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Ok, now I can test the game on my Ipad (I uninstalled and reinstalled Stencyl) but I can not test the various devices via ios simulator.
I am attaching the screenshot of how I see the test window.
Thanks in advance

I meant that when I want to test the videogame with an ios simulator, it is not possible because in the platform section don't get out any kind of voice to select.

Also I tried to follow the directions that you gave me on the link but again an error came out, I am attaching the log following. I hope you can help me, I'm probably wrong, but I swear to you that I followed all the proceedings you gave me.

Hi Colburt187!
 Thanks for answering, I have the developer license but I do not know what the p.12 file is etc :(
How can I install it?
In addition when I try to do the test for IOS, in the curtain "test game" of the ios simulator nothing appears and I can not test it on any device because my device does not see it...

Hi! I'm new to Stencyl, I'm trying to publish my first game on Android and IOS but I can not.
I use an IMac version 10.12.6
I am attaching the log below in zip.
I hope to receive an answer because it's important for me to work :(
Surely it is a simple thing that I do not understand ...
Thanks in advance

Ask a Question / Error iOS device test game
« on: December 19, 2017, 02:18:23 am »
Hello everyone!
I'm trying to test the game through the ios device function but an error appears where you are written to attach the log file and send it to this forum.
I hope I did the right thing.
Thanks for your help in advance

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