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Ask a Question / How to not add Self to the region I created
« on: August 30, 2013, 05:40:35 pm »
My actor creates a circular region when he is instantiated.
I have a When Actor Enters Region event for Actor Types like this actor.
And so it is adding him to his own region.

Is there a logic block for detecting if that Actor you are working with is "Self"?

Let's say I have 3 actors, A, B, and C

Each actor creates a circular region and knows when any of the other actors enter and exit that region.  He can face the first actor that is in the region...etc...

However, I want some actors to have priority...because they are enemies.

A is friends with B but C is A's enemy.  So B may be closer to A than C...but A has to look at C rather than B.

My goal is to create a behavior that I could stick on each actor and then allow each actor to set which are friends. 

I tried creating a List attribute.  This does let you add items when you attach the behavior to an actor.  However it only allows you to attach a Number or Text item.

What I really want is an Array of Actor Types that the user of the behavior can designate in the designer.  Is that possible?

I often press the Test Game button but meant to press the Test Scene button and I have to pay the penalty and wait for the game to completely build when what i want to do is cancel the build immediately.

Ask a Question / Are Polygon Terrains supported for IOS in 3.0 yet?
« on: August 02, 2013, 09:48:53 am »
I see Polygon Terrain showing it was added in 2012 in the Change Update posts...

However there are a lot of 2012 posts saying it does not work.

Another post suggests that you can build your scene outside with the Polygon Terrain and then import it into the Mobile App and it *might* work. 


Suggestion Archives / Can You Provide a Code Block Refactoring Tool?
« on: July 29, 2013, 11:39:46 pm »
I have just spent hours moving a LOT of logic into Code Blocks inside a Actor Behavior. 

Most of that time was spent having to refactor the blocks that I had already created...which requires adding the new block, replacing the old block in the logic with the new block, then deleting the old block.

I would REALLY like to see a right click menu on the Custom Block which brings up the "Create a New Custom Block" wizard.

Except I would rename it "Custom Block Modification Editor"..

Under the hood I guess it would create a new block and attempt to replace it everywhere the old block was used.  If it could not replace it then at least highlight the area where it failed...etc...

The problem I kept running into...was that I kept forgetting to either add one of the parameters, assigning the wrong parameter type by accident, forgetting to set the return type, setting the return type incorrectly, or just simply wanting to rename the custom block.

I know this probably isn't a trivial task...would have saved me 2-3 hours easily tonight.  And in the future I am sure it would save more time as well.

Happy I can create Custom Blocks.  That's cool.
Just wanting a way to modify their name, description, block fields, block spec, and return type...WITHOUT having to create a new block...etc...

Thanks for considering...

Ask a Question / Create Region is drawing at 1/2 height of actor...
« on: June 24, 2013, 04:15:20 pm »
I am creating a region in the Create event on an actor.
I am using: create region at (x:0 y:0) with (w:-400 h: <height of self>)

The effect of this is to create a rectangular region that starts at 200 to the left of the actor and goes 200 to the right of the actor (which seems like a bug...but it works for me).

The <height of self> is 25.

I finally found the <Enable debug drawing> block which outlines the actors, regions, and tiles, etc...
This shows that the region's top edge is at 1/2 the height of the actor and the bottom of the region goes past the bottom of the actor for about 1/2 the height of the actor.

This seems like a bug...perhaps I am just not understanding how to use the X, Y, W, and H parameters?

Any ideas?

PS.  I do not want  to create the region from the Scene's event model.  I need to be able to drop this actor on multiple scenes and have the same behavior which requires a region.

On the Create event of this actor I am trying to create a region that starts at 200 to the left of the actor and 200 pixels wide such that the region would stop at the Actor's left side.

I tried:
create region at ( x: -200, y: 0 ) with ( w: 200, h: <height of actor>)

However, I found that trying to set the region to X = -200 had no effect...the region would still start at the left side of the actor and go to the right of the actor.

So then I tried:
create region at ( x: 0, y: 0 ) with ( w: -200, h: <height of actor>)

In this case the "player" would enter this region at 100 to the left of the actor and would exit the region at 100 to the right of the actor.

Any ideas?

ps. Using 3.0

Ask a Question / Paint a Region?
« on: June 20, 2013, 02:40:58 pm »
I have created a region around an actor and I would like to indicate the region with a semi-transparent rectangle.

I assume that I draw a rectangle and fill it with a transparent fill somehow.

Can someone point me to an example?

I want to place a homing beacon on screen that "attracts" actors to his location.

Are there any behaviors or example games with this kind of behavior that I could study?


I have 3 Actors in the scene.

All allow movement, rotation, and are affected by gravity.

2 of the Actors (Players A and B) are part of the Players group.
The third is part of a different group I created.  I setup the collision to collide with the Players group.

Player A can collide with B and C
Player B can only collide with A.

Player A is an upright rectangle which can move left and right.
Player B is a circle with a circle for the collision detection.
Player C is an upright rectangle (not moving).

The problem is I can't see to get Player B to collide with C...
He will collide with A though.

Any tips? Suggestions? Ideas?

~ Clint

Resolved Questions / [ANSWERED] Sliding Menu/List of Options
« on: June 18, 2013, 08:06:58 am »
Is there a way in Stencyl to create a sliding list of menu items?

Sort of like a ListBox of custom User Controls?

For game could have a screen with more items to select from that can fit on the screen.
I would like the user to be able to navigate that list using their finger scroll the list and select an item in the list. 

If so, are there any examples?

I am a newbie to using illustrator and photoshop for designing graphics for games.
However, I've come up with some pretty cool images to use in my game.

I've been exporting them as PNG files...but when I import them into Stencyl they do not size well...look grainy when I size the actor.  A typical size is like 32x32 or 64x64.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?  A website or blog that details how to generate graphics for stencyl games?

I read up on the stencyl website about Importing graphics at 2x for mobile games but that article did not fully click for me as to how to do that exactly either.

Any help is greatly appreciated and I would be glad to create a help on this in the forum if I can pull all the necessary information together...

Thanks in advance...

Currently you can copy a frame of animation, create a new animation and paste the frame...but the collision data does not follow the frame.

I am developing a game where the animation is a single frame.  Really simple character.
When his health drops below 80, 60, 40, etc...I want to chose a different animation of the character showing a different "look" that indicates some health is lost.

I have that going fine but the issue is that I now have to go redraw all the collision areas for each animation which in this case would be the exact same collision area.

It actually took a fair amount of time to get the collision just right and I know I will have a hard time duplicating the exact collision on every single animation I make to indicate a health drop.

So I am hoping that there is some way to copy the Collision data as well...


Thanks in advance.

If you change the name (both internal and block name) on an attribute inside logic within an Actor's event the change does not affect the actual block name you see on screen in the getter/setter or logic areas.

When you hit the Apply button the window is closed and reopened but the change does not impact the block name.

rob1221 reported that renaming attributes worked fine within Behaviors however.

I have some actors on the screen that I would like to have sucked up into a tube if they get too close.

I was thinking that perhaps I could just change the vertical gravity from 85 to -85 in a specific area of the scene...possibly by using regions.  However it looks like I can only affect gravity for the entire scene.


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