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Ask a Question / save & loading blocks causing game to close
« on: May 29, 2018, 06:54:21 pm »
Using build 9880
HighSierra, Xcode  9.3

SImulator 11.3

Running game built in S3.4 , worked perfectly.
Now save/load blocks cause game to crash.
(deactivating them, works ) Please help

Hi,  any suggestions of the  cause of this  ? :
I am using  Stencyl v. 3.4.0 final from an external drive with OSX 10.11.6 , and   have the following  2 important issues  regarding the the  LOG when using the simulator for testing iOS apps , which makes it useless  for further development:

1)  the Log  DOES NOT show Print blocks

It happens in my game project, and  to further verify this I made a test project published for simulator iPad  Retina iOS 10.2 which only has 1 scene, with 1 actor placed in it  which has 1 animation with 1 image, & besides there are only 4 Print blocks in  a When Created  event  in the scene events.

testing in an identical project made in Stencil v3.4. beta2 but for simulator iPad Retina iOS 9.2,  DID show all 4 print blocks  in Log.

2) Log continuously shows a great amount of all kind of iOS internal annoying  messages while compiling and running the project in the simulator, that make reading or following any print blocks -if any-  impossible.

This amount and kind of iOS internal messages didn't show up in an identical project made in & using  Stencyl version like 3.4. beta2 for simulator iPad Retina with iOS9.2 .

some of  the exceesive iOS internal activity messages that appear seems to be are related to :

ASL Sender Statistics
iCloud app

• log for stencyl 3.4.0final test project for simulator iPad Retina iOS 10.2
• log for stencyl 3.4 beta2 test project for simulator iPad Retina iOS 9.2

]Hi all, 
browsing App settings for the iOS appstore in Apple's  iTunes Connect, came across the following issue about Bitcode. Hope Bitcode is now supported.
Does Stencyl  includes  bitcode for iOS compiled apps using version 3.4.0  ?
IF not,  It seems the app availability in the App Store would be compromised, according to Apple's  iTunes Connect info on Bitcode Auto-Recompliation (copied below ) under  section Pricing and Availability.

And looking for Bitcode in the forum, the latest post i have found about Bitcode been On or Off, is  by Jon on 2015, regarding iOS9 & Xcode 7, saying that for the time being is set to OFF  (link below):
September 27, 2015, 10:17:08 am
We're going to default to having it off for the time being.

(under section: Pricing and Availability)

Occasionally, we may automatically recompile apps that include bitcode to improve hardware support or to optimize our software. The checkbox below allows you to disable auto-recompilation for your app.
What happens if you disable bitcode auto-recompilation?
   •   Your app or a thinned version of your app may be unavailable for some devices.
   •   Your app, and any app bundle that includes this app, may become unavailable whenever apps must be recompiled.
   •   If your app is unavailable on the App Store, Universal Purchase, redownloads, and Family Sharing won't work unless all platform versions have been approved.

To maintain your app's availability on the App Store:
   •   Upload a new build of your app that contains bitcode.
   •   Test the new build with TestFlight (optional).
   •   Submit that build with a new app version to App Review.

Especially if one has global variables (and even in the target app one has the exact same variables), importing/exporting
is not reliable. Even making it with only local variables, it does not seem reliable.
It was more reliable in S3.1 and S3.2

And definitely NOT possible with custom code

Any plans to fix this?
And any  expectations to leave the 3.4 Beta status?


Ask a Question / All iOS Simulaor versions do not appear on menu
« on: January 26, 2016, 04:05:44 pm »

This is something I run into even from S3 or before.
Just downloaded Xcode 7.2. Can't get iOS9 Simulator, even though I see on Xcode

Is there a know issue of not being able to set Global Attributes to FALSE when inside this block?
I have tested several global variables  that  in other blocks turn off fine and here they cannot set to False.
(after confirming - by for example playing a sound-  that we indeed get the right message)


Ask a Question / Stencylpedia Code Mode for S3
« on: November 29, 2015, 03:25:08 pm »
Just wanted to know if an updated guide about code mode and attribute creation is in the works  for S3

Ask a Question / Blocks not displaying correctly
« on: October 21, 2015, 09:18:03 pm »
Besides that a game that works on your previous build on this Beta encounters errors,
Many blocks are distorted (attached).

As a constructive note, a professional programmer that is giving us a hand with some coding  was a bit shocked that it seems you've changed your scripting API and your notice about it was light on such matter.

I'm using S3.4 Beta, Xcode 7.
I've been able to build our games without our proven successful code-mode behaviors we use in S3.2.
Is code mode working on this Beta?
Please help

Ask a Question / Using Xcode's measurement and optimization tools
« on: May 21, 2014, 08:49:34 pm »
We'd like to Build in Xcode our Stencyl 3 App proyect targeted for iOS,   to further check on the App performance using Xcode native utilities.

Attempting  to Build the Stencyl 3 generated .xcodeproyect file on Xcode (version 5.0) targeted to iOS simulator 6.1 or 7.0 fails giving the following error:

Haxe simulator build CONFIG : Debug-iphonesim
haxe Build.hxml -D simulator -cpp build/Debug-iphonesim -debug
make: haxe: No such file or directory
make: * [build-haxe-i386] Error 1

Found  posts in the forum related to probably the same error with an answer from Jon that suggest there are two possible solutions, one being installing Haxe  ( see,18663.msg108886.html#msg108886 ) although not a very pleasurable road

Can anyone point to or indicate the available procedure(s) to allow to Build an S3 generated ios app in Xcode?


Using S3 for iOS, running April 8th release.
I created a polygonal region, and I customized the movement of an actor so he moves within the region's boundaries.
(created a region attribute, etc)
I noticed that the movement follows the rectangular shape enclosing the polygon and not the actual polygon.
(I tested with circular, and again it does follow the invisible square encapsulating that circle)
Any tips on this?
Thanks !

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