had Stencyl working yesterday and only had trouble getting an extension to install. I decided to see if uninstalling (and deleting the original installer) and re-downloading the installer would help solve the issue.  Afterwards, when asked to run Stencyl, all that shows up is the Stencyl Launcher. However, it never actually starts the program and the Task box on my computer doesn't list it as a Program or a Process. 

I have spent most of the day reading up on every topic I could find on the issue and even ran the debugger, with no change.


A friend helped me log the command processes. I added it as an attachment. There's something about a  DataTypeExtension having a problem.

Thanks in advance for any tips or fixes.


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