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Ask a Question / Problem with fullscreen IMMERSIVE MODE
« on: March 27, 2015, 03:32:15 am »
In stencyl 3.3, true immersive mode was introduced and so a problem too. Thank you (But we solved it last year by ourselves.)
The problem is very tough to explain, i'll try anyways!

The immersive mode makes the game full screen. But the edge region of the screen (where the navigation bar appears) isn't accessible to actors i.e actors can't move to that region. It is just blank space. See the screenshots you will get an idea.

Ps: As my previous problem was also not solved, not expecting an answer for this either. Just posting so that new members who plan to buy stencyl will see the problems (being unanswered). thanks!

Everything was fine in 3.1, 3.2. The problem found in 3.3 [Build 8243]

As you can see in the attachments,
- The background covers the whole scene in stencyl scene editor. (1st Screenshot)
- The background has no problem when run in FLASH. (2nd Screenshot)
- You can see the black space where the background is not complete in Android phone. The same problem in iPhone,iPad too! (3rd Screenshot)

Please let us know How to fix this? or when will you release a fix?  (As we need to release an update for our game soon!)

Ask a Question / Questions about background
« on: March 05, 2015, 12:52:06 am »
In 3.1, the the parallax scrolling used to work properly by default. After I upgraded to 3.3, the parallax scrolling is not working by default (No matter how big the scene is and actor moves around scene, the background stays there with same portion). I have to check the 'parallax scrolling' option in bg layer settigns for each scene but our game has 97 scenes. And also, earlier, the background used to anchor from bottom-left but now it is anchoring from top-left.

 So  here are my questions.
1. How to set parallax scrolling through code?
2. How to change a background using code for android & ios  ?  (as in this thread,3466.0.html)
3. How to make the background anchor from bottom left? For example- the scene is 300 X 500 and the background 1000 X 1000, the background portion should be visible from 700 X500 instead of 0 X 500 as in default)

Thanks in advance!

Ask a Question / iOS export failed
« on: January 17, 2015, 12:12:29 am »
hi fellows, I'm using stencyl 3.2 build 7994 on 10.10.  Unable to export tha ipa for appstore.
Please find the screenshot of log viewer in the attachment. Any solution for this?

Ask a Question / background + scrolling speed problem
« on: December 07, 2014, 11:18:00 pm »
As you can see in the video demo below (from 12 seconds), the speed of the background camera movement is very fast and not synching with the game. This is the only problem we have right now. Can someone help me to fix it?

Ask a Question / Weird music problem.. Optimisation??
« on: December 04, 2014, 11:38:02 am »
Our game is completed..  But two small bugs related to music are clueless.
When game is launched on mobile (both android & iPhone)
1. Music is not played after few levels. One should exit the game,  clear it from recent apps and launch it again for the background sound to play.

2. When the game is sent to background and brought back, only SOMETIMES the music plays distorted. For sound to be played normally again, one should turn off and then turn on the music from the sound button in game menu. Although it can be handled via focus event I would like to know the root cause.


Ask a Question / Weird & crazy problem when switching to new scene
« on: November 03, 2014, 04:52:26 am »
Hi Guys,
What I'm about to say sounds pretty ridiculous but it is annoying us.

So, we have different levels in our game with scene names as 1,2,3,4 etc., When player hits 'home' actor, the scene should switch to next scene.
When Scene '1' is run in flash player, it launches perfectly. When the player reaches home, "Cannot access property or method of a null object reference" error popup is displayed.

Weird part:
If the scene '2' is kept opened from the scenes dashboard and scene '1' is tested again, then scene '2' will be launched.

This goes on for all the levels.  If some level '34' is tested, it launches properly but when  the player reaches 'home'  the same error is popped up. Again, if 35th scene is opened and 34 is played again, it switches to 35th level.

I tried,

1) Cleaning the project
2) Exporting the game into new game.
3) Closed the game and re-opened it.
4) Restarting the stencyl.
5) restarting the computer.
6) Tested the same on my Windows 7, 8.1 laptops, iMac, Ubuntu laptop.
7) Exported the game into .apk, .ipa files too.
Same errors.

Any help please?

Ps: I'm using the Stencyl 3.1 (7305 build)

Dialog Extension / [SOLVED] null object reference
« on: October 30, 2014, 07:26:58 am »
hi..the example stencyl file which you provided is running properly.
but when incorporating in our game, we get the following error.
any help?

edit: This is on Ubuntu 64 Bit 14.04 LTS with Stencyl 3.1 Stable

Ask a Question / In app purchase popup(iOS) loading after long time
« on: October 26, 2014, 08:11:46 am »
hi guys,

I implemented in-app purchases successfully. It's working very well in Android. But in iOS when the purchase button is tapped, it takes a really long time (around 3-4 minutes) for the buy popup or sign-in popup to show up. Is there any solution for this?

Hi guys,
We created some scenes using actors, & tilesets. in iphone 4s the scene is good but when it is run on nexus 7 or galaxy s4, the scene is being stretched (this is a landscape scene). I tried using scale to fit , fit to screen etc., but the output is not visually same on all device screens. upon using these options, the scene is not in proportion.
For example,  games built on unity has good proportions and look same in different screens. how are they doing it?


iPhone / iPad / Android / Time Fury - Toughest Time game ever
« on: May 21, 2014, 09:19:05 am »

This is a very very tough game, must read the 'How to Play' in the description or click on the '?' mark in the Game's menu.

Do you think the bird and board games are tough?
Do you wanna race with THE TIME..?
Then here is the Time Fury, the first of its kind Game. Tap on the colorful buttons to gain points and survive within the time.
How to Play:
1. Timer count down is showed on the top right corner, if it gets from '100' to '0' , then game is over. (Countdown will finish in just 1 second, so be fast.)
2. Tap on red, yellow or green buttons to reset counter to 100 again.
3. You will be awarded 5Pts for red, 3Pts for yellow and 1Pt for green.
4. If you tap on the gray button 2Pts will be reduced.
5. You can see high score, time played and more statistics on session and overall score screens.
6. Keep tapping coloured buttons and try to survive as log as possible.
Tap Tap Tap!!

Available for Android:


Don't attempt it if you are not fast enough to compete THE TIME...!
Minimum Requirements: 512 MB Ram, 800 MHZ Processor
Recommended Requirements: 512 MB Ram, 1 GHZ Processor

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